The Top Seafood Restaurants in Every State


Embarking on a culinary voyage across the United States promises a treasure trove of flavors, particularly for aficionados of oceanic delights. From the briny depths of Maine’s lobster havens to the spicy crawfish boils of Louisiana, each state boasts its own champion of seafood splendor. In this gastronomic guide, we dive fork-first into the best seafood restaurant each state has to offer, uncovering hidden gems where the catch of the day is served with unparalleled freshness and local flair. Whether you’re a seasoned seafood connoisseur or a curious foodie with a penchant for marine morsels, prepare to set sail on a coast-to-coast adventure that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you clamoring for more.

Alaska: Bridge Seafood Restaurant

The Bridge Co./Facebook

This unique restaurant serves the finest Alaskan seafood straight from the pristine waters. Its selection of delicacies includes succulent tanner crabs, flaky halibut and plump Alaskan oysters, tiger prawns, and the legendary king crab legs. As you dine, marvel at the mesmerizing sight of salmon making their upstream journey, accompanied by the enticing offerings of an all-you-can-eat salad bar and sumptuous entrees that promise to delight your palate and satisfy your cravings.

Arkansas: Eat My Catfish

Eat My Catfish (Fayetteville)/Facebook

Originating as a humble roadside seafood trailer, this establishment has evolved into a beloved local chain spanning central and northwestern Arkansas. It is famous across the state for its delectable fresh seafood offerings. Dig into a feast of crispy fried catfish, succulent boiled crawfish, and flavorful shrimp served in various styles—blackened, boiled, or fried. Perfect for gatherings and family outings, their boiling bucket deals offer an abundant spread featuring shrimp, crawfish, crab legs, potatoes, and corn on the cob.

California: Providence


In the heart of Hollywood, this prestigious restaurant with two coveted Michelin stars, is the brainchild of a dedicated chef committed to showcasing sustainably sourced, wild-caught seafood predominantly sourced from American shores. The chef’s meticulously crafted tasting menu comprises six courses paired with desserts, presenting artfully plated creations like the luxurious uni egg topped with a velvety yolk and champagne beurre blanc, or the opulent Norwegian king crab complemented by sweet pea, sea urchin, and aged ham broth. 

Colorado: Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar

Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar/Facebook

With six locations across Colorado, including the upscale LoDo district in downtown Denver, this chain prides itself on serving the highest quality sustainable seafood. Their raw bar boasts a signature oyster, the Emersum, cultivated in collaboration with Virginia’s esteemed Rappahannock Oyster Co., known for its velvety texture and delicate flavor profile. Reviews rave about the impeccable service and potent drinks, delighting in menu highlights such as the tantalizing tuna poke, hearty crawfish gumbo, succulent seared scallops, and the exquisite oysters.

Mississippi: Caet Seafood / Oysterette

Heritage Hospitality Group/Facebook

Caet boasts a diverse dining experience with options including tapas-style plates to fresh raw-bar items, complemented by an extensive wine collection and a tempting steak menu. You can dine on the vibrant patio, in the inviting dining room, or at the bustling oyster bar. Check out seafood like the beloved shrimp and grits featuring tasso, corn, and mushrooms, or savor the decadent jumbo scallops paired with white truffle risotto, green tomato pico, and a flavorful tomato parmesan broth.

New York: Le Bernardin

Le Bernardin/Facebook

For over two decades, Le Bernardin has reigned supreme in New York City, boasting an unparalleled collection of James Beard Awards and an esteemed trio of Michelin stars. The kitchen presents a symphony of flavors, showcasing innovative dishes such as thinly sliced yellowfin tuna adorned with foie gras or oven-baked striped bass accompanied by delicate baby-leek mousseline. Dive into the depths of gastronomic excellence with their meticulously curated seafood-focused tasting menus, promising an unforgettable meal for discerning palates.

Nevada: Lakeside

Lakeside Bar & Grill/Facebook

Set against the enchanting backdrop of Wynn’s captivating Lake of Dreams, this chic Las Vegas eatery is a haven for seafood enthusiasts, showcasing curated and sustainably sourced fish and seafood from across the globe. Enjoy dishes such as Hawaiian mahi mahi, Ligurian octopus, and Mediterranean pink rock lobsters while treating your senses to a mesmerizing lake light show and live entertainment, making it the perfect destination for a romantic evening.

