The Priciest City in Each State


America’s most luxurious neighborhoods offer exquisite homes, unique lifestyles, rich histories, and vibrant communities. As we present the super exclusive addresses across the states, let’s see what makes each spot a coveted haven for its dwellers while showcasing the allure and grandeur of the nation’s finest residential retreats.

Alabama: Mountain Brook

Mountain Brook Schools Athletics/Facebook

Mountain Brook commands a median price of $1,758,360, establishing it as Alabama’s foremost prestigious sector. Expansive estates and elite amenities fill the lives of those residing amidst lush, scenic views and high-end shopping destinations. The locale’s secluded golf courses and country clubs enhance its allure.

Alaska: Kodiak

James Brooks/Wikipedia

Kodiak, Alaska’s hidden gem, offers residences and sanctuaries averaging $930,569, enveloped by the magnificence of untamed wilderness. Those fortunate enough to dwell here enjoy the dual luxuries of expansive properties and the immediate availability of the great outdoors, complete with the comforts of premium finishes.

Arizona: D.C. Ranch

The Country Club at DC Ranch/Facebook

At an average of $8,566,589, Arizona’s D.C. Ranch houses are more than just dwellings; they’re estates that exemplify desert luxury. With selective passage to pricey golfing complexes and private clubs, locals indulge in a lifestyle that seamlessly integrates the aristocratic way of life with the picturesque vistas of the Sonoran Desert.

Arkansas: Hot Springs

Visit Hot Springs/Facebook

Hot Springs, Arkansas, is a haven for spa enthusiasts and lovers of refined life. The cost of apartments in this quaint locale is an average of $1,002,782. They offer modern splendor, with thermal waters and scenic mountain views.

California: Beverly Hills Gateway


With an air of timeless elegance, Beverly Hills Gateway reigns as California’s most esteemed vicinity. Here, the average home is valued at a breathtaking $22,771,957. Community members savor an assortment of luxury boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and private sanctuaries in evergreen gardens.

Colorado: Snowmass


Snowmass is Colorado’s apex of alpine affluence, where homes average $23,568,750. Residents savor the fusion of world-class ski resorts, year-round cultural events, and the tranquility of the place, all within a locality that prides itself on exclusivity and privacy.

Connecticut: Old Greenwich


Old Greenwich beckons with its coastal charm and a mean housing price of $4,078,905. Synonymous with maritime grace, the neighborhood presents inhabitants with a quaint village feel and the sophistication of top-tier dining and shopping just a stone’s throw from the waterside.

Delaware: Bethany Beach

Stephanie Salomon/Facebook

Bethany Beach’s oceanfront elegance captures Delaware’s highest tier of seaside living, with properties averaging $1,349,419. Host to sun-seeking connoisseurs, this coastal paradise blends relaxed beach days with the charm of a close-knit atmosphere.

Florida: Manalapan

Mansions of Florida/Facebook

Manalapan, the zenith of Floridian opulence, has an astounding median house value of $39,761,000. Those who call this enclave home are privy to a life of sun-drenched splendor, with access to the tranquil Intracoastal Waterway and the vibrant Atlantic shore.

Georgia: Sea Island

Sea Island Resorts/Facebook

Sea Island, a jewel among Georgia’s Golden Isles, radiates exclusivity and luxury. Lavishness is a lifestyle in this elite community, with dwellings priced on average at $5,632,636. Golf courses and secluded beaches serve as daily backdrops, while each evening ends with the spectacle of stunning sunsets.

Hawaii: Kapalua

Kapalua Golf/Facebook

Kapalua, where the average residence is priced at $7,255,000, gives a slice of Hawaiian paradise. Inhabitants of this splendid enclave enjoy front-row seats to nature’s majesty with world-class golf and protected marine habitats, reinforcing the island’s reputation for exquisite existence.

