Popular British Restaurant Gets Trendy Facelift

distant view of dining area

Originating in South Africa, Portuguese-style restaurant, Nando’s, is known for keeping their establishments stylish and up to date. When it was time for the chain’s West Essex location to be remodeled, the company called on Block 1: Design to complete the project. The firm immediately went to work to give Nando’s a stunning update which “required gutting the interior of all its finishes and seating in order to design a new layout and space.

The concept pays homage to the brand’s African roots while bringing forth moments of British design.” The end result consists of beautiful open spaces that brilliantly utilize fun pops of color. Cool modern light fixtures can also be found throughout the restaurant, and there are plenty of seating options for diners to choose from. Not only can guests enjoy a nice meal, but they can do it in style. Check out this beautifully remodeled Nando’s designed by Block 1: Design.

main dining area with wood ceilings

A colorful interior makes this restaurant feel inviting and comfortable.

simple dining area with round lights

Round hanging lamps can be found throughout the dining area which adds to the space’s unique look and feel.

dining area with wall pattern

Lot of fun touches, including wall art and colorful patterns, are sure to add a little extra oomph to the overall dining experience.

dining area with cool red light fixture

With several seating options available, this booth area boasts a series of modern light fixtures that almost resemble street lights.

open dining area with long tables

A large open design allows for diners to feel connected while still being able to enjoy their own private experiences in the space.

large modern light fixture

Natural light plays an important role in this design, and this large circular window allows light to easily pass through.

images via design-milk.com

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