20 Baby Names That Were Popular In The 50’s

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Some baby names became quite popular among parents in the 1950s. These names were chosen because they reflected the style and trends of that era. Let’s take a closer look at those names and what they represent!


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Linda was a top favorite among parents in the 1950s. It has a pleasant and musical sound. The name Linda means “pretty” or “beautiful” and symbolizes grace and elegance.


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A timeless and classic name, Mary was very popular in the 1950s. It is associated with purity, and parents often chose it for its simplicity and traditional charm.


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Patricia is a name of Latin origin that means “noble” or “patrician.” It portrays a sense of sophistication and refinement, appealing to parents looking for a traditional and elegant name.


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Susan gained popularity in the 1950s and has remained a beloved choice for many people. It signifies a lily flower and represents innocence, purity, and kindness.


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Debra is a variant of Deborah and was also quite trendy in the 1950s. It conveys strength and resilience, as it is derived from the Hebrew word for “bee.”


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Like Debra, Deborah was also a favored name among parents in the 1950s. It symbolizes wisdom and leadership, drawing inspiration from the biblical figure known for her courage and determination.


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Barbara, derived from Greek origins, means “foreign” or “stranger.” It exudes an air of mystery, and the parents in the 1950s were all for it!


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Karen gained popularity during the 1950s and has remained a recognizable name since. It was associated with purity and innocence, often chosen for its simplicity and beautiful sound.


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Nancy was a popular and widely used name in the 1950s. Its roots lie in Hebrew, meaning “grace” or “favor,” and it embodies a sense of elegance and gentleness.


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Donna, an Italian word for “lady” or “woman,” represents femininity and sophistication. It was a popular name choice in the 1950s for its stylish and classy vibe.


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Carolyn is a variation of Caroline. It also gained popularity in the 1950s. This name is both beautiful and strong, making it a great choice for parents who want a name that will always be popular and admired.


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James is a timeless and classic name that was a popular choice among families in the past. It signifies a strong and noble nature, often associated with leadership and integrity.


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William, deriving from Old Germanic origins, represents determination and protection. It was a favored name in the 1950s, reflecting a sense of strength and reliability.


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Robert has English and Germanic roots and symbolizes fame and glory. It conveys a confident and masculine aura.


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John, derived from Hebrew, means “God is gracious.” It represents loyalty and sincerity, exemplifying reliability and kindness.


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Michael, a name of Hebrew origin, means “who is like God?” It symbolizes strength and courage.


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David, a name with Hebrew origins, means “beloved” or “friend.” It carries connotations of kindness and loyalty, reflecting a caring and trustworthy nature.


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Richard, derived from Germanic roots, conveys power and strength. It was a common male name in the 1950s.


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Thomas is a Greek name that means “twin.” It describes someone who has a balanced and thoughtful personality. Parents like this name because it never goes out of style.


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Charles is a name that comes from Old Germanic roots. It means “free man” or “manly.” It represents strength and nobility and shows someone who is confident and dignified.