Idaho: Ketchum

Nathan McDaniel/Getty

In Ketchum, stunning mountain vistas surrounding houses cost $4,688,973, establishing it as Idaho’s exclusive area. Acclaimed as a premier ski resort and cultural hub, the region’s exuberant downtown and annual film festivals contribute to its desirability.

Illinois: Glencoe

Village of Glencoe, Illinois – Government/Facebook

Glencoe’s standard home price is $3,078,442, ranking it as Illinois’ highly expensive enclave. Stately residences, lush parks, and top-rated schools define this zone, while its proximity to Lake Michigan and cultural institutions adds to its residential appeal.

Indiana: Syracuse

Nicholas Klein/Getty

Syracuse’s abodes average $1,242,916, securing its status as Indiana’s highest-priced precinct. With its tranquil lake vistas and close-knit collective, the sector has many outdoor activities, such as boating and fishing, which enhance its vitality.

Iowa: Cumming

City of Cumming, IA/Facebook

Cumming’s median property value of $726,325 makes it Iowa’s top locale for abundant living. Occupants can delight in rural grace and urban amenities, with larger plots providing ample privacy and space.

Kansas: Mission Hills

Seasonal Solutions/Facebook

Mission Hills, where homes average $1,922,718, represents Kansas’ pinnacle of upscale suburban livelihood. With meticulously manicured lawns and an array of stately houses, dwellers enjoy historic charm and modern luxury in a serene setting.

Kentucky: Simpsonville

Dawn Phillips Morhet/Facebook

Simpsonville is Kentucky’s priciest surroundings, with its dwellings averaging $1,569,977. The district, recognized for its tranquil rural setting and posh equestrian estates, is a base for local artisan shops and organic farms, which enrich the commune’s existence and attractiveness.

Louisiana: Audubon

For The Love Of Old Houses/Facebook

Audubon’s tree-lined streets and grand traditional abodes make it Louisiana’s notable block, with properties averaging $1,513,937. Homeowners revel in the neighborhood’s festive traditional scene and proximity to New Orleans’ best schools and facilities.

Maine: Bar Harbor

Wonder View Inn/Facebook

Famed for picturesque coastal views and a thriving tourist economy, Bar Harbor residents savor seasonal whale watching and abundant historical attractions. Additionally, the allure of art galleries and seafood festivals makes it a significant draw, reflecting Maine’s priciest borough status with a standard housing price of $2,732,800.

Maryland: Chevy Chase Terrace


In Chevy Chase Terrace, Maryland’s extravagance, daily life is lush with the allure of high-quality amenities and elite shopping districts. With homes valued at a mean value of $2,284,946, the vicinity is a serene yet buzzing retreat for affluent professionals who appreciate quick access to the bustling city of Washington, D.C.

Massachusetts: Osterville


Declaring an average home price of $7,308,545, Osterville ranks as Massachusetts’ most exclusive area. Citizens enjoy scenic ocean views, private docks, and golf courses, along with the quiet privacy featured by this plush Cape Cod locality. Annual regattas and sailing clubs enhance the local lifestyle.

Michigan: Lakeside


Residences in Lakeside command a median property value of $2,652,417. They offer private beaches on Lake Michigan and calm living, complemented by nearby artisanal markets and native wineries that enhance their appeal. Seasonal societal events further enrich resident experiences.

Minnesota: Wayzata


A haven for Minnesota’s upper crust, Wayzata promises a waterfront existence with an average property price of $2,236,365. Locals delight in top access to Lake Minnetonka’s recreational activities, upscale local commerce, and community arts programs, ensuring an extravagant, fulfilling life.

Mississippi: Oxford

Gary Bridgman, for Bridgman Pottery/Wikipedia

Oxford’s mean real estate price is $592,879, the highest in Mississippi. The land’s intense cultural milieu and old-world university attract academics and families drawn by its lively locality and annual festivals. Independent bookstores and cozy coffee shops line the bustling streets.

Missouri: Kansas City


Kansas City’s standard house pricing of $1,396,421 makes it Missouri’s costliest city. Music is also integral to the region’s thriving culture and dynamic technology industry. Craft breweries and jazz clubs are prominent features here.

