15 Relationship Red Flags You Should Run From

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It’s important to know the signs that something might be wrong in a relationship. Before dealing with these signs, you must know what they are and why they’re not good. Sometimes, people think these signals are just normal, but they can actually lead to some serious trouble—like feeling bad about yourself or even getting hurt. Here are the relationship red flags you should run from.

Your partner is controlling

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Keep an eye out for those who want to control every little thing in your relationship. If someone’s always trying to dictate what you do, where you go, or even what you believe—it’s a clear sign they’re more focused on themselves than on you. Whether it’s about your wardrobe or hangout spots, this behavior is a big red flag.

Your partner has trust issues

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Trust is like the solid ground on which everything stands. When people in your life, whether they’re partners, friends, coworkers, or family, don’t trust you, it can make things rocky. It’s normal to have doubts occasionally, but they shouldn’t get in the way of trusting each other to do what’s right. Faith goes both ways in healthy relationships.

Your partner is contributing to low self-esteem

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The folks closest to you should be your cheerleaders, not your critics. When you care about someone, you’re there to help them shine and succeed. If you’re not getting that encouragement from your partner, family, or friends, it’s a big sign things aren’t right. Maybe your partner doesn’t want you to grow, or perhaps they want to keep you down—it’s a major warning sign.

Your partner may engage in relationship abuse

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When someone hurts you physically, emotionally, or mentally in a relationship, it’s a big warning sign. While it’s easier to spot physical abuse, emotional abuse can be super harmful in the long term. Like physical mistreatment—mental and emotional abuse can cause lasting trauma. Nobody should ever blame you for their own issues. Abuse is never okay—it’s never the right way to handle things.

Your partner shows signs of substance misuse

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When someone is dealing with substance abuse in a relationship, it’s a major warning sign. It shows they might have trouble controlling their impulses and might be stuck in harmful habits. Depending on what they’re using—any relationship can become unhealthy if addiction is involved. But it’s essential to remember that substance abuse is an illness, and your partner might need support to get better.

Your partner exhibits narcissistic traits

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Dealing with someone who has narcissistic personality disorder can be very tough. They’re really into themselves and think they’re the most important thing ever. If anyone challenges that idea, it often leads to a lot of drama and trouble. Being close to someone like this can be really draining and even cause lasting emotional harm. They’ll always put their own needs first—without much consideration for yours.

Your partner has anger problems

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When someone you’re close to struggles with controlling their anger, it can make you feel scared or in danger when things get heated. Trouble handling emotions like this is a big warning sign in any relationship. We should all feel safe enough to talk about tough stuff with our partners or friends without worrying about getting hurt. Whether it’s a guy or a girl, using anger to scare or control others is not okay—it’s toxic behavior.

Your partner exposes you to codependency risks

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Being overly dependent on each other in a relationship might not seem wrong initially, but it can lead to serious problems. Codependency can be like a cycle that wears you out emotionally and mentally. It happens when two people rely only on each other for everything—from feelings to support—even excluding others. This can make it hard to grow individually and can strain other relationships.

Your partner tends to avoid conflict

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Some might believe that avoiding conflict keeps the relationship safe, but this often leads to hidden hostility over time. Even though it’s not easy, facing conflicts in a positive way is vital for any relationship. If we don’t deal with tough stuff openly, important issues never get sorted out. This can build up resentment and drain our energy.

Your partner displays jealousy

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Feeling a bit jealous when your partner or friend spends time with others is okay. But letting jealousy take over isn’t okay. If someone is always jealous of your other relationships, it’s a big sign they care more about themselves than your happiness. It points to some serious control problems and insecurity on their part.

Your partner engages in gaslighting

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Gaslighting is a sneaky way some people try to control others, and it’s a big warning sign in relationships. It’s a form of emotional abuse where they mess with your head, making you doubt yourself or feel like you’re going crazy. Even if you haven’t done anything wrong—they’ll still try to make you feel guilty. If you notice this happening in your relationship, it’s definitely not okay.

Your partner lacks emotional awareness

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Emotional intelligence means being able to understand and handle feelings well. When someone lacks emotional intelligence—they struggle to recognize or understand your emotions. This can lead to arguments or even manipulation because they don’t get where you’re coming from. Sometimes, they might not even realize they did something wrong, so they blame you instead of taking responsibility.

Your partner is straining relationships with family & friends

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Family and friends often make up our support network, giving us a sense of belonging. If someone in your life is messing with your bonds with these important people, it’s a big warning sign. Good relationships shouldn’t make you sacrifice other healthy connections. Whether it’s about your family or close friends—your partner should never force you to break a connection with them.

Your partner struggles with communication

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When someone doesn’t want to talk openly about important issues, it can be a very big warning sign in a relationship. Not everyone finds it easy to communicate, and things like fear of confrontation or feeling vulnerable can make it pretty tough. But if your partner isn’t willing to even give it a shot, it could mean trouble ahead.

Your partner shows signs of social isolation

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Not everyone has a big group of friends, and that’s totally okay. Some folks struggle to connect with others due to things like shyness or social anxiety. But if your partner doesn’t have any friends or close relationships—it could be a warning sign. It might mean they’re dealing with some serious psychological issues that you should be aware of.