20 Mistakes Women Often Make In Relationships

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Building a strong and happy relationship takes time and effort. Mistakes are totally normal in relationships because we’re all human and still learning. Plus, everyone is different, so misunderstandings can happen. Some mistakes can hurt your partner and might be hard to fix. Here are the mistakes women often make in relationships.

Trying to make your partner change

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Some people feel uneasy when others force them to change their habits. It can feel like their flaws are being thrown in their faces, which can be a real downer. This is a common mistake women make with men. The best approach to helping someone change is to do it with kindness. Offering helpful advice works better than pointing out faults harshly. It’s not fair to judge someone solely based on their flaws.

Ignoring your partner’s efforts

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Keeping your relationship joyful means showing appreciation for each other. When your partner does something nice for you, it’s super important to recognize their effort and think about ways to repay their kindness. Sometimes, women might not realize the effort their partner puts in, so they might overlook it. Whether it’s a small gesture or a big one—taking the time to thank your partner encourages them to keep doing nice things for you.

Getting jealous of others around your partner

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Feeling a little bit jealous in a relationship is pretty normal—it shows you care about your partner. But when it gets out of control, it can cause problems. This is a common dating mistake women make. But that’s not fair because before you came along, your partner had other people in their life, like friends and co-workers. It’s okay if your partner is close to some of them—it doesn’t mean they care less about you.

Not giving your partner space

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Before you started dating, you had your own life with things to do, and your partner did too. It’s super important not to smother your partner and expect them to focus only on your relationship because that’s not healthy. Even though your relationship is important—it’s okay for both of you to have your own space. Let your partner hang out with their buddies and enjoy their hobbies.

Neglecting self-care

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Once in a relationship, some women might start feeling secure that their partner isn’t going anywhere. But it’s crucial to keep things fresh. Wearing something sexy at home or taking care to smell nice and look neat can remind your partner that you’re still the same person they fell for. Plus, it boosts your own confidence, too. Making these efforts becomes a habit that keeps your relationship exciting and reaffirms your bond.

Being passive-aggressive

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Passive aggression involves staying silent when you’re upset or mad—and it’s something some women do that can really bother their partners. Instead of keeping your feelings hidden, it’s better to talk about them when your partner notices something’s wrong. Dealing with passive aggression takes a lot of energy, and your partner might start to tune out if they feel like you’re always in a bad mood.

Involving others in your relationship

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Conflicts are normal in relationships, and usually, it’s best to work them out together or with the help of a counselor if needed. But bringing in other people to solve your problems isn’t a bright idea. They might give you advice that could make things worse. It’s super important to keep your relationship matters between you and your partner to maintain trust and avoid misunderstandings.

Always being in a bad mood and complaining

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In relationships, it’s very important to steer clear of negativity—especially when it comes to handling disagreements. Constantly shooting down your lover’s ideas or opinions can create tension. Remember, both of you play a role in making the relationship work, so it’s unlikely that one person will always be right. If you disagree with your partner, there are better ways to express it than being negative.

Not inspiring your partner

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People like feeling inspired, especially by those they love, because it encourages them to do better. It’s very important to live a life that motivates your partner to appreciate you. If you stay the same while your partner grows, they might lose interest. So, as your partner works on themselves—focus on your own growth too. In a relationship, it’s good for both people to improve together.

Thinking your relationship isn’t as good as others’

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Comparing your partner to others can really hurt your relationship. Some women make this mistake when they don’t appreciate their relationship enough. Remember, nobody’s perfect, and it’s okay if your partner doesn’t have every quality you want. Trying to make them like someone else won’t help. It might just make them pretend to be someone they’re not just to please you.

Not realizing how important you are

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Some women go for guys who are already taken, or they’re drawn to the “bad boy” type. Some put up with behavior that’s not okay, while others don’t stand up for what they deserve. If you see yourself doing any of these things, it’s a big sign that you need to recognize your own worth in order to have healthy relationships.

Flirting with someone else to make your partner upset

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Flirting or going on dates with other guys to make your partner jealous can seriously hurt their trust in you. If you keep doing it, your partner might stick around for physical stuff but won’t ever trust you enough for a real commitment—unless he’s clueless! Flirting with others is just plain wrong in any relationship. It shows immaturity, rudeness, and a lack of respect.

Putting other things before spending time with your partner

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Life can get super busy, and sometimes, we need to remember to give our relationships the attention they need. But it’s pretty clear that relationships need effort to stay strong. Ignoring your relationship can really damage it—and it’s not the only thing that suffers. Putting other things like kids, work, family, hobbies, and friends before your partner can make them feel unimportant. Don’t fall into this trap that lots of women do.

Expecting your partner to make you feel happy all the time

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If you’re waiting for a relationship to boost your confidence or bring you joy, it might always feel out of reach. You can’t rely on someone else for that—it has to come from within. People who feel fulfilled in life are often content outside of them, too. Focus on nurturing your own sense of fulfillment and self-respect, regardless of your relationship status. That’s the key to finding true satisfaction.

Using hugs and kisses to control your partner

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You don’t have to get physical if you’re not ready for it. But using physical affection to control or manipulate your partner is a very bad move that can seriously hurt your relationship. Keep things honest and skip the mind games. You might win a date, but you’ll likely lose their love in the end.

Not understanding what your partner wants or needs

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Men and women are different in some key ways. To have good relationships—it’s super important to understand what men need and want. Treating your guy like you treat your girlfriends won’t lead to a strong and lasting romantic relationship with him. Here’s what to do instead: Pay attention to what he likes and doesn’t like so you’ll know how to make him happy.

Wanting too much from your partner

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Fairy tales and romantic movies often give women unrealistic ideas about love, relationships, and their partners. But real life isn’t like that. Men are human, just like you, and relationships can be messy. They might not always feel like a big fireworks display. If you find yourself disappointed by men a lot, take an honest look at your expectations. Are they realistic for real life?

Not talking openly with your partner

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Keeping your thoughts and frustrations to yourself might seem like you’re avoiding conflict, but it’s actually hurting your relationship. It’s important to talk openly with your boyfriend or husband about how you feel and listen to what he has to say, too. This builds trust and understanding between you both and helps you better meet each other’s needs.

Bringing up past relationships

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Women often focus on comparing themselves physically to their partner’s ex. But men are usually more worried about loyalty and trust. If a woman talks a lot about her ex, a man might think she still has feelings for him. This makes it hard for her to fully commit to the new relationship. Plus, discussing past relationships can trigger a man’s instinct to protect his partner—like a lion guarding its territory in the wild.

Badmouthing your partner

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Nothing hurts a man’s trust in a woman, like finding out she’s been talking badly about him to others. Constructive discussions focus on what’s good about your man and your relationship—and how you can make them even better. Destructive talks, on the flip side, only focus on what’s wrong and how you can get what you want, which can really damage trust and loyalty.