20 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds That Need Love


Have you set yourself on a journey to finding the perfect pooch companion? Well, we bet you are on the lookout for dog breeds that are guaranteed to give you more than enough licks and kisses to satisfy your yearning for love and cuddles! But look no further; we have sniffed out 20 of the most affectionate dog breeds to help you with your selection—read on and prepare to meet your future furry best friend!

Golden Retriever


Of course, Golden Retrievers are one of the sweetest and most affectionate of them. It would be a mistake not to include them first in this list! They are considered ideal therapy dogs for a reason, after all. You can count on them to get along with everyone, including other animals. Make no mistake, Golden Retrievers are natural attention magnets, so don’t get jealous when other people fawn over them in public!

Labrador Retriever


Labradors, much like Golden Retrievers, give endless affection. They often greet everyone with enthusiastic slobbery kisses that could knock you off your feet! Their playful nature means they won’t shy away from a good romp and will leave you exhausted while they triumphantly claim your bed. Remember, though, their overwhelming zest is just their way of showing love, even if it’s a bit much until they settle down.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


With its ever-wagging tail, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stands out as one of the sweetest breeds. Known for their love towards families, children, and even other pets, these friendly small Spaniels excel in spreading joy. After a playful day, they love to snuggle up on the couch, showing the perfect blend of affection and friendship. Their openness to strangers also makes them exceptional therapy dogs!

Great Dane


The Great Dane, a gentle giant among dogs, may initially seem intimidating due to its enormous size. But it’s one of the most affectionate breeds you’ll find. They shower their families with love and cuddles—an excuse for you to get a bigger bed! While their affections can be overwhelming for small children, with careful supervision, these loving dogs become patient playmates. Over time, they’re also happy to befriend strangers, showing their friendly and affectionate nature.



Pugs, with their irresistibly adorable faces and loving nature, are perfect cuddle friends who thrive on affection—the more they receive, the more they give. Known for their characteristic snoring and snorting, these flat-faced charmers might not be the quietest, but they’re always eager to curl up in bed with you. Despite their frequent breathing issues limiting their energy, pugs are content to spend a leisurely day on the couch, happily sharing their affection with everyone.

American Staffordshire Terrier


Despite the reputation often associated with “Pitbull-type” dogs, the American Staffordshire Terrier, a short and sturdy breed, is known for being affectionate. While they may not always get along with other dogs, AmStaffs transform into loving and sensitive dogs with proper socialization and training. They are particularly attuned to the emotions of their humans and make excellent cuddle partners. Like any Pitbull, a well-bred and well-cared-for AmStaff makes a lovely pet.



The Vizsla, a stunning and talented hunting dog, is known for its deep affection and close bonds. They were bred to work alongside humans and crave constant companionship, disliking solitude. Their sensitivity and intelligence mean they respond best to gentle training methods. Overflowing with energy, Vizslas are fantastic playmates for children, ready to engage in hours of fun. Shower these loving dogs with affection, and they’ll return it tenfold, making them awesome family pets!

Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkshire Terriers may be tiny, but they pack a tough personality and plenty of affection. Surprisingly tough, Yorkies rule the roost, often thinking they’re the boss of the household. While they get along better with kids than many toy breeds, their petite size calls for supervision around younger, energetic children. These little Terriers are sociable, make friends easily, and love nothing more than a cozy lap to sit on.

Siberian Husky


The Siberian Husky’s beauty often captures hearts at first sight, but there’s more to these dogs than just their looks. They’re very affectionate, love attention, and aren’t shy about using their good looks to get it. While their strong-willed character can make training a challenge, they’re naturally vocal and express their opinions loudly. They were bred for teamwork in sled pulling and usually enjoy the company of other dogs, loving any attention they can get.

Shetland Sheepdog


For those looking for an affectionate four-legged friend, the Shetland Sheepdog is a perfect choice. These beautiful, intelligent dogs form deep bonds with their families, often indifferent to strangers. Shelties excel in dog sports like agility, thanks to their trainability. However, their energetic and noisy nature makes them less suitable for apartment living, and their long, luxurious coats need regular grooming to stay tangle-free. But you can never go wrong with them, as Shelties never hold back in showing their love.