Montana: Gallatin Gateway

Gallatin Gateway Inn/Facebook

With houses averaging $2,638,136, Gallatin Gateway is Montana’s top-valued subdivision. It appeals to those seeking outdoor adventures and is recognized for its expansive ranches and proximity to world-class trout fishing locations. Horseback riding trails and yearly rodeos are native highlights.

Nebraska: Ashland

Ashland Nebraska/Facebook

Ashland, where dwellings average $884,209, is Nebraska’s costliest location. It grants residents scenic vistas and peaceful living, enhanced by frequent residential events and a growing in-house arts scene. Proximity to strategic nature reserves appeals to outdoor enthusiasts.

Nevada: Glenbrook 

Glenbrook in Lake Tahoe/Facebook

Enthusiasts of winter sports and Lakeview summers find a unique year-round haven in Glenbrook, where selective amenities meet the rustic charm of mountain life. The tranquil beauty of this Nevada neighborhood is underscored by its typical housing cost, matched at $9,449,750.

New Hampshire: North Hampton


North Hampton commands a standard home price of $3,195,811, the highest in New Hampshire. Its spectacular oceanfront properties and peaceful atmosphere are complemented by gourmet restaurants and boutique shopping, attracting a wealthy demographic. Well-maintained hiking trails offer additional recreational opportunities.

New Jersey: Alpine

Sotheby’s International Realty/Facebook

Privacy and breathtaking views of the New York City skyline define Alpine, where the mean real estate pricing of $6,609,054 reflects its status as one of New Jersey’s lavish communities. Alpine pulls in a wealthy clientele, including celebrities and business magnates, who value stillness and exclusivity.

New Mexico: Los Ranchos de Albuquerque

John Phelan/Wikipedia

Los Ranchos de Albuquerque has a typical housing cost of $1,837,357, making New Mexico’s priciest neighborhood. With its semi-rural feel and large plots, homeowners cherish homegrown wineries and buzzing farmers’ markets close to Albuquerque. Historical landmarks and annual cultural events fortify the local charm.

New York: Southampton Village


Life in Southampton Village unfolds amid traditional estates and pristine coastlines, drawing in celebrities and business tycoons with its high-profile social scene and artistic richness. With a standard housing price of $16,719,714, the precinct has exclusive golf courses and private clubs, setting the stage for a luxurious lifestyle along America’s esteemed East Coast.

North Carolina: Linville


Linville’s impressive average home price of $3,687,300 makes it a privileged locality in North Carolina. Celebrated for its grand mountain vistas and elite golf courses, residents also benefit from gourmet restaurants and yearly heritage festivals that enliven the native lifestyle.

North Dakota: Horace Mann

Horace Mann Area Neighborhood Association/Facebook

Horace Mann stands out in North Dakota with a median property value of $739,193. Inhabitants appreciate the quiet suburban living, complemented by green spaces and modern conveniences. Strong commune ties and a reputation for excellent educational facilities make it a top choice for families.

Ohio: Mt. Adams

Mt. Adams Community/Facebook

With homes averaging $1,363,142, Mt. Adams is Ohio’s top locale for scenic city views and a dynamic arts presence. Its steep, winding streets are lined with unique architecture, and local cafes and galleries create a bustling, creative atmosphere.

Oklahoma: Nichols Hills

Nichols Hills, Oklahoma/Facebook

Nichols Hills is one of Oklahoma’s foremost residential areas. It is known for its beautifully tended parks, country club, and tight-knit population—features that make it a desirable locality for families and professionals alike. This neighborhood’s appeal is further highlighted by its mean property value of $1,323,323.

Oregon: Forest Highlands

Grant Wylie/Getty

Forest Highlands is noted for its wooded environment, pushing the typical house pricing to $2,832,993. It establishes the sector as Oregon’s costliest place, with extensive trails and parks for active occupants and a close social circle that organizes regular environmental conservation efforts.

