25 Fun Facts About Ice Cream

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How can a food be fun and delicious at the same time? Colorful, alluring, and sweet as they come. You just can’t get enough of it. It is loved by all, not just because it is soothing, sweet and appealing to multiple senses, but because it is fun and exciting to eat. The amazing thing is that many of us have never bothered to find out how it evolved and why it has come to be an important part of our diet. In case you’re still wondering, I am talking about the much-loved dessert- Ice cream. What if there was no ice cream in the world? How would we spend that playful moment with loved ones or share some time with friends at the park? How would we wrap up a lovely lunch or spend summer afternoons? How would we satisfy that midnight craving that wakes us and takes us straight to the fridge?

Ice cream is more than food. It’s a companion; uplifts the spirit, helps your mood, and helps to build lasting relationships. Ever wondered why the heart skips anytime the lovely dessert is served? Whether it’s a scoop, a cone or a large one-litre bowl, it causes a mouth-watering sensation on the tongue and leaves us asking for more. Several flavors exist today ranging from vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate to the amazing Rocky Road. The excitement just never ends. Here are 25 amazing fun facts about ice cream that you probably didn’t know.

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The Ice Cream Culture has existed since the 5th Century BC

Although not the exact flavored creamy delicacy we enjoy today, but history tells us that ancient Greeks treated themselves to a dessert similar to Ice cream. It is on record that ancient Greeks ate snow mixed with honey and fruits in the market at Athens. Weird right? Exactly my thought.

In fact, it is said that in the 4th century BC, the legendary Alexander the Great enjoyed snow ice mixed with honey and nectar as a favorite treat. As humans learned to make artificial ice, and as further technological advancement led to the invention of the ice cream machine, life became better for lovers of ice cream.

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Milk Suppliers Threaten Strike Action

Arabian Innovators were the first to add Milk to “snow ice” Ice Cream in 900 AD

As the crushed snow ice continued to spread to other cultures including China and modern-day Iran, with each using different recipes such as fruit juices and purees to sweeten their own, other cultures were seeking ways to improve.
The Arabians were the first to add sweetened milk and actual sugar to the ice giving it a sweeter taste and a bulkier substance. This was when we had our first “iced cream” as we know it today, consisting of ice and cream (milk).

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Ice cream became a delicacy for the rich in the 1700s.

Due to the growing spread and popularity of ice cream globally, several recipes began to appear and documented in several languages too. Before long, it began to have an elitist status in America as newer and expensive recipes were introduced.

But that is not all. Ice cream was expensive to make. You needed ice. During this period, you had to carve ice from frozen lakes or haul it down icy mountains. You required laborers to do that. Then you needed to store the ice in ice houses (which had to be made). Also required was salt- plenty of  it – and salt was a luxury at the time. In fact, people used to be paid wages with salt.

When all this cost is put together, we can understand why ice cream was expensive at the time. Thank God for freezers.

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The first Ice Cream Parlor Opens in America in 1776