Montana: Feast Raw Bar & Bistro

Feast Raw Bar & Bistro/Facebook

This charming new American restaurant in Bozeman promises sustainability by sourcing primarily from responsibly grown and caught seafood. Patrons flock to savor delicacies like the freshly shucked oysters and the fresh daily ceviche offering while singing praises of signature dishes. These include crab cakes, flavorful bison carpaccio, and the halibut served with fragrant jasmine sticky rice, zesty mango salsa, and luscious coconut sauce. It’s a place where every dish tells a story of quality and care.

Maryland: The Oceanaire Seafood Restaurant

The Oceanaire Seafood Room/Facebook

This prestigious chain has a presence in ten coveted locations across the United States, including Baltimore’s bustling Harbor East district. Begin your journey with a tempting array of East and West Coast oysters, setting the stage for a delectable exploration of the raw bar’s offerings, from Maine lobster cocktails to indulgent sturgeon caviar. Dive into customer favorites like the crab cake appetizer, or try a selection from the extensive chef specials featuring buttery seafood entrees that promise to delight the taste buds. 

Maine: Eventide Oyster Co.

Eventide Oyster Co./Facebook

Immerse yourself in the essence of New England at Eventide, where the oyster bar showcases a rotating menu of local Maine delicacies paired with chilled crab claws and clams, served with an array of accompaniments. Enjoy quintessential New England dishes like hearty lobster stew, classic clam chowder, and traditional clam bakes, or try out the brown-butter lobster roll that satisfies every seafood lover’s cravings. Adding a unique twist to the menu, Asian-fusion dishes such as steamed bao buns and tantalizing tuna tartare with nuoc cham provide variety.

Louisiana: Pêche Seafood Grill

Peche Seafood Grill/Facebook

This acclaimed restaurant, bestowed with a prestigious James Beard award, captivates diners with its innovative approach to open-fire cooking, drawing inspiration from the rich cultural tapestries of South America, Spain, and the Gulf Coast. Experiment with delights such as the irresistible steak tartare with oyster aïoli, crafted with finesse at the raw bar, or savor the exquisite flavors of baked drum accompanied by aromatic mushroom broth and calas (rice fritters). 

Illinois: Shaw’s Crab House

Shaw’s Crab House/Facebook

At Shaw’s Crab House, the commitment to quality shines through in every dish, as they collaborate directly with farmers and fishermen to source the freshest ingredients for their diverse menu. You’ll find yourself indulging in a laid-back experience that celebrates classics like oysters Rockefeller, Alaskan king crab, and parmesan-crusted haddock, alongside an enticing array of maki rolls, sashimi, and colorful poke bowls, ensuring a satisfying dining experience for everyone.

Idaho: Fresh Off the Hook

Fresh Off The Hook/Facebook

A beloved hotspot among locals, this vibrant restaurant buzzes with activity, celebrated for its generous servings and affordable prices. Its diverse menu showcases an array of beloved classics, including halibut fish and chips, shrimp scampi, and rich clam chowder. Enticing house specialties such as the comforting warm teriyaki shrimp salad, salmon BLTs, flavorful butter pecan trout, and irresistible crab muffins are must-haves. Each dish is a testament to the creativity that defines this cherished establishment. 

Hawaii: Mama’s Fish House

Mama’s Fish House/Facebook

Famed for its familial charm and culinary excellence, this restaurant’s popularity often sees reservations booked up to six months ahead. Following a farm-to-table ethos, the ever-changing menu showcases locally sourced fish procured directly from fishermen, whose names grace the menu with pride and infused with a remarkable Polynesian influence. Make sure to start with oysters adorned with mango-lilikoi mignonette and sumptuous macadamia nut crab cakes. 

Florida: Joe’s Stone Crab

Joe’s Stone Crab/Facebook

Operating from October through May to coincide with stone crab season, this expansive South Beach establishment has been a cornerstone since 1921 when it pioneered the consumption of the previously disregarded stone crab, now an integral part of Florida’s culinary heritage. Beyond their renowned stone crab claws and crab bisque, the menu offers a plethora of unique creations, including conch fritters, coconut shrimp, crispy fried grouper, extravagant seafood platters, and mouthwatering lobster rolls.

Alabama: Doc’s Seafood

Doc’s Seafood Shack and Oyster Bar Orange Beach/Facebook

Doc’s Seafood in Orange Beach is much talked about for its authentic, Southern-style seafood, making it a top choice in Alabama. Its fresh, locally sourced catch and casual, welcoming atmosphere ensure an unforgettable dining experience. Favorites like the fried shrimp and oyster po’boys promise an explosion of flavor and quality. The commitment to freshness and tradition at Doc’s Seafood Shack & Oyster Bar has earned it a loyal following and critical acclaim.

Arizona: Bluewater Grill

Bluewater Grill Phoenix/Facebook

Located in Phoenix, the Bluewater Grill is renowned for its dedication to sustainability and fresh, high-quality seafood. With a menu featuring seafood flown in daily, diners can enjoy a variety of delicious and responsibly sourced dishes. The restaurant’s ambiance, offering a nautical theme that transports diners straight to the coast, complements its extensive seafood selection, including cedar plank salmon and gourmet crab cakes. 

Connecticut: The Whelk

The Whelk/Facebook

The oysters, ceviche, and seasonal specialties have garnered critical acclaim, making The Whelk a must-visit for those seeking an exceptional seafood fare. Chef Bill Taibe’s focus on sustainable seafood and farm-to-table produce results in dishes that are not only fresh but also creatively presented. You can begin your meal with the smoked trout dip, crispy trout skin and rolls, and the octopus with butter beans.

Delaware: Feby’s Fishery

Feby’s Fishery/Facebook

A local favorite since 1974, Feby’s in Wilmington offers a wide range of fresh, high-quality seafood. Its market-to-table approach ensures that diners enjoy the freshest catches in various preparations, from classic fried fish dishes to exquisite seafood platters. The family-owned establishment prides itself on its welcoming atmosphere and extensive menu, which includes local Delaware favorites and seasonal specials. Their knowledgeable staff is always ready to offer cooking tips or suggest the perfect meal.

Georgia: Steamhouse Lounge

Steamhouse Lounge/Facebook

Atlanta’s Steamhouse Lounge is famous for its laid-back vibe and exceptional seafood, particularly its legendary lobster bisque and oyster roasts. The annual Oysterfest, hosted by the restaurant, has become a citywide tradition, attracting seafood lovers from all over. Its commitment to serving fresh, flavorful seafood dishes in a fun and inviting setting has made Steamhouse Lounge a go-to spot in Georgia for locals and visitors.

Indiana: Caplinger’s Fresh Catch

Caplinger’s Fresh Catch/Facebook

Caplinger’s Fresh Catch is renowned for bringing the freshest seafood to landlocked Indiana. Daily shipments of ocean-fresh fish and seafood offer an unparalleled variety that’s hard to find elsewhere in the state. The family-owned business takes pride in its knowledgeable staff, who are always ready to offer cooking tips or suggest the perfect meal. Caplinger’s ensures a memorable culinary expedition from classic fish and chips to exotic seafood delicacies.

Iowa: Waterfront Seafood Market

Waterfront Seafood Shack Market & Eatery/Facebook

With its unique seafood market and restaurant combination, the place provides an unmatched fresh seafood experience in Iowa. Known for its sushi bar, the award-winning chefs add creativity and precision to every dish. Diners can enjoy freshly prepared dishes or take home their choice of raw ingredients from their extensive collection. The strict adherence to quality and freshness, along with a cozy, nautical-themed dining atmosphere, makes Waterfront Seafood Market a beloved institution for seafood aficionados in the state.

Kansas: Mad Jack’s Fresh Fish

Mad Jacks Fresh Fish/Facebook

This cozy takeout spot and market is known for its specialty in pound-served fried fish, offering fresh filets of fish, shrimp, lobster, scallops, and exotic alligator meat. Favorites among patrons include fried catfish and basa, frog legs, and red snapper. Every pound of fish comes with hot sauce and bread on the side, with optional extras such as hushpuppies, fried okra, collard greens, and mac and cheese to complement your meal.

Kentucky: River House

River House Restaurant and Raw Bar/Facebook

Nestled along the scenic Ohio River, the River House in Louisville is celebrated for its refined ambiance and a menu showcasing the best river and sea. Whether it’s their succulent pan-seared scallops or the rich lobster bisque, the establishment’s attentiveness to freshness and culinary excellence is on point. Remember to try their signature dish, the “River House Platter,” a lavish assortment of grilled fish, shrimp, oysters, and crab legs, which makes every visit an unforgettable dining experience.