Pennsylvania: Villanova


Villanova, situated in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Main Line, is famous for its private colleges and holdings. The mean real estate pricing here is $3,762,000, reflecting the society’s affluence. Villanova’s locals appreciate lush terrains and an academically enriched environment, making it a coveted spot for lavish living.

Rhode Island: Block Island

Timothy J. Quill/Wikipedia

Block Island’s standard house price of $3,617,765 makes it Rhode Island’s sought-after coastal retreat. Spectacular beaches and preserved natural spaces define the zone, luring wealthy buyers. Homegrown artisan shops and the laid-back life add to its loveliness.

South Carolina: Sullivan’s Island


South Carolina’s priciest enclave, Sullivan’s Island, is acclaimed for its striking shorelines and heritage sites. The society enjoys access to gourmet dining and selective boutiques, while energetic regional artistry and frequent beachfront festivities bolster its attraction. Apartments here average $5,436,765, highlighting its exclusivity.

South Dakota: Lead

Gary Chancey, Black Hills National Forest/Wikipedia

Lead’s prosperous mining history and radiant culture contribute to its prestige as South Dakota’s highest-priced location, with abodes averaging $889,263. Nearness to ski resorts and hiking trails makes it appealing for adventure seekers, and the in-house theater scene adds a traditional flair.

Tennessee: Belle Meade


Belle Meade is distinguished by its sprawling estates and stately homes, with properties averaging $7,055,929. This Nashville suburb provides a high quality of life with horse racing, country clubs, and wineries, enticing those who appreciate a sophisticated yet leisurely lifestyle.

Texas: Highland Park

Michael Barera/Wikipedia

Highland Park has an average home price of $7,346,538, positioning it as a top location in Texas. Plush terrains and premier shopping avenues attract affluent families, and top-rated schools and society-focused gatherings solidify its status as a leading block.

Utah: Park Meadows


Park Meadows weaves an energetic livelihood from its quiet streets, where the fellowship spirit thrives and the great outdoors calls. Famous for world-class skiing and golf, this Utah sector hosts yearly sports functions spotlighting its dynamic culture. The abodes in this region are highly desirable, with an average price tag of $5,318,700.

Vermont: Stowe

Umiak Outdoor Outfitters/Facebook

Stowe is a picturesque mountain retreat where apartments average $2,678,479. With its ski slopes and stunning autumn foliage, this town presents year-round outdoor tasks and a welcoming community vibe. Stowe’s charm and recreational options make it a prime choice for those seeking solitude and adventure.

Virginia: McLean

Luxury Homes/Facebook

McLean is Virginia’s highly affluent surrounding, with a typical housing cost of $3,103,397. Suburban stillness and closeness to top-tier educational institutions entice locals. Premium shopping centers and frequent societal affairs keep the social calendar busy.

Washington: Medina

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A bastion of Pacific Northwest affluence, Medina is noted for its waterfront holdings and selective commune, offering gorgeous visuals of Lake Washington. Citizens savor the luxury of solitude and closeness to Seattle’s urban facilities. Houses are valued at an average of $8,585,489, underscoring the area’s high standing.

West Virginia: Summersville

Buckeye Drone/Facebook

Summersville, with a median home value of $1,615,226, is a highly privileged area in West Virginia. Its scenic lake and outdoor adventures complement a peaceful, family-friendly atmosphere. Community-led environmental initiatives and celebratory occasions add to its magic.

Wisconsin: Fish Creek


Fish Creek’s mean real estate pricing of $1,391,668 makes it Wisconsin’s most desirable vicinity. The region is famous for its range of waterfront activities and native wineries, and its economy heavily relies on seasonal tourism. Residential arts programs and food festivals bolster its appeal.

Wyoming: South Park


South Park’s sprawling ranches and nearness to national parks set its median property value at $5,018,900. Inhabitants relish privacy and open-air pursuits, including horseback riding and fly fishing. Efforts to preserve the natural terrain resonate deeply within the locality.


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