15 Hidden Movie Messages You Probably Missed


Filmmakers are sometimes goofy, mysterious, or just plain mischievous when it comes to adding hidden elements to their movies. These subtle details, often missed on first viewing, add layers of intrigue and depth for attentive viewers. From cryptic symbols to blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Easter eggs, these hidden gems showcase filmmakers’ creativity and attention to detail. Here are 15 hidden messages you probably didn’t catch in popular movies.

Tarzan (1999)


In the scene where Tarzan’s ape friend Terk is drumming on cutleries, if you pay close attention to the tea set, you can see that they resemble Mrs. Potts and Chip from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”. To highlight the point further, Tantor is seen to fear the tea set coming to life.

Saving Mr. Banks


Portraying Walt Disney, Tom Hanks subtly incorporates historical references with seven unique Oscar statuettes in his office, symbolizing Walt Disney’s prestigious awards for “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”


Photo by TriStar Pictures/TVDBStudio

David Bowie, who stars in the fantastical role of Jareth the Goblin King, hides “hidden” faces throughout several movie scenes. These faces, camouflaged within the film’s intricate set designs and costumes, playfully engage attentive viewers.

Spider-Man: Homecoming


In a subtle literary reference, during a bus trip scene, MJ (played by Zendaya) reads “Invitation to a Beheading” by Vladimir Nabokov. The novel’s protagonist, facing an unjust execution, finds solace in conversations with a spider, echoing MJ’s own contemplative and perhaps rebellious nature.

Reservoir Dogs


After a jewelry store heist goes wrong, suspicion of a police informant simmers among the crew. Later revealed as Mr Orange, the traitor’s identity can be said to have been revealed earlier when their drink choices segregate—Mr Pink and Mr White placed together, and Mr Orange’s bottles distinctly placed.

Forrest Gump


For the quick eye and a sprinkle of controversy, Forrest Gump alluded to a rumored affair of President John F. Kennedy. A photograph of Marilyn Monroe signed “To Jack, with love” in the White House bathroom alludes to the supposed affair.

Aladdin (2019)


In 2019’s Aladdin, during a conversation between Aladdin and Genie in the desert, the magic carpet, imbued with its own personality, playfully constructs a castle out of the sand. When closely observed, the constructed castle is actually a depiction of the Disney logo.



Christopher Nolan’s commitment to visual storytelling and narrative coherence is seen in this movie’s gravity scene. In the heat of the iconic hotel scene where gravity shifts, Ellen Page’s character, Ariadne, ties her hair in a bun. 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


One subtle hint about the Harry Potter universe appears in this movie when a necklace from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is visible in Graves’ vest pocket. This artifact, later given to Credence Barebone in the shape of the Elder Wand, connects the two storylines and hints at deeper ties between characters and magical artifacts across generations.

Guardians of the Galaxy


A detail in this film not only informs the audience about their checkered pasts but also adds depth to their motivations and the dynamics within the eclectic group of misfits turned heroes. Each character’s prison outfit has distinct lines that symbolize their past crimes.



In a post-credits scene of the Aquaman movie, a newspaper headline humorously connects Aquaman to the Wonder Woman universe with the headline “Wonder Woman Nixes Aquaman Dating Rumors.” The playful interaction between these two characters’ worlds adds depth to the DC Extended Universe. 

The Matrix Reloaded


License plates cleverly include shorthand references to religious scriptures in the Matrix trilogy. For instance, Agent Smith’s license plate, marked IS5416, alludes to Isaiah 54:16. Through such elements, the Matrix series establishes itself as a work that offers a complex and thought-provoking exploration of existential themes.

Jurassic Park


Jurassic Park shows one scene during the journey to the island where Dr. Alan Grant faces difficulty with his seat belt, which consists of two same ends. To resolve the issue, he ties them together, an act that humorously mirrors the film’s later theme of adaptation and survival seen with the dinosaurs.

Kill Bill 1


Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill series skillfully conveys defiance towards authority figures and villains. An example of his ingenuity comes during a pivotal act at the House of Blue Leaves, where Uma Thurman’s Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi shoes briefly reveal a bold message on their soles: “FU*K U.” The subtle yet assertive detail makes a memorable statement as Thurman prepares for her epic confrontation against O-Ren Ishii and her ‘Crazy 88’ army.

Black Swan


Amidst Winona Ryder’s melodramatic performance reminiscent of Dynasty-era Joan Collins, fans often overlooked the intricate and Hieronymus Bosch-inspired subliminal imagery. Most of these images are subtly inserted during the film’s club scene, visible only when paused. They include surreal moments like Nina being shadowed by ballet characters, including her own role, and dancing with the theater director, who isn’t physically present in the club.


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