Bernese Mountain Dog


Imagine a kind, bid dog full of love—that’s the Bernese Mountain Dog. They make great family dogs. These pups, initially bred for work, are patient and calm. With their sweet temperament and sharp intelligence, they love to win over their human families. Bernese Mountain Dogs are friendly enough to mingle with everyone, even other dogs, yet reserve their most heartfelt affection for their closest humans.

Boston Terrier


The Boston Terrier, an American original and a jewel among small family dogs, is affectionate and friendly towards family and strangers. This playful breed bursts with energy and loves games and adventures, but once tired, they are the perfect cuddle buddies. However, due to their flat faces, Boston Terriers struggle in hot weather, so extra couch time becomes a necessity to keep them safe and comfortable. But their blend of energy and affection makes every day with them a pleasure!



Dachshunds are experts at snuggling their way into human hearts. These adorable pups like burrowing into bed or couch blankets and creating cozy nests. While their independent personality and fragile backs make them less suitable for homes with children, their bravery and stubbornness add to their unique character. Training them can be challenging, but their affectionate nature ensures they remain loving friends ready to charm their way out of trouble.

Bichon Frise


The Bichon Frise is a blend of energy and affection with its fluffy, cotton-ball appearance. Originating from France, these miniature dynamos adore both playing and cuddling in equal measure. After a fun-filled day at the park, they’re the perfect friends to snuggle up with on the couch. Their need for a company means they prosper in homes where they’re not left alone for long.

English Setter


With its stunning hunting dog lineage, the English Setter might surprise you with its affectionate nature. Bred for both the thrill of the hunt and the tranquility of home cuddles, these dogs are the epitome of sweetness and good temper. They’re fantastic with children and get along well with other dogs, though they might give chase to cats or smaller pets. Always seemingly in a great mood, the English Setter cherishes curling up beside you on the couch, making every moment a delight.

French Bulldog


The French Bulldog has risen to fame, surpassing the ever-popular Labrador Retriever in popularity. Known for their affectionate personality, Frenchies make friends with everyone, be it their families, other pets, or the new neighbors next door. However, they do face significant health challenges, including breathing difficulties, making cuddling a preferred and safe activity for them. Luckily, these delightful dogs are more than happy to spend their time snuggling up.



The Maltese is the perfect choice for those seeking a lap-loving friend. However, don’t be fooled by their prim and proper appearance; these dogs are alert barkers at anything unusual and surprisingly athletic, often excelling in agility trials. Initially reserved, the Maltese warms up to become incredibly affectionate with their family. However, as a toy breed, they might not be the best match for families with small, energetic children.



Surprisingly finding its way onto this list, the shaggy Newfoundland, originally a working dog, has become a beloved family pet. Renowned for their calm and patient demeanor, Newfoundlands show a particular fondness for children, keeping a watchful eye on their small friends. While their sizable presence may be intimidating to some, these dogs are perfect for therapy work. This breed embodies a blend of strength and tenderness that you won’t be able to resist!

German Shepherd Dog


German Shepherds might be reserved with strangers, but their loyalty and devotion to family are unmatched. These perfect working dogs blend intelligence with dedication, always happy to please their humans. When properly socialized, they show gentleness and patience with children. However, their intensity demands an experienced dog owner’s hand. German Shepherds love as fiercely as they protect, thriving on attention and care from their people, making every moment with them special.



One of the oldest and largest breeds, Mastiffs are naturally suspicious of strangers but incredibly affectionate towards their families. Their size can be intimidating, and they need careful socialization and training. However, this breed is not known for its energy, preferring to cuddle happily instead. Mastiffs are calm and patient dogs that do well with children if properly supervised. They’ll gladly take up the entire couch if you let them, leaving it sagging in the middle from their weight.


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