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25 Foods You Cannot Feed A Dog

Foods You Cannot Feed Dogs

Dogs are a big part of our family. For many of us they are family, like a brother or cousin. We do everything we can to keep our dogs safe and happy. I have two dogs myself, both of them are a year old. One of the most important things to do for our little puppies is to have the right dog food. We do not want to give our dogs food that will hurt them. Sometimes, though, we can have a hard time finding out what foods we cannot give our dogs. As a general rule, the less human food, the better. However, when your little dog stares at you with those pitiful little eyes, you have to share some food. So here is a power point that talks about the worst dog foods that we try to give them, even though they are human foods.

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Yeast Dough

This is not something that you will probably purposely give your dog, but be careful if you are making it. Do not let any of it hit the floor so your dog can find it and eat it. They are good at that. Yeast dough can cause painful gas problems in dogs. This is not something that you will need to take your dog to a vet for, but it is something that will irritate the dog and you as they build up and let out gas.

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bag of popcorn


Popcorn may be something that seems harmless to us. Indeed we can eat popcorn like its nothing. A dog, however, eats at a different pace than we do. If you feed a dog popcorn, not only does it add empty calories, it can also cause dental issues. Not all popcorn kernels get popped. Dogs eat fast, and they will not realize how hard those kernels are. This will cause them to hurt their teeth.

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bottles of vinegar


This one is a controversial one. I actually do not think that a little vinegar is bad, and can actually be good in killing different worms that dogs may get as puppies. The issue is that too much vinegar can cause a dog to have an upset stomach. This is not something that is serious enough to go to the vet over, but it is hard knowing your puppy has an upset stomach. This should go away in a short period of time, so do not freak out when it happens. Your dog will be okay!

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Raw Shrimp

Do not feed your dog raw shrimp. It is very unhealthy for them, as is too much cooked shrimp. Raw shrimp can cause a bacteria build up that could eventually lead to internal damage. This would call for a vet visit quickly. This is rare and probably will not happen unless you give an excessive amount of raw shrimp. This also has an unhealthy amount of carbs that could cause unhealthy weight gain for your puppy.

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onions for sale


This can cause gas problems with your dog. Cats are usually more likely for this happening, but it can happen to dogs as well. The best thing to do is to not feed your dog anything with onions in it. The main thing to watch for if your dog has eaten some onions is how gassy he or she is. She will probably fart quite a lot, but that is okay as it helps relieve the stomach pain. There is usually no need to go to the vet over something like this.

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Chives are related to onions. They have about the same impact as onions do as well. They are a little more dangerous, only because a dog can eat them quicker than ordinary onions. The side effects are the same, so be on the lookout for that. If your dog has eaten too much, and they are in pain for more than an hour it might be best to take them to the vet, just to make sure that everything is okay.

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a bunch of garlic knots


Garlic is also a distant relative of onions and chives. It has the same impact as both of them. I put it lower down though, because most people cut their garlic up. It is vital, if it falls to the floor, to clean it up. Garlic is stronger than onion and chives, and the dog can clean up cut up garlic like it is nothing. If they do, and they get a substantial amount, it is probably a good idea to go ahead and go to the vet, just to be on the safe side.

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Cheese can cause constipation in your dog. That can cause stomach pain and a very upset dog and dog parent. This is more likely to happen to younger dogs, as they are not fully developed yet. If your dog has eaten cheese, you will notice they will have trouble using the bathroom. They will also be bloated, and may be sensitive to touch. If this goes on for more than a day than it is best to go to the vet and get your dog checked out.

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pouring milk into a glass


Milk is much like milk in that it can cause constipation. Milk is a little more dangerous because it is a more pure form of dairy. This means that the dogs are more likely to get more clogged up. The symptoms are the same as it is with cheese, and the same applies with the vet.

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man drinking from coconut

Coconut Products

Coconut products can cause diarrhea in your dog. Coconut in small amounts is fine, but it is not recommended to do too much. If your dog has taken in these products, they will have diarrhea pretty bad. It is important to make sure your dog stays hydrated. If the diarrhea keeps up for 12 hours, it’s best to take your dog to the vet. You do not want them dehydrating.

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bottles of coconut water

Coconut Water

I made this on a separate number because it comes with separate kind of issues. Coconut water has too much potassium in it to be okay for dogs. Potassium can harm the dog’s kidneys. Signs of potassium overdose is vomiting, excessive urine, and throwing up. If this happens it is vital that you take your dog to the vet immediately. This could kill your dog if you do not.

