Modern French Office Space Designed To Blend In With Its Natural Surroundings

exterior view of mont-blanc base camp

Let’s be honest, most office buildings are usually pretty unattractive both inside and out. However, this brand new office space in France might just be a game changer. Designed by Kengo Kuma and Associates, this modern office building called Mont-Blanc Base Camp, is absolutely incredible. According to the project’s description, “the façade of the building is almost like the trees in the wood, as it consists of thick, unskinned panels of oak.

The roof is also composed of the unskinned planks.” While the structure’s exterior is certainly captivating, the interior is equally as appealing. Following the recent trend in open office spaces, the design features very few falls and has an especially spacious design. Since Blue Ice, the company that is housed in the building, specializes in outdoor sports products, the open design can definitely help employees be more efficient on the job. With a set up like this, doing work will feel a little less like work and a lot more like fun.

Take a look at Mont-Blanc Base Camp by Kengo Kuma and Associates.

exterior side view

From the side, it is very easy to see how this structure was made to resemble trees in the woods. While the design seems simple, it still manages to be stunning.

interior view of office space with furniture

Although there aren’t many walls in this space, most of the walls that are present are made of glass which allows the space to still maintain an open atmosphere.

second floor of office with open design

A two-story design allows for plenty of space on both floors.

office space with built-in shelving

Since this is an office space, more traditional style work spaces can be found. Built-in shelving is also a nice touch to bring in some easily accessible storage space.

modern floating staircase

Two floating staircases connect both floors and bring in nice elements of modern design.

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