Massachusetts: Neptune Oyster


This gem, famous among the seafood aficionados, can be found in the historic North End of Boston. This intimate eatery is famed for its classic and innovative oceanic offerings, where the raw bar takes center stage. People throng to this restaurant to relish their buttery lobster roll, served hot with butter or cold with mayo, and the Neptune Oyster Johnny Cake, topped with smoked trout or sturgeon. The daily selection of fresh oysters is meticulously sourced from both coasts.

Michigan: Joe Muer Seafood

Joe Muer Seafood/Facebook

Joe Muer Seafood in Detroit weaves the legacy of classic dining with a modern culinary flair. With its rich miso glaze, the Chilean Sea Bass stands out as a masterpiece of flavor, while the luxurious Lobster Mac and Cheese transforms a comfort food classic into a gourmet outing. Not to be overlooked, its sushi and raw bar present an artful array of fresh oysters and meticulously crafted sushi rolls, making each bite a testament to its dedication to excellence. 

Minnesota: Grand Catch

Grand Catch/Facebook

This culinary hotspot brings a splash of coastal flavor to the Midwest. It specializes in Asian-Cajun cuisine, offering a unique fusion of flavors that captivates diners. Signature dishes include the spicy Cajun seafood boil, loaded with your choice of shellfish, and the flavorful garlic noodles, which have quickly become local favorites. Grand Catch is honored for its vibrancy and communal setting, making it a beloved gathering spot for those seeking an innovative and delicious seafood adventure.

Missouri: Broadway Oyster Bar


Nicknamed ‘Bob’ by the patrons, this place is the go-to spot for anyone craving a taste of New Orleans right in the heart of St. Louis. It serves up everything from perfectly shucked oysters, whether you like ’em raw or char-grilled, to soul-warming Creole and Cajun classics like Gumbo Ya Ya and Crawfish Étouffée. The food is as vibrant as the setting, complete with live tunes that buzz the place seven nights a week.

Nebraska: Plank Seafood Provisions

Plank Seafood Provisions – Old Market/Facebook

Plush in Omaha’s bustling Old Market district, Plank offers a fresh take on seafood with its oyster bar and a menu brimming with oceanic treasures. Every dish is a hit, From perfectly chilled oysters to mouth-watering lobster rolls. What really sets Plank apart is its commitment to sustainability and ocean-friendly dining. It’s where great food meets good vibes, making it a must-visit for anyone in Nebraska craving the sea’s bounty.

New Hampshire: Hooked Seafood Lounge

Hooked Seafood Restaurant/Facebook

Located at the heart of Manchester, Hooked is known for its inviting atmosphere and an impressive menu that showcases the freshest catches. Whether diving into a plate of their succulent scallops or savoring the flavors of their signature seafood chowder, every bite feels like a celebration of the sea. It’s where friends gather, flavors mingle, and memories are made, making Hooked a beloved seafood destination for locals and tourists.

New Jersey: The Old Causeway Steak & Oyster House

The Old Causeway Steak & Oyster House/Facebook

Tucked away near the Jersey Shore, The Old Causeway is where cozy vibes meet killer steaks and the freshest oysters. It’s the go-to spot for digging into some delicious foods sourced locally to keep things fresh and flavorful. If you want to chill with friends over a plate of oysters or celebrate something special with a steak cooked just right, this rustic joint has you covered. 

New Mexico: El Zarandeado

El Zarandeado/Facebook

Famous for its unique Sinaloan-style seafood, El Zarandeado serves an authentic taste of Mexico’s Pacific coast. The restaurant’s signature dish, Pescado Zarandeado, a grilled snapper marinated in a unique blend of spices, is particularly notable. Diners also rave about their ceviches, shrimp tacos, and seafood stews. Its popularity is bolstered by a friendly vibe and attentive service, making it a must-visit for seafood lovers in New Mexico. Customers fondly recall the restaurant’s large portions at affordable prices.

North Carolina: Fish Bites Seafood Restaurant

Fish Bites Seafood Restaurant/Facebook

Fish Bites is the local secret you wish you knew sooner. This spot dishes out the freshest catches and mouth-watering seafood creations that keep folks returning. Every bite is a flavor adventure, from their famous crab cakes to the daily specials that showcase the best of the sea. This Wilmington hotspot offers an experience complete with a laid-back vibe and friendly faces. Fish Bites is where seafood dreams come true, making it a must-visit for any foodie.