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two oranges hanging from tree

Citrus Fruits

These have the potential to be dangerous for dogs. However, most of the time it is not that harmful. In small amounts it will cause your dog to have an upset stomach. If this happens, it’s a good idea to make sure your dog drinks some water and uses the bathroom when it’s time. On the rare occasion your dog does get a hold of a lot of citrus fruit, it can be very dangerous. It can cause the central nervous system to slow down. Your dog will lose his energy and get weak. He may stop eating. Take him to the vet immediately if this happens.

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yummy cinnamon roll dough


Cinnamon can be dangerous on a dog’s health. It usually only irritates their mouth and throat, but after about thirty minutes it goes away. However, if too much cinnamon is ingested, it can lower your dog’s sugar level. It can also raise or lower the heart rate. If this happens, be sure to give the dog some water and keep him calm. Try to get to the vet as soon as possible.

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corn on the cob

Corn on the Cob

Most dog food has corn in it. If it did not, I would have put this higher on the list. It is lower, though, because I wanted to stress that this type of corn should never be fed to dogs. It can cause constipation. If this constipation keeps up for more than a day, be sure to contact a vet. Also, make sure your dog drinks enough water, as this can help clear her out.

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Meat with Bones 

This is very dangerous for dogs. I never knew this until I got with my wife. Dogs eat really fast, and tend to not chew up their food. This causes a choking hazard for you puppies. If your dog does end up eating meat with bones in them, just keep watch of them and make sure they do not choke. If they do, pat their back a little hard to get the bone out.

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a bunch of avocados


This would not be much of a problem if dogs were not allergic so much. It is a hit and miss with what dogs are allergic and which ones are not. It is best to not risk it. If your dog does get a hold of one, signs of allergic reactions are tremors, sweating, and weakness. If this is happening it is vital you take your dog to the vet. It could kill them.

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peaches for sale


These fruits have pits in them that can cause your dog to have constipation. If this happens, do not worry, and make sure your dog drinks plenty of water. If it last more than a day then contact a vet. However, peaches also have a very small amount of cyanide. This is poisonous to dogs and should be avoided!

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Apricots are related to the peaches in some ways. They have the same effect as peaches. I put them lower in the list because they are smaller, and therefore easier for your dog to eat quicker. This makes cyanide poisoning easier to happen. Cyanide poisoning is fatal. It will cause your dog to throw up and get weak and shake. Make sure to give the dog drinks water and get to the vet immediately as cyanide works quickly on the body.

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freshly picked plums


Again, plums have a close effect to what apricots and peaches have. They are lower on the list because of their size, and dogs can eat them a lot quicker than what they would a peach or apricot. Remember, this can cause constipation and can be potentially fatal if too much is taken in by your dog.

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cans of raisins


Raisins can lead to kidney failure. We do not know why they can do that, but they can. If your dog has eaten some raisins, it is important to contact your vet and watch your dog’s behavior. If they do not pee, or is peeing too much, this could mean that the kidneys are not working right. It is vital that you get to a vet in a case like that, and let them handle the situation.

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cracked open raw egg

Raw Eggs

Not only eggs really, but any raw food. Raw eggs have the potential to cause problems later down the road with coating and fir problems. It also has a chance of getting salmonella. This bacteria could kill your dog pretty quickly, so it is important to make sure you contact a vet if your dog eats raw eggs.

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table salt sign


It is very important to not give your dog salty foods. These can cause kidney problems in your dog. If your dog does eat salty food, be sure to watch how much they pee. If they do not do it a lot, or they do it too much, you need to take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.

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big bags of sugar


Sugary foods are dangerous for your dog. It leads to diabetes in your dog, as well as obesity. This may not happen right off, but over the course of time it can cause issues. The best thing to do is to make sure your dog does not eat sugary foods.

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Chocolate has an ingredient in it that is poisonous to dogs. Just a little bit can kill your dog. This can be sudden or it can build up over time. If your dog eats chocolate I suggest contacting a vet immediately. Watch for vomiting, shaking, and weakness. These can be signs of poisoning.

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pot full of hot coffee


It is important to not give coffee to a dog. The effects are the same as chocolate, but coffee will boost metabolism, which will cause the effects to happen more quickly. If your dog takes in coffee watch for the signs, and take them to the vet immediately if your dog experiences them.

These are some of the foods you should not give to your dogs. I suggest to not give any human food to dogs, but these are the main ones. Stay healthy and take care of your dog!

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Written by Camille Moore

Camille has a master's degree from Saint Joseph University's Writing Studies program. Her writing has been published on several websites, and she enjoys writing articles and short stories in her spare time. You can follow Camille on Twitter @CamealAshley.