Was Flip Or Flop A Total Lie From The Very Beginning?

If you are a fan of HGTV’s Flip or Flop, chances are you have heard the news about Tarek and Christina El Moussa’s marriage falling apart. If you have been watching the show regularly, the fact that the couple is divorcing is a complete shock. On television, they seemed like the perfect couple. According to the show, they met in 2008 when they worked together in a real estate office. After the housing market crashed, the couple decided to start flipping houses full-time. For them, it was a win-win. They could fix up the houses and because they were both real estate agents, and they could sell the homes themselves. In 2011, a friend of Tarek’s made an audition tape for HGTV. It chronicled the couple’s journey of flipping houses. HGTV liked what they saw, and in 2013, the show debuted.

Why was it a Success?

People liked a few things about this show. First, they liked to see a home go from something that was dated and in some cases unlivable, to the couple turning the home into a stylish high-end home that they often are able to sell for over $400,000. The second thing that people love about the show is the family itself. Tarek and Christina often bicker about design plans and budgets and audiences find it sweet as well as authentic. Also, from time to time we get to see their adorable children. They have a 6-year-old daughter named Taylor Reese and a son named Brayden James, who is 16 months old.

Finally, the show was real. There were some shows where the couple made a profit. There were some where they lost money. There are also some shows where the house that they were trying to flip did not sell and they let you know at the end. Also, it took them a reasonable period of time to complete each project. There were other flipping shows on HGTV that were unrealistic. Each house was clearly staged to make it look worse than it was. The timeline for the project was always impossible to meet, but somehow, the flipper always met the deadline. Also, every single house on the show was sold and made the flipper a huge profit. It just wasn’t realistic.  Not the case for Flip or Flop.

People also got attached to the family like they knew them through some very touching moments. During the last season, Christina was pregnant with Brayden. While filming, the season, fans were able to watch her pregnancy progress. In 2013, a nurse was watching the show and she spotted a lump on Tarek’s throat and she sent him a letter. She stated that ti could be cancer and that he should get checked. When he did, he found out that it was cancer. Thankfully, he had the tumor removed before the cancer spread and it saved his life. HGTB even made a video about it and posted it on their website. It was actually very touching and many fans admitted that it brought a tear to their eye. It is these personal things in the family’s life that made viewers fall in love with their family.

So when did it become fake?

Sadly, everything that we have seen from the family and Tarek and Christina’s life together has been fake since May. Many people are angry at the producers of Flip or Flop for not saying anything sooner. The whole premise of the show is a family joining together to be financially successful. After finding out that the relationship has been a lie since before season 6 even aired left plenty of people hurt and upset.

The story of the breakdown of the marriage has been confusing since the pair announced their split on December 12, 2016. According to the couple, they faced many challenges in their marriage like most married couples do. They also cited a misunderstanding that happened 6 months before they announced their separation. TMZ told us a bit more about the incident. According to TMZ, the police were called to the couple’s home after Tarek ran from the property with the gun. Christina also left the home and she was crying. When Tarek was tracked down by the police he said that he had left with the gun to blow off some steam. When this story broke, we were still watching episodes where the couple seemed as happy as ever.

During this time, it was reported the Tarek was having an affair with the nanny and Christina was having an affair with one of the contractors on the show. If it were up to HGTV, the story never would have broke. The couple would continue going on like a happy family flipping houses together and raising their kids together. Instead, HGTV is trying to pay it off like things are fine and fans don’t like the charade.

Most people understand that reality television is not always true reality. However, a big part of the show’s success was the fact that we loved Tarek and Christina. Fans rooted for the couple as house flippers and as a married couple. Sadly, we found out that week after week, while we saw them being great parents and joking together and being loving, the marriage was actually falling apart.

What’s Next?

Because the couple’s contract with HGTV isn’t up yet, the couple will keep filming until it ends. Many people believe that they should let them out of the contract now and end it all. Nothing was worse than the promotions that aired before Christmas, which had a Christmas theme and showed the family being happy and celebrating together. In reality, the couple was no longer together and according to reports, they were both already dating someone else. Even if HGTV was going to keep airing shows, they should have avoided showing the promotions. The truth was out and these happy, Christmas promotions that showed them as a loving family were fake.

Fans didn’t like this at all. The longer Flip or Flop is allowed to go on, the more audiences will struggle to get behind other HGTV shows. We are very sad about the end of Tarek and Christina’s relationship, but at the end of the day, it is their relationship. They can go on with their lives however they see fit, however, we don’t want to continue watching them acting like they are a happy family. During an interview, they announced that they would continue working together and co-parenting their children.

This is very mature of the couple, however, fans no longer buy into the happy family and they find it insulting that HGTV is still planning to make it seem like nothing at all has changed. You cannot do this to fans who have been invested in the lives of these people for so long. If HGTV doesn’t want to lose their loyal fans of all of their other shows, they should put an end to Flip or Flop now.

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