15 Items In Your House That Could Be Worth A Ton Of Money


By now, you’ve probably heard about the 1943 penny, valued at nearly $282,000, that might be in your possession. In light of this, we believe it’s time to organize your closet and look between your couch cushions for some unexpectedly valuable objects you may not even know you own! Check some of these listed items out!!

Vintage Comic Books


That dusty stack of comic books in the attic might be more than childhood memories. First editions or comics featuring the debut of iconic characters can sell for thousands. For example, a copy of Action Comics No. 1, which introduced Superman, once sold for over $3 million.

Retro Video Games

Die Schreibfabrik/Wikipedia

Remember those old video games you used to play for hours? Some of those cartridges and consoles are now collectors’ items. An unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. recently fetched an impressive $660,000 at auction. Vintage games and consoles can have a high market value depending on their condition and whether they are in a box.

Antique Furniture

Andreas Praefcke/Wikipedia

Grandma’s old dresser or that vintage chair in the corner could be worth a pretty penny. Auction houses make a lot of money for certain types of antique furniture, especially those made by famous makers. Look for unique features like intricate carvings or original hardware.

Classic Vinyl Records


If you’ve got a collection of vinyl records gathering dust, it’s time to look closer. The first pressings of iconic albums by legendary artists like The Beatles or Elvis Presley hold very high-value today. A rare Beatles album once sold for $790,000. Watch out for more uncommon records, such as those created and withdrawn.

Old Coins

Tilemahos Efthimiadis/Wikimedia

Those coins you found in a forgotten drawer might be worth more than their face value. Rare and antique coins are precious, particularly in good condition. Since pre-1920, sixpences have been composed of 92.5% silver, and collectors are interested in everything related to Queen Victoria’s Jubilee or anything from before 1920

Vintage Jewelry


Inherited jewelry can be more than just sentimental pieces. You can make some good money by selling vintage and antique jewelry. Moreover, if they feature unique designs or rare gemstones, you might not realize you are missing out on thousands of dollars. A piece of Victorian or Art Deco jewelry might be worth a small fortune.

Rare Books


Look through your bookshelves for first editions or signed copies. You might not have the $2 million original copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland hidden away in your bookshelf. Still, you might have some vintage classics, kid’s books, or valuable college textbooks.

Old Stamps

Mexican Government/Wikipedia

Collecting and studying stamps can be a lucrative hobby. Prices for hundreds of rare stamps, ranging from tens to thousands of dollars, can be found only on eBay. See if you have any wins when you remove your old stamp collection

Vintage Clothing


Fashion pieces from your parents’ era are in great demand these days due to the comeback of retro, mid-century, and vintage styles. Many will pay thousands for a vintage Chanel dress or a pair of rare Levi’s jeans

Antique Instruments

Jo Dusepo/Wikipedia

It’s incredible how valuable old musical instruments can be, especially if they’re still playable. It is often possible to find vintage guitars, violins, and pianos made by famous makers for considerable money. Now you know it is possible to sell a Stradivarius violin for millions of dollars.

Mid-Century Modern Decor


Admired for its intimate and sentimental feel, Mid-Century Modern Decors are returning as a stylish addition to homes. While old pieces of lamps or furniture may not be of much value, some records are! If you’ve got a George Nelson clock or an Eames lying around, you could be sitting on a small fortune.

Vintage Advertising Signs

Basher Eyre/Wikimedia

Before we had pop-up advertisements telling us what to buy, tin signs posted at pubs, restaurants, and petrol stations were a common way for businesses to advertise. And some of these indications can bring in a good chunk of change today. It’s possible that one of these signs ended up in a garage somewhere after a member of your family-owned or worked at a pub. Watch out because that sign for an aluminum drink could end up being your next auto insurance bill.

Vintage Posters

Universal Studios/Wikimedia

If an old movie poster is in good condition and rare, it can be expensive—a poster from the 1931 film Frankenstein sold for over $300,000. Check your attic—you might just find a hidden gem.

Classic Cars

Brian Snelson/Wikimedia

That old car sitting in your garage might be worth a fortune. Some of these classic cars, especially those in good condition or with a unique history, could be worth more than you know. A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO recently sold for $48 million.

Antique Watches

Isabelle Grosjean/Wikimedia

Before discarding any old watches or timepieces, you may have to wait to find out their approximate value. Limited editions or ones with unique features are highly sought-after collector’s items.


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