Why Listing Your Home In The Winter Pays Off

Snow And High Winds Hit The UK

Statistics show that spring is the best time to list a home. It is the time when most people are looking to buy. Spring is the time for a fresh new start. It is the best time of year because it will give buyers time to close on the home, move in, and then have a chance to get settled in time for children to start the new school year in their new home. It is also the best time to sell the home above the list price and sell within 30 days of being on the market. If spring isn’t the best time of year for you to list your house, you should consider putting your house on the market during the winter. According to recent statistics, it is the second best time of year to sell for a few reasons.

You Can Expect Serious Buyers

During the spring, 18.7 percent of the homes sold for more than the asking price. During the winter, 17.5 percent of the homes are sold above the asking price. During the winter, you may not get as many people coming to see your home, however, the ones that you do get are going to be serious. People that are looking during the winter often need to move quickly, therefore, you will often get serious buyers only.

Wintertime Means Higher Offers and Quick Closings

Since a person is looking to buy a home during the winter, they likely want to move quickly. Because of this, most buyers won’t make an offer that is much less than the asking price. Serious buyers will often come in at the asking price or higher. When a person needs to move quickly, they won’t want to deal with going back and forth making offers. Since these winter buyers need to move, they will often want to close quickly. These are two things that can make selling your home very easy.

During the Winter There Is Less Competition From Other Sellers

If you decide to put your home on the market during the spring, which is the busiest time of year, you can expect several other homes that look just like yours to go on the market as well. This type of competition can make selling your home more difficult. If you put your home on the market during the winter, you won’t have as much competition from other sellers. It is definitely a great way to get your home sold quickly.

Fall Isn’t the Best Time of Year

As mentioned above, most buyers with children want to close so that their kids can start school at the beginning of the year. Selling in fall doesn’t make that possible. When you list in the winter, buyers will have the spring and summer to close and move, allowing them to be in the home by the time school starts. Another reason that the fall season is a bad time of year is because the holidays are right around the corner. Most buyers don’t have time during the holiday season to go house hunting. If you list in the winter, the holidays will have passed and people are ready to buy.

People Have More Money To Spend During the Winter

It is best to sell when buyers have a sudden influx of cash. This will make it possible for them to come up with the down payment, closing costs, and other financial responsibilities that go along with buying a house. Selling during the fall season is a bad idea since most buyers are spending their extra money on holiday gifts, meals, parties, etc. If you sell during the winter, buyers will be getting their income tax refund checks. What better way to spend the extra money than on buying a house?

Weather Isn’t Really a Concern to Serious Buyers

Many sellers who live in areas where the winters are cold and snowy believe that selling during poor weather is a bad idea. Recent statistics show that this isn’t true. Take Boston, Massachusetts for instance. The New England winters are famous for being brutal. The percentage of houses that were off the market for 30 days was 29% in the spring, 26.9% in the winter, 24.7% in the summer, and 24.2% in the fall. If the weather were actually a factor, the winter percentage would be much lower than spring and summer. Long Island, New York is another example. The winters there are brutal as well, and in the spring, the percentage of homes that were off the market in 30 days was 15.7%. It is followed closely by winter, which was 14.5%. Next was summer, with 34.2% and finally, fall came in at 13.5%. These statistics go to show you that when a buyer is really serious, the weather is not an issue.

Winter Provides the Best Curb Appeal

If you are putting your home on the market during the spring and summer, you need to make sure that your grass is cut and your garden is weeded. If you list during the fall, you need to worry about raking leaves every day to make the property look as nice as possible. During the winter, you can count on a nice covering of snow on the lawn and even some twinkly lights during the holidays. Most homes look their best during the winter.

Sell During the Winter if Your Home Has a Winter Atmosphere

If your home has a fireplace, a wood burning stove, or if it is just really cozy, the winter could be the best time to sell. When potential buyers come in, you can have a nice fire going, furry blankets over the couches, and apple pie candles burning. This will give the buyer the opportunity to see how great your home look and feel during the winter. If you have a relatively boring backyard, winter is the time to sell.

There is more to selling your home than making it look its best. You also need to put your home on the market at the best time. If you sell during the winter, you can make your home and yard look better, there won’t be as much competition, and you will only get interested buyers who have money in their pockets. Overall, selling during the winter is your best bet.

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