15 Dirtiest Dog Breeds

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Photo by ArtPyle on Pixabay

Walking your dog every day can be tricky when it’s raining, muddy, or stormy. But did you know some dogs are messier than others? If you’re thinking about getting a new furry friend, you should know about the ones that might make your life a bit more cluttered too. Here, we’ve rounded up the dirtiest dog breeds you should totally avoid—or fully prepare yourself for!

Yorkshire Terrier

brown and black yorkshire terrier puppy on brown textile
Photo by Matt Walsh on Unsplash

Back in 19th-century England, folks in Yorkshire created a cute little pup called the Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie for short. These tiny dogs have long, fluffy hair that can get smelly pretty fast. Because their skin is oily, they need regular baths to stay clean. And remember their teeth – they’re prone to getting mouth infections, so keeping their chompers super clean is a must.


black and brown long coated dog
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Newfoundlands are really big dogs with floppy lips, droopy ears, and a fluffy tail that adds to their charm. But here’s the thing: their fur needs regular brushing to keep it looking neat. And these dogs are quite active, so they love going for walks or playing in the yard every day. Just a heads up: they can be drooly so we suggest you have some wipes around.


brown and white rough collie on green grass field during daytime
Photo by Kanashi on Unsplash

Collies are lovely dogs famous for their caring nature and great herding skills. They’re big and have long faces with pointy ears. You’ll often see them with fur in colors like white or blue merle. Some Collies have rough fur, while others have smooth fur. According to experts, Collies with rough fur have a lot of it, which means they shed a bunch and need brushing often to keep it from tangling up.

Border Collie

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Photo by Chung Nguyen on Unsplash

Border Collies are playful furry pals who love to have fun and help out. But to keep them happy, they need lots of attention and activities to keep their brains busy. Their fluffy tails and coats can get messy, especially after a long day outside, so brushing them regularly is important. And don’t be surprised if they shed some fur now and then—it’s just part of being a Border Collie!

Siberian Husky

white and black siberian husky on green grass during daytime
Photo by Loo Cypher on Unsplash

Siberian Huskies are awesome friends for other dogs and are super nice with kids. They love playing and running around so living in the countryside or suburbs suits them best. But get this: these fluffy buddies have thick fur because they’re from cold places, so they need a good brushing every week to keep it looking great. According to experts, they’re great sled dogs and make fantastic pals for families!

Spinone Italiano

A Spinone Italiano on a Beach
Photo by Ray Bilcliff on Pexels

Spinone Italianos are dogs with shaggy hair and tough skin, perfect for exploring the outdoors and staying warm during hunting. They love running around outside so it’s important they have lots of space to play safely. But watch out! After a drink, their wet beards can leave a trail of water behind them. Keeping them super clean is key to keeping them healthy and happy while they enjoy their outdoor adventures.

Old English Sheepdog

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Photo by LRuss on Pixabay

The Old English Sheepdog is a cute, fluffy dog who loves to play with kids and other dogs. But here’s the thing – their fur is like a big, shaggy rug that needs lots of brushing to keep it nice and tidy. It’s a real handful for owners, so they might decide to give their dog a haircut to make things easier. But even with all the brushing, sometimes their fur still gets all tangled up.

Dogue de Bordeaux

selective focus photography of short-coated tan dog lying on floor
Photo by David White on Unsplash

Meet the Dogue de Bordeaux, the big, drooly star from Tom Hanks’ movie “Turner and Hooch.” This French dog is not just about a powerful build and a huge head – it’s also an amazing friend! With a calm and patient vibe, it’s affectionate and easy to hang out with. Taking care of its fur is a breeze, but here’s the thing: they drool a lot! So keep some wipes with you all the time.


black labrador retriever in close up photography
Photo by Keenan Barber on Unsplash

Mastiffs are those big dogs that are super devoted to their families, especially kids. They’re like the guardians of the house, always looking out for everyone! But here’s the deal: since they’re so protective, teaching them how to socialize with other people and pups when they’re young is very important. And guess what? They’re not high maintenance when it comes to grooming, but get ready for some serious drool action.


white puppy on green grass during daytime
Photo by Shakti Rajpurohit on Unsplash

Samoyeds are super friendly dogs that’re great at sports and love being around kids and families. They do well whether you live in the city or countryside and like to look out for their loved ones. With their thick fur, they’re built for cold weather, but that also means they need regular brushing to keep the fur from getting tangled. You also need to trim their nails and hair every once in a while.


white and brown bulldog on green grass during daytime
Photo by Josue Michel on Unsplash

Bulldogs can sometimes get really stinky, and there are a few reasons why. They’ve got lots of wrinkles, especially on their face, which can trap dirt and sweat and cause a pongy smell. And they might have something called a “tail pocket,” where their tail can get stuck and create a hidden stink spot. Keeping an eye on these areas and giving them a good clean can help keep your Bulldog smelling fresh!


white and brown Beagle
Photo by Marcus Wallis on Unsplash

Beagles are undeniably adorable but did you know they’re also part of the smelly hound group? Back in the day, Beagles were like professional rabbit hunters, working in packs. Each Beagle had its own unique scent, almost like a fingerprint, which helped the pack keep track of everyone. This special smell is often called “hound smell.” And those pretty long ears? They actually play a role in spreading their unique scent, too!


brown chihuahua on green grass during daytime
Photo by Jairo Alzate on Unsplash

Chihuahuas, those tiny and cute pups, sometimes deal with stinky breath because of their teeth. They often get gum problems, lots of yucky stuff on their teeth, and even tooth decay, which can lead to infections and smelly breath. But that’s not all! They might also have greasy skin, stinky feet, or issues with their butt glands. So it’s super important to take good care of them to keep them smelling fresh and feeling happy!

Basset Hound

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Photo by kyle smith on Unsplash

Basset Hounds are super sweet, but they come with a bit of a stinky reputation! You see, Basset Hounds have coats that are meant to keep them dry in any weather, but it also means they can get a bit oily. And then there’s those adorable droopy jowls and ears! They love to snack, but sometimes food and drool get stuck in there. If we don’t clean them regularly, it can lead to smelly infections.


A Bloodhound Standing on a Snow Covered Ground
Photo by Gary Smith on Pexels

The Bloodhound and the Basset Hound are both pretty strong contenders for the “smelliest dog” title. Like the Basset, Bloodhounds have this oily fur that helps them stay dry in the rain but also gives them that typical musty dog smell. Plus, they have these super long, floppy ears and lots of folds in their skin, which can trap dirt and make them super smelly. And they can really produce a lot of drool!