10 Worst Dog Breeds For Guard Dogs

Selective Focus Photography of White Dog
Photo by Jack Geoghegan on Pexels

There are dogs that excel at being protective, ready to defend their humans and homes. But then there are those furry friends who are just too sweet to harm a fly. While these dogs make fantastic companions, they may not be the best at scaring off intruders. Here’s a list of the worst dog breeds for guard dogs!

Labrador Retriever

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Photo by Riedelmeier on Pixabay

Meet Labrador Retrievers – those friendly, smart pups who are always ready to make you smile! They’re famous for being lovely and intelligent, making them perfect family pets. But here’s the thing: because they’re so sweet and outgoing, they might not make the best guard dogs. They’re more likely to want to befriend intruders than scare them off! However, with the proper training, Labs can learn to pick signs of trouble.

Golden Retriever

golden retriever puppy lying on white textile
Photo by Taylor Sondgeroth on Unsplash

Golden Retrievers are famous for being loyal and super easy to teach. These social butterflies win everyone over with their friendly vibes. But here’s the scoop: they’re not guard dog material because they’re just too gentle and sweet. They’re more into having fun and being part of an active family. Think outdoor adventures, especially if there’s water involved! But as for guarding the house? Not their thing.

Basset Hound

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Photo by Tania Medina on Unsplash

Meet the Basset Hound – the chill and laid-back buddies of the dog world! These lazy dogs are perfect for folks new to dog ownership or those who aren’t too keen on intense training sessions. They’re super friendly, so aggression is not their style. Just keep an eye on their snacks and meals because these cuties can easily put on weight, which could lead to joint issues.

Siberian Husky

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Photo by Jack Millard on Unsplash

Siberian Huskies are those stubborn but lovable furballs. They’re not the top choice for guard dog training because, well, they’re just super friendly. Instead of scaring off intruders, they’re more likely to roll out the welcome mat and show them around! These pups are natural goofballs and make fantastic family pets. But watch out for their strong urge to chase small animals like cats or livestock – it’s just their nature.

English Bulldog

white and brown english bulldog
Photo by Fakhriddin Mamadaliyev on Unsplash

Meet the English Bulldog – the big, sturdy pals who dream of being your snuggle buddy! These guys are super friendly and get along great with kids and other pets. They’re not the clingy type, so they’re cool with chilling out on their own sometimes. They’re not big fans of exercise either, so you won’t have to worry about long walks. Plus, they’re not exactly outdoor enthusiasts, which makes them perfect for apartment life.


black and brown long coated dog
Photo by Ticka Kao on Unsplash

Let’s discuss these strong, muscular fur buddies that make everything look easy. Meet the “Newfie” – you can even give them a summer trim to keep them cool. These patient and kind pups love hanging out with kids. They’re top-notch family dogs, super social, and always friendly. When it comes to training, they’re a breeze – these pups want to make their humans happy!


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Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash

Meet Pugs – those adorable lap dogs with playful and flexible personalities! These guys are known for being super friendly and not at all aggressive. They’re pretty smart, too, which means they’re great at picking up on our feelings and chatting with us in their own unique way. Even though they love their lazy time, sleeping for about 14 hours a day, their loving hearts and emotional smarts make them awesome friends to have around.

Irish Wolfhound

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Photo by Martina Vitáková on Unsplash

These big, elegant dogs used to be fierce hunters, but now they’re all about being calm and friendly pals. With their graceful build, they can book it when they run and are just super agreeable. Even though they’re alert and watchful, there are better pups for guard dog duty. Sure, their massive size might scare off anyone thinking of breaking in, but being aggressive or super protective is different from their style.

Saint Bernard

brown and white saint bernard
Photo by Vlad Rudkov on Unsplash

Meet Saint Bernards – these pups were specially bred by monks to rescue travelers, so they’ve got the perfect outgoing personality for the job! They’re super affectionate, which makes them excellent for families with kids and other pets. These guys can be a bit lazy, so they don’t need much exercise. But they still need some playtime and space to stretch their legs a few times a day. They’re all about that cozy life!

Standard Poodle

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Photo by Sergio Arteaga on Unsplash

Poodles are social butterflies that get along with pets, strangers, and kiddos like a charm! These guys are pretty smart, so training them is a breeze. And here’s a bonus: they’re not just good for your heart, but also for folks with allergies because they don’t shed much and are thought to be hypoallergenic. Just keep in mind, you’ll need to handle the grooming yourself or take them to a pro for a spa day!