18 Most Common Reasons Why Women Get a Divorce

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Did you know that women are the ones who often decide to end their marriage? This might sound surprising, but it’s true! Now, why is that? In the past, women didn’t have as many job opportunities or their own money, so getting a divorce was a significant risk. But now they have more chances to work and make money, which makes divorce less scary money-wise. Here are the most common reasons why women get a divorce.

Feeling unloved or not getting enough affection.

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When a husband doesn’t show much emotion or isn’t available to connect emotionally, his wife can feel very lonely, even though they’re married. Being lonely in a marriage isn’t good for anyone’s happiness or health, so sometimes, women decide to end the marriage because they don’t want to feel that way anymore. Experts say that feeling emotionally close and having a good romantic connection is crucial in a marriage.

Getting married too young

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As women age, they often realize that their relationships aren’t as strong as they thought they were when they were younger. They might feel like they’re not really right for each other, and they might start noticing other options that seem better. So, even though marrying young might seem romantic at the time, it can actually make it harder for a marriage to last in the long run.

Wanting different things when it comes to intimacy

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Sometimes, you and your partner might want different things in your relationship. Maybe they want to have an open marriage, but you’re not into that idea at all. Or perhaps you both don’t feel the same way about intimacy. But here’s the thing: differences like these can create big problems between you two. And if you can’t find a way to sort things out, one of you might file for divorce.

Dealing with a partner cheating on them

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In a study about why couples get divorced, they asked 212 women and 189 men. Around 35% of the women said their husband’s cheating was the main reason they split up. Usually, men are more likely to cheat than women. They discovered that 20% of men (which is more than 13% of women) admitted to being with someone else while married. Cheating is a big deal because it breaks the trust in a marriage.

Feeling disrespected or put down by their partner

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Feeling contempt for your partner and showing it through actions like eye rolls, put-downs, sneering, and name-calling can be a big reason why women decide to divorce their husbands. When a woman senses this kind of disrespect from her partner—it chips away at the love and appreciation she once had. It becomes a harmful cycle where instead of addressing issues together, she feels constantly blamed and belittled.

Facing hurtful words or actions from their partner

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In a study about why couples split up, they found out that 24% of divorces happen because of domestic violence. And it’s usually women who get hurt the most. For every three women in the U.S., one has been hurt by someone they’re close to, and one out of seven women has been seriously injured. But for men, it’s much less common – only one out of twenty-five men have been hurt by their partner.

Dealing with a partner’s drinking or drug problems

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A report found that 16.3 million men who are 18 or older admitted they drank too much alcohol last year. However, 12.4 million women in the same age group also struggled with drinking too much.
And here’s something interesting: Some researchers checked out how alcohol problems affect marriages. They found that marriages were less happy when one partner drank too much.

Arguing a lot about money and bills

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If a couple can’t agree on how to handle their money, it causes big problems. Did you know that 40% of divorces happen because couples just can’t agree on money? It’s true! And get this: Sometimes, if the wife makes more money than the husband, it can make him feel bad about himself, and that can also cause the marriage to fall apart.

Drifting apart as they get older

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A lot of couples experience this: You start feeling like you’re not close to your partner anymore. In a 2012 study, 886 parents who were getting divorced were asked why they were splitting up, and over 55% said it was because they were “growing apart.” As you go through life with your partner, you both change and grow. But sometimes, those changes can make you feel more distant from each other.

Not getting what they need from the relationship

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Men and women are wired differently, so sometimes, they might feel like their expectations aren’t being met. It’s like they’re on different wavelengths. Scientific studies even say that men and women process information differently. Women are often taught to be more in touch with their feelings than men so that they might notice more issues in the relationship. Plus, they’re usually better at talking about those problems than men.

Struggling to balance work and home life

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If a woman makes $38,000 or more than her husband, they’re more likely to end up splitting up—there’s an 8.4% chance of divorce! But if the husband brings in more money, the chance of divorce is much lower—only about 2.9%. A study found that if a wife earns way more than her husband, he tends to help out less around the house. So, it can get pretty stressful for women to balance everything.

Getting support from friends and family

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Women usually have a stronger support system than men. That means they’re more likely to chat with friends and family about their relationships and get more help if they decide to split up. It’s like they’ve got a bunch of people cheering them on and helping them through tough times. And get this: If someone close to you gets divorced—your chance of divorcing goes up by a whopping 75%!

Not feeling bad about deciding to divorce later on

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When it comes to divorce, women usually end up with primary custody of the kids, even though laws have changed. They feel confident they’ll be the main parent after splitting up. And get this: Women tend to feel better in the long run after divorce. Only about 27% of women say they regret it, compared to 39% of men. They know they’ll be happier in the long run if they choose to divorce.

Expecting too much from marriage

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Unrealistic expectations can really mess up a marriage and even lead to divorce. For example, in a marriage, each spouse expects certain things from the other. But sometimes those expectations should be lowered or more realistic. And when that happens—it puts a ton of stress on the relationship. Setting unrealistic expectations between partners can be a big reason some marriages don’t work out in the end.

Fighting all the time without fixing things

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Arguing all the time can push a marriage to the breaking point. Respecting each other’s opinions is vital to keeping things healthy. But when a couple keeps on arguing all the time, it’s a sign that something isn’t right. The secret to a happy relationship is respecting each other. Now, get this: Almost 57.7% of divorces happen because of constant arguing. It’s a warning that something(or someone!) needs to change.

Coping with Major Life Trauma

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According to marriage counselors, going through a tough experience together can either bring couples closer or drive them apart. Sometimes, to move on and heal, people must let go of the pain and anything that reminds them of it. Things like the loss of a child or struggling with infertility can really strain a marriage and even lead to divorce. Memories of difficult times can be triggered just by being around the other person.

Going through a tough time or feeling lost

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Picture this: When one partner goes through an identity crisis, it can be really tough for the other partner who’s trying to keep the marriage strong. They feel like they’re losing control because their partner starts making decisions they don’t understand. They might even feel like they don’t know their partner anymore. Sadly, sometimes, this leads to divorce.

Worried about their children’s well-being

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Lots of couples stick it out in a marriage even if they’re not happy because they think it’s better for their kids. But here’s the thing: Hanging onto a bad marriage might not be the best idea. Sure, being a child of divorce can be tough, but so can growing up in a family where the parents aren’t getting along. Once women figure this out, they might file for divorce.