This Modern Beauty Parlor In Japan Boasts A Beautiful Design

up close exterior view of gold building

Who doesn’t love to look and feel good? There’s something about looking good on the outside that can make you feel like a new person. That’s why beauty salons are important. But while going to a beauty salon is a great experience in general, how much more would you enjoy it if the facility itself was beautiful too? That’s exactly what Archivision Hirotani Studio was going for with the design of Fujitsubo Beauty Parlor in Japan. Built in 2009, the structure has a stunning gold facade that is sure to turn heads. As a description of the project states, “The building has three
roof openings which pours light into the interior and, which, by slit-like openings in the floor is led into the floors below, reaching the ground floor, which in turn can be seen from the street level through its large glass windows.” Inside, the space has a minimalist design that consists of white walls and floors. Take a look at Fujitsubo Beauty Parlor by Archivision Hirotani Studio.

front exterior view of building

It’s not every day that you see a building that actually shines. However, the Fujitsubo Beauty Parlor has a unique design that allows it to stand out among the other buildings in the area.

exterior view of gold building

Copper sheets cover the outside of the building, and the shape was deliberate and thoughtful. As the description states, the building was designed in the shape of a “barnacle”.

interior view of beauty parlor

Almost in the exact opposite of the exterior, the interior has a simple white design that includes skylights.

all white interior with white staircase

A white staircase helps people easily move between the different levels of the beauty parlor.

interior with black accent chairs

Although the interior is all white, black accent chairs help to switch things up a little.

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