15 Six-Figure Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree


We’ve all heard the phrase, “You must go to college if you want a good job,” countless times. While a college degree can open doors to higher-paying positions, it’s not the only path to financial success. As the job market heats up, many high-paying roles are available to those who’ve pursued certificates, vocational training, apprenticeships, or on-the-job learning. No diploma? No problem. You can still live your dream life while earning a fantastic salary. Here are 15 six-figure jobs that don’t require a college degree.

Real Estate Broker

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Real estate brokers help clients buy, sell, and rent properties. With experience and a good client base, brokers can get six figures through commissions. To succeed in this field, they only need strong sales skills and a decent understanding of the real estate market.

Web Developer

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As a high-demand job, you can work in many agencies and businesses or decide to freelance. While some web developers have a college degree, many successful coders have yet to attend college. A skilled web developer can earn a lot of money for quality websites.

Commercial Pilot 


Pilots fly passenger and cargo planes, including private jets and helicopters. While you don’t need a college degree for this job, you need a high school diploma or equivalent and a commercial pilot certificate. These professionals can make up to six-figure salaries with enough flight training and experience, especially in significant airlines or large cargo companies.

Elevator Installer and Repairer


Despite being an underrated job, elevator installers and repairers make good money assembling, maintaining, and fixing them. They often work in cramped spaces with and around heavy machinery. This job requires an apprenticeship and specialized training. Due to the technical skills needed, experienced professionals get paid a lot, especially on large commercial projects. Although, if you’re afraid of heights, this job might be for someone else.

Air Traffic Controller 


The job of an air traffic controller is quite intense. It requires constant alertness. Air traffic controllers ensure that aircraft enter and exit airspace safely. They monitor and direct aircraft. The training needed for this job is long and rigorous, but it is essential. Because of the critical nature of their work, controllers at busy airports or with experience can achieve six-figure salaries.

Freelance Writer

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A college degree is optional for freelance writers. They write articles, blog posts, product descriptions, website pages, social media posts, and email newsletters, adjusting their language to maintain a consistent voice for the client while appealing to the target audience.  Many websites pay for quality articles, which helps build a portfolio to showcase skills and get more jobs.


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While automation is replacing many jobs, electricians are still in high demand. Electricians install and repair electrical systems. Becoming an electrician can be done without a formal college education. Most people learn through an apprenticeship with a licensed electrician. With experience and certifications, electricians can get high incomes by taking on big projects or starting electrical businesses.

Flight Attendant 

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These are part of the flight crew responsible for passengers’ safety and comfort. To become a flight attendant, you need a high school diploma and customer service experience. The job offers good pay and includes perks like free or discounted airfare. Being a flight attendant helps you save on international and domestic trips if you love to travel.


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Anyone can be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs start and run their businesses. The business’s success usually depends on the business idea, market need, and effective management. Many entrepreneurs reach six-figure incomes by identifying profitable niches and delivering valuable products or services.

IT Security Specialist 

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This role involves protecting and supporting a company’s technology systems. IT security specialists control access to the IT infrastructure, monitor network activity, find vulnerabilities, perform penetration tests, fix errors, and maintain security standards. They also assess the impact of security breaches and resolve issues by evaluating different security risks.  

Sales Manager 


Sales happens everywhere, and this makes it a highly profitable career path. Top sales managers can earn over six figures a year, with many jobs offering good commissions, allowing you to control your earnings. Sales managers lead teams and strategize to meet targets. However, it is essential to have proven sales experience and leadership skills to be successful in this field.

Digital Marketer 

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As a digital marketer, you can make plans and optimize online strategies to promote products and brands using channels like social media, email, search engines, and websites. The aim is to improve brand awareness and generate leads. A high school diploma is required, but having a portfolio of mock or freelance projects is highly valued.  

Construction Manager 


The role involves coordinating with architects, engineers, and contractors and managing schedules and budgets. Many construction managers start as tradespeople and work their way up. As the need for skilled managers grows, those in this field can get six-figure salaries suitable for organized, detail-oriented, and experienced individuals.

UI/UX designer

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Every company with websites and mobile apps wants them to look attractive and be easy to use. This demand creates many job opportunities for UI/UX designers. Making the user experience smooth and efficient is very important for companies today. Being a UI/UX designer requires having a good sense of design and blending looks with practicality. You can become a designer by attending boot camps and taking online courses.

Commercial Diver


Special, long-term training and certification are required for this job, but not a college degree. Divers can work in various settings, from oil rigs to underwater pipelines, and often get a lot of money due to the skills and risks involved. The job is physically demanding and adventurous, and it appeals to those who love the water and seek a hands-on career.


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