15 Things You Should Never Buy Again

“BETTY CROCKER COOK BOOK” by Lulu Vision is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Do you feel like your closet and kitchen counter are in constant chaos? It might be time for a decluttering session. Take a closer look at your spending habits, too—chances are, you’ve fallen into the trap of buying things you don’t really need. Even the savviest shoppers can’t resist a tempting trend or a too-good-to-pass-up bargain. Here are 15 things you should never buy again!

Notebooks, Journals, and Planners

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Notebooks, planners, and journals can be nice to look at, but they are often too hard to keep up with. You might not have them when you need them, or they just add to your busy schedule. Save yourself both money and time by skipping buying these items. Instead, use your phone to keep track of all important dates and notes. 


“Cook Book” by joebeone is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Even if you’re passionate about cooking, splurging on cookbooks might not be necessary. Why bother when you have YouTube? You can find countless recipes online; if you still want a book, your local library might have one. Cookbooks are often sold at garage sales or thrift stores, too. With everything available online, having a physical copy is optional.

Trendy Clothing

Assorted Clothes
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Many of us already have plenty of clothes—tops, pants, coats, you name it—but we still keep buying more. Splurging on trendy clothes is just a waste of money. It’s called fast fashion because trends come and go quickly, and we’re all guilty of falling for it sometimes. Sadly, these items often end up in landfills after just a few wears. Instead of buying trendy clothes, consider building a capsule wardrobe with quality pieces that last longer. 

Exercise equipment

Two 2 Kg. Blue Hex Dumbbells on White Surface
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Exercise equipment often becomes an expensive decoration after a few weeks or months. Starting a consistent workout routine is tough for many people and can be hard to maintain, especially if you dive in too ambitiously. It’s better to start small. Find ways to add exercise to your daily life by doing activities you enjoy. Hold off on buying big equipment or joining a gym until you’re sure you’re committed. 

Single-Task Kitchen Appliances

A Person in White Long Sleeve Shirt Holding a Burned Breads
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Whether you saw it on a flashy TV ad or heard your friend rave about it endlessly, those single-task kitchen gadgets might not be the best buy. Juicers, fancy toasters, and rice cookers may seem cool, but they often end up just taking up space. They can differ in price from cheap to super expensive, but they all do the same thing: help you make something you don’t eat every day.

Crafting Supplies

Craft Supplies in the Wooden Shelves
Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

While hobbies are a fantastic way to unwind, splurging on crafting supplies can backfire if they end up collecting dust. Sure, a Cricut can work wonders for Etsy entrepreneurs, but for occasional party decorations, it might not justify the cost. Luckily, your friends likely have one you can borrow! It’s a savvy way to save cash while still diving into creative projects.

Home Decor

Assorted Gold Plated Table Figurines
Photo by Sammsara Luxury Modern Home on Pexels

If you’re a fan of hunting down new art finds or love exploring home decor stores, chances are you’ve accumulated quite a collection. But where do you stash all those knick-knacks? Sometimes, less really is more when it comes to decorating your home. By focusing on a few standout pieces that you truly adore, you can keep your space looking sleek and stylish.


White Dollhouse
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Parents often feel their kids have too many toys—and they’re usually right. With birthdays, holidays, and spontaneous buys, toys can pile up quickly. Young kids don’t need a huge collection, either. You can keep things exciting by rotating their favorites and limiting what’s out at once. This way, you’ll keep your home tidy and still keep the fun alive!

Towels and Linens

folded towels near potted plants
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Is your linen closet packed with extra sheets, pillowcases, and towels? You’re not alone in this. Sheets and towels are essentials you don’t want to run out of. It’s pretty common to buy too many and end up with an overflowing closet. So, decide how many sets you actually need. It’s good to have backups, but keep it practical and avoid overcrowding your closet.

Office Supplies

A Black Paper Puncher on a Desk
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Do you find your home overflowing with office supplies like pens, pencils, paper clips, and rubber bands? You’re not alone! These little items tend to pile up quickly. Before grabbing another box of pens, take a look around. You probably have plenty scattered around already. It’s not about needing more—it’s about gathering what you already have and keeping things tidy!

Cleaning Gadgets

white round ceiling light turned off
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Ever find your cleaning cabinet overflowing with gadgets you rarely use? It happens! We all get tempted by the latest TikTok cleaning trend or that shiny new product promising miracles. But too many cleaning gadgets can clutter up your space and drain your wallet. If you’ve got products gathering dust, why not pass them on to someone who’ll put them to good use? It’s a win-win for decluttering and helping out a friend!

Shoes & Accessories

person wearing white Nike running shoes standing on black concrete path
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Ever noticed how many pairs of shoes you have tucked away? Studies show many women own more than 25 pairs, but let’s be real—how often do they all get worn? It might be time to declutter and resist buying more just because they’re trendy. And it’s not just shoes—accessories fall into the same category. Sometimes, less really is more when it comes to your closet!

Throw Blankets & Toss Pillows

White and Green Throw Pillows
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To make your home cozier, it’s common to add more throw blankets and pillows. But just like candles, you can easily go overboard. If you find yourself clearing a bunch of stuff off the couch before you can sit down, you probably have too many pillows or blankets. Imagine being a guest in your own home—can you sit down without moving things around? If not, it might be time to cut back on these.


Assorted-color Pillar Candles
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Candles can be tricky—while they make nice gifts and eventually get used up, it’s easy to accumulate too many. If you find yourself tempted to keep buying more, try unsubscribing from tempting sales emails and steering clear of the candle aisle at stores. It’s a simple way to resist the urge and keep clutter at bay!


White Coffee Mug on Brown Surface
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels

Ever noticed how mugs seem to multiply in your kitchen? Whether they’re souvenirs, gifts, or just too cute to resist—they can quickly take over your cabinet space. While it’s fun to have favorites and enough for guests, do you really need more? Next time you spot a tempting mug, think about whether it’ll truly add to your collection or just add clutter.