North Dakota: Beer & Fish Company

Beer & Fish Company/Facebook

If you agree beer and fish is a match made in heaven, Beer & Fish Company in Fargo is the place to frequent. The establishment prides itself on combining the hearty spirit of a classic pub with the refined tastes of a seafood grill. Here, guests can indulge in the signature beer-battered fish and chips, a fan favorite, alongside a diverse selection of seafood dishes that highlight the freshest flavors of the ocean. 

Ohio: Frank’s Fish & Seafood Market

Takumi Okano/Facebook

More than just a market, this Columbus gem also serves up delectable seafood dishes that draw crowds from near and far. Lauded for its wide selection of fresh, high-quality seafood, Frank’s offers everything from traditional fish and chips to exotic finds like sea urchins. The friendly staff and casual vibe make shopping or dining here a pleasure. Whether cooking at home or eating in, Frank’s delivers an authentic, flavorful seafood spread that’s hard to beat.

Oklahoma: The Crawfish Pot

Takumi Okano/Facebook

Bringing the flavors of the bayou to the heartland, The Crawfish Pot specializes in Cajun and Creole cuisine; this restaurant is famous for its bonafide Louisiana crawfish boils, which feature heaps of spicy, seasoned crawfish alongside potatoes, corn, and sausage. It also offers a variety of Southern favorites, including gumbo, jambalaya, and fried catfish, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The communal joy of peeling and eating crawfish makes it a dining destination for those craving a taste of the South.

Oregon: Clearwater Restaurant

Capri Architecture/Facebook

The Clearwater Restaurant sets itself apart with its prime location on the scenic waterfront, offering diners spectacular views. Famous for its devotion to sustainability and locally sourced ingredients, Clearwater showcases the freshest seafood from the Pacific Northwest. Specialty dishes such as the cedar plank salmon and Dungeness crab cakes are responsible for the heavy footfall. Its modern, elegant ambiance and exceptional service make Clearwater a distinguished culinary gem worthy of multiple revisits.

Pennsylvania: Vernick Fish

Vernick Fish/Facebook

Situated in Logan Square within the Four Seasons Hotel, this upscale restaurant is celebrated for its refined ambiance and meticulous attention to detail. The menu, curated by acclaimed Chef Greg Vernick, features a variety of fresh, seasonal seafood dishes such as whole roasted fish and a diverse selection of oysters. Remember to take your pick from the curated wine list that makes Vernick fish a distinguished destination for sophisticated dining and exceptional seafood. 

Rhode Island: Hemenway’s Restaurant

Hemenway’s Restaurant (121 South Main Street, Providence, RI)/Facebook

Craving a stuffed lobster with a healthy filling of green beans? You must head to the Hemenway’s Restaurant in Providence. This establishment pays homage to the region’s rich maritime heritage with its elegant ambiance and a menu that features the freshest local catches. Diners can also indulge in various expertly prepared dishes, from the signature raw bar selections to the beloved New England clam chowder. 

South Carolina: The Wreck of the Richard & Charlene

Melissa Zak-Walser/Facebook

Named after a vessel lost to Hurricane Hugo, The Wreck is a prominent landmark on the edge of Shem Creek in South Carolina. Steeped in local tradition and maritime history, this quaint place charms with its rustic setting and mesmerizing sunset views over the water. Specializing in fried seafood platters and Southern classics, it delivers a genuine taste of the Lowcountry. The casual, no-frills ambiance invites you to savor the simple joys of fresh, flavorful seafood. 

South Dakota: Jambonz Deux

Jambonz Deux/Facebook

Jambonz Deux brings a unique splash of Cajun and Creole cuisine to the heart of the Midwest. This restaurant serves a taste of Louisiana that’s hard to find anywhere else in the state. From spicy gumbo to savory crawfish étouffée, Jambonz Deux’s menu celebrates bold flavors and fresh seafood. The warm, welcoming environment and friendly staff add to the enjoyment, making it a culinary adventure that’s both rare and delightful in South Dakota.

Tennessee: Urban Grub

Urban Grub/Facebook

A culinary oasis in the heart of Nashville, the Urban Grub blends Southern comfort with an eclectic seafood twist. This trendy spot is famous for its expansive raw bar and smoked meats. From wood-grilled oysters to house-cured charcuterie, it offers innovative flavors in a chic, inviting space. Its carefully curated selection of local and artisanal ingredients makes every visit a memorable journey through the best of Southern hospitality and culinary creativity.

