10 Signs Someone Secretly Hates You

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Who hasn’t felt betrayed by someone they thought was a friend? Perhaps you’ve noticed some strange behaviors from them, like making mean comments or always acting like they’re the victim. It’s important to figure out if their actions are just temporary or if they might actually dislike you and hold some hostility towards you. Here are the signs someone secretly hates you!

They Fake Friendly Vibes

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Ever feel like someone is putting on a fake smile around you? Well, it might be a sign of hidden resentment. When people genuinely like you, their smiles come naturally, without any need for forced expressions. If someone is secretly harboring negative feelings, that super-forced smile might just be a cover for the annoyance bubbling beneath the surface.

They Exhibit Closed-Off Body Language

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When someone truly dislikes you, their body language often reveals it. Pay close attention, and you’ll notice the difference. Those who genuinely like you tend to lean in when talking to you and maintain eye contact. They have open and inviting body language. Conversely, those who harbor negative feelings may show closed-off body language, like crossing their arms or legs around you.

They Always Cancel Plans

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Imagine you get invited somewhere or invite someone, and they agree. Awesome, right? But what if they keep canceling plans or only invite you at the last minute, over and over again? It’s not just bad luck. When someone isn’t too keen on you, spending time together won’t be a priority for them. Sure, life can throw unexpected curveballs, and occasional changes in plans happen. But if it keeps happening – it’s a red flag.

They Make Sarcastic Remarks

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Surprisingly, sarcasm can have a positive side. Some people find it amusing and even view sarcastic people as pretty smart. Usually, sarcasm is just used to crack jokes and make people laugh. But if someone uses it often, especially towards you, it might mean they’re not too fond of you. According to psychology, sarcasm can be a form of bullying. Though it’s often harmless – it can sometimes make someone feel silly.

They Skillfully Avoid Your Presence

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When someone doesn’t like you, they tend to avoid you. You’ll notice they create physical distance while talking to you and struggle to stay still when you’re around. Whether they’re aware of it or not – this behavior can be a clear sign of their feelings towards you. If you sense someone actively avoiding your presence, it might indicate they’re not too fond of you.

They Make Conversations Feel Forced

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When two people enjoy each other’s company, talking feels easy. But you’ll notice if someone feels like they have to speak, even though they don’t really want to. They might only say short answers or get annoyed when you ask them stuff. They keep the conversation basic, only saying what they have to and nothing extra.

They Don’t Support You Publicly

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While social media isn’t the boss of our friendships, it can offer some hints. If you’ve got a friend actively engaging with other people’s posts but consistently ignoring yours, it’s not a tech glitch—they’re deliberately choosing not to acknowledge your content. It’s like they’ve decided to keep their support on the down low because, well, privately, they’re not too keen on you.

They Engage in Backbiting

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When someone starts being two-faced, it’s like a big red flag that they’re not a fan of yours. You used to trust them with your secrets, but now it feels like they could spill the beans anytime. And, if they casually throw you under the bus without a second thought, it’s a clear sign they’re not wishing you well – in fact, they might be carrying some spiteful feelings.

They Show Condescending Behavior

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If you’re always finding yourself in a battle of wits with someone who talks down to you, chances are they’re not the best friend material. Genuine friends don’t need to belittle you to feel good about themselves. Instead, they support you, making you feel valued and respected. So, if you’re spending more time crafting comebacks than enjoying meaningful conversations, it might be time to reconsider whether this person truly belongs in your circle of friends.

They Don’t Celebrate Your Success

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Check out the crowd when you hit a milestone in life. If you notice someone’s energy takes a nosedive when you score a fantastic job, start a positive relationship, or receive well-deserved praise, there might be some serious resentment brewing. It’s like they can’t handle your success and are letting their negative feelings show. Surround yourself with those who really celebrate your wins, and leave those who can’t muster up a sincere round of applause.