21 Things Only People Who Grew Up In The 70s Will Understand


There are at least 15 things only people who grew up in the 70s will understand. You can try to comprehend it though.

Roller Skates

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You learned to skate on roller skates and not inline skates. You also spent time grooving out with your friends at the roller rink.

Wide-collar shirts 


Add a pair of colorful pants and a pair of large sunglasses, and you’re good to go. Hey, it was a look.

Owning a pet rock


Hey, in the 70s there wasn’t a lot of new technology. People had to make do with what was there. Even so, this is always good for a chuckle.

Cranking The Window Open


If you wanted some fresh air while driving, you had to earn it. No simple pushing of a button, you grabbed that handle and cranked.

Listening to an 8-track


On the plus side, you didn’t need to worry about charging anything. On the downside, the 8-track tapes were bigger than a smartphone.

Inserting a cartridge into an Atari


Some people are still down for a nostalgic gaming experience. In the 70s it wasn’t much, but it was something different.

Kitchens with various colors


Stainless steel wasn’t a huge thing among many people back then. Color was the ‘in’ thing to have.

Shag carpet


Sitting on the floor wasn’t too bad back in the day. Of course, cleaning it was a pain in the rear.

Tigerbeat Magazine


If you were a teen or a pre-teen, you didn’t miss an issue back in those days. If you wanted entertainment news this was one of the best sources.

Charlie’s Angel’s hairdos 


Hey, don’t get judgmental. Remember, people wore Jennifer Aniston’s customary Friends ‘do for a while.

Watching SNL when it was funny


Well, watching it when it was still new and exciting is a better way to say it. When Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, and John Belushi weren’t legends yet.

Data Entry Looked Like This

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You didn’t have a PC or MacBook to help you with data entry. This was it, as boring white card that would be handfed into a mainframe computer. Data entry at it’s finest.

Fawning over the Cassidy brothers


They were kind of like the Jonas brothers back in this time. And yes, for young women they were insanely attractive and popular.

The Gas Crisis

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You worried about running out of gas and how soon you could get a refill. The energy crisis of the seventies was no joke.

The music and the dancing


Some of this has made a comeback in recent years. But some of it is probably best left where it started.

Mood rings


Some people still believe in these things. But back then, a color shift meant something, even if it was just the fact that your body temperature changed.

Your mom’s macrame obsession


If your mother didn’t festoon your home with macrame art, congratulations. Trying to find something to do with this in the decades to come was interesting.

Piling in the old station wagon


A couple of kids in the middle seat, a couple of kids in the back, and mom and dad in the front. It was one of the Vacation movies in the making.

Learning necessary skills from cartoons 


Yes, there was actual educational material placed in cartoons back in the day. Schoolhouse Rock and several other programs tended to the education of children in one way or another.

Mercurochrome was legal in the US


If you grew up in the seventies, you likely encountered Mercurochrome. The use of Mercurochrome to treat cuts and scrapes was widespread and later banned in the United States by the FDA.


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