Texas: Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant

Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant/Facebook

Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant, a Texas landmark since 1911, is a testament to over a century of culinary excellence on Galveston Island. Serving only the freshest Gulf Coast seafood, Gaido’s offers diners an authentic taste of the sea with dishes like pecan-crusted flounder and jumbo lump crab cakes. The restaurant’s dedication to quality matches its classic, elegant ambiance, where each meal is an occasion. It has become a favorite dining destination for the locals and the tourists. 

Utah: Current Fish & Oyster

Timothy Champney/Facebook

Shining with its sustainable seafood offerings in a sleek, industrial-chic environment, the Current Fish & Oyster menu dazzles with innovative dishes such as the renowned fish stew, a rich medley of scallops, prawns, mussels, and fish in a coconut lemongrass broth, elevated with peanuts and serrano pistou. For a distinct flavor experience, the char-grilled sea bass is a must-try, served with chili buttermilk whey, yu choy, and roasted tomato. Their outstanding beverage menu compliments the exquisite crudo and sashimi appetizers.

Vermont: Bleu Northeast Kitchen

Bleu Northeast Kitchen/Facebook

Bleu Northeast Kitchen proudly celebrates the region’s finest ingredients through its farm-to-table approach. In Burlington’s heart, Bleu showcases the best of New England’s land and sea. The menu, rich with local flavors, features dishes like the Vermont Creamery goat cheese salad and the maple-glazed Atlantic salmon, highlighting the restaurant’s commitment to local producers and sustainable sourcing. The atmosphere at Bleu is designed to be warm and welcoming, making it a joyous occasion for the guests. 

Virginia: Waypoint Seafood & Grill

Waypoint Seafood & Grill Williamsburg/Facebook

Waypoint Seafood & Grill is notable for its promise to showcase local flavors through expertly prepared seafood dishes. Situated in Williamsburg, this restaurant prides itself on sourcing ingredients from the region’s rich waters and farms. Diners vouch for the quality of their seasonal offerings, from Chesapeake Bay oysters to Virginia-raised meats. The attention to detail, from the food to the ambiance, makes it a distinguished destination for those seeking the real taste of Virginia’s culinary heritage.

Washington: The Walrus and the Carpenter

The Walrus and the Carpenter/Facebook

The name draws inspiration from a poem in Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking-Glass,” which recounts a walrus and a carpenter who lure oysters to join them on a walk, only to eat them. This whimsical story is reflected in the restaurant’s playful yet sophisticated approach to seafood dining. Nestled in Seattle’s historic Ballard neighborhood, this celebrated oyster bar and eatery boasts a menu highlighting the freshest local ingredients, specializing in oysters straight from nearby waters.

West Virginia: Tricky Fish

Tricky Fish/Facebook

Don’t let the name fool you; Tricky Fish in West Virginia is anything but difficult to love. This Charleston gem serves a straightforward menu of mouth-watering seafood, po’boys, and uniquely crafted cocktails in a laid-back, beach-themed setting. Known for its commitment to fresh ingredients and flavors that pack a punch, Tricky Fish has quickly become a local favorite for casual dining. Whether you’re in for the oyster happy hour or the signature fish tacos, it’s a catch every time.

Wisconsin: St. Paul Fish Company

St. Paul Fish Company/Facebook

St. Paul Fish Company in Wisconsin reels you in with its unbeatable seafood selection. Located in the heart of Milwaukee’s Public Market, this spot is a haven for seafood enthusiasts, offering everything from freshly shucked oysters to hearty lobster dinners. Known for its market-style setup, diners can choose from a vast array of seafood, enjoying their meal in a lively, bustling atmosphere. St. Paul Fish Company’s dedication to freshness and quality makes it an authentic maritime dining experience. 

Wyoming: Rocky Mountain Seafood


Who said you can’t find outstanding seafood in the mountains? Rocky Mountain Seafood proves that theory all wet, serving up the freshest catches in the heart of the Rockies. This local favorite dazzles with its array of fish and shellfish, flown in regularly to ensure peak freshness. Each dish is a testament to quality and flavor, from succulent shrimp to perfectly grilled salmon. The cozy, welcoming setup offers a sea-worthy dining extravaganza miles from the coast.


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