The 20 Hottest Male Celebrities Over the Age of 50

robert downey jr

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times; everything gets better with age. Except for cars and roofs and shoes. Men, however, they get so much better as they age. Not that they aren’t fabulous when they’re younger, but they are certainly never better than when a little silver starts to peek through their hair, they mature and they finally learn that board shorts are real clothes. There is something so refined and sexy about a man of a certain age, and there are 20 perfect examples of men who just get better as they age. These 20 actors are all over 50, and they’re better now than ever before.

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downey jr

Robert Downey Jr. – 50

He went through years of addiction and made a huge mess of his life. Fortunately, he was able to pull it together and get the help he needs, and now as he is in his 50s, Robert Downey Jr. is better than ever. He’s the most well-paid actor in Hollywood, he has cute kids and a gorgeous wife and everyone just adores him. Age has not affected him a bit over the years other than to bring about some wisdom and realization, and he’s just hot.

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Lenny Kravitz – 50

He’s someone I grew up listening to, and he was much younger when I first heard of him. Despite the fact that it’s been 20-something years since then, he has not aged a day. There is nothing about Kravitz that screams 50 other than the fact that his daughter is quite lovely and very grown up these days. When he’s out with her, we are reminded that he’s no longer a young man in his 20s or 30s. On that note, age agrees quite well with him, so we don’t actually care.

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Blair Underwood – 50

If I saw him on the street, I’d assume he was celebrating his 30th, not his recent 50th. He’s so fresh-faced and young looking that it’s not even funny. I get it a lot that I look about 17 – I hear it all the time. At almost 32, I appreciate that. And Blair Underwood’s 30-year-old face gives me hope that I’ll continue to hear about my youthful appearance for many more years, and that’s what keeps me feeling good in the mornings when I notice that almost all of my growth (or roots, as some people like to call them) are growing in completely silver between monthly hair appointments. Anyone wondered recently what made me go blonde? The desire to blend in with my roots.

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Brad Pitt – 51

Please, let’s just be honest here;  he’s always handsome and good-looking and just becomes more so with age. There is nothing about him we don’t love except when he gets a little too hairy. He does have an affinity for wanting to go a little too care free with that awful beard and long hair, which is not a favorite. But there is no denying the fact that he looks so young it does not really matter.

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Johnny Depp – 51

When on earth did he become a man in his 50s? He’s seriously one of the youngest and most hilarious actors in all of Hollywood, and there is no way he’s in his 50s. I mean, we grew up watching him in movies and falling madly in love with his ability to become his characters, and now he’s old enough to be, well, a grandfather if he had kids old enough. It’s more than a little bit crazy, am I right?

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Michael Jordan – 52

One of the greatest athletes of all time is a man of 52. It’s hard to believe that the people that were our heroes growing up are too old (so they say) to hang out on the courts and continue playing, and it’s just amazing that he’s managed to age so much. Not that there is anything wrong with being in your 50s (it’s an honor to live, right?) but it’s just weird to think that Michael Jordan isn’t 20-something anymore.

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Jon Bon Jovi – 53

It’s my life…’s now or never…..I ain’t gonna live forever…..but we hope he does. I remember him as a child with his long, scraggly, rock star hair and I appreciate all he’s done as he’s grown up. He’s so much better looking now than ever before, and I love him. In fact, his music is still what I like to listen to when I run, when I’m getting ready in the morning and when I’m getting pumped up for a day of fun. He just rocks. Get it, rocks?

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Liam Neeson – 53

Not only does he have the most fun accent in all the industry, he’s just handsome. He’s had it rough the past few years, but he’s just so wonderful and aging with such grace that it’s hard to believe that he’s lost his wife and that he’s almost in his mid-50s. There are very few men who age so well, and we are just so happy that he’s managed to keep his looks and his charm and his boyish nature over the years. It’s what we all want.

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Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon – 53

Aside from the color of his hair, most people would assume he’s two decades younger than he really is. He has not aged a bit. In fact, I’m not even fully convinced his hair is actually as grey as it is. I’m convinced he has taken to having it colored to give him a bit of age, even though it’s not working. He is so youthful that he should be the face of all age-defying commercials for men and women.

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George Clooney

George Clooney – 54

Now, let’s talk Clooney. If there is a man who has managed to age so well that it’s not even really funny, it’s George Clooney. He is so youthful, young and beautiful. He is the goal all men want to make for themselves as they age. He is the look that we all want our husband’s to achieve. He cares for his body, he has taken care of himself in every way possible, and he is aging in what looks to be a quite natural manner, and we really appreciate all his has done for us himself over the years.

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Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas – 54

He’s Latin, and he’s handsome. He’s aging so well it’s almost strange to believe he’s his age. I’d assume he was someone who has used a lot of plastic surgery over the years, but rumor has it that he’s never had any work done on his face and that he’s aging as naturally as is possible. Why is it that men become so much more distinguished with age and it seems that only a few women are able to do the same? Actually, maybe if women left their faces alone, they’d look this good, too.

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Christopher Meloni – 54

In all his years in Hollywood, he hasn’t seemed to age a day, has he? He still looks as young as he did the first time we ever heard his name, and it is certainly working out for him and for his career to be so youthful and handsome in appearance. We think that he might just be one of the most amazingly well-aged men in the business, and we want to know his secret. Obviously so that we can point it out to our own husbands.

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Kevin Bacon – 56

We all know him, allegedly, by no more than 6 degrees. Of course, this is probably not nearly as true as we like to think, but if you do know him, ask him why he’s so youthful, please. What’s up with his inability to look his age and how did he do it and how can we do it, too? Perhaps it’s being married to a lovely woman for decades that keeps him young, we just don’t know what it is, but it’s working.

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Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson – 56

He’s a famous country singer who likes to have a good time and be super laid-back most of his days, and it’s working for him. He is such a talented person, and it shows in just about everything he does. And he’s managed to stay looking good for decades despite being so famous for so long. Sometimes it seems that those in the spotlight so long age faster than others, but it doesn’t seem to be true in this case.

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day lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis – 58

At almost 60, he’s better looking than ever before. Looking at him you would never know he’s the age he is, and that’s what is so impressive about Day-Lewis. He is so youthful and energetic that most people have no idea how old he is, just that he’s been around for what feels like decades. It’s true, too. He has been around for decades, but it doesn’t look like it from the outside.

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Jimmy Smits – 59

He’s one of those actors that just never ages. He is so youthful that you’d really never know he’s actually pushing 60. What we love about him, too, is that he doesn’t act his age anymore than he looks his age. He’s got years of roles of much younger men ahead of him and that’s pretty impressive. Here’s to whatever he’s doing to stay young and looking good. It’s working and it’s really just impressive how well it’s working, too.

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Denzel Washington – 60

At 60, he is one of the best looking men in Hollywood. In fact, can you remember a time in which you didn’t think that Washington was a totally hottie? I can’t think of a time in the history of his career that I ever thought he wasn’t good-looking, and that goes just as much now as it did back then, even though he’s almost twice my age. It’s crazy to think that he’s in his 60s now, and that he has kids in college – and playing college sports, too. He’s just so pretty it’s not possible to think he’s aged so much over the years, at least as far as birthdays go.

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Pierce Brosnan – 62

There’s something seriously 007 about the way he’s not aging at all. Pierce Brosnan has always sported what can only be described as a very distinguished look, and it’s never been more obvious than it is now that he’s into his 60s. He doesn’t look like it at all, and we are so impressed by how well he takes care of himself and how good he looks for a man his age. It seems that most of the men his age I know look a lot older and have literally given up on taking care of themselves. They should take a lesson from Brosnan on how to look good and behave like a man much younger.

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Richard Gere – 63

Remember when he was playing rich and unhappy to Julia Roberts’ hooker in Pretty Woman? Remember how handsome and distinguished and lovely he was? It’s been something like 25 years since that movie was made famous and now he’s just as handsome as ever before, even though he’s not even remotely his age as far as his looks are concerned. In fact, he barely looks any different now than he did back in the early 90s, and we cannot figure out what on earth it is unless it’s just good genes that someone needs to bottle and sell.

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Harrison Ford – 72

Let’s all just give a collective, “WHAT?!” on this one. The man behind the most famous movies in the world, still acting out his famous Star Wars role, at that, is 72-years-old? He’s so handsome and so well-taken care of that he looks decades younger. There is not a thing about Harrison Ford that makes us think he’s anything even close to 72, and it’s just impressive. He’s so well-spoken, active and handsome. He’s just one of those men that never ages, and we are inclined to think that it might have a little something to do with the sparkle in his eye. He always looks so young.

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Written by Tiffany Raiford