20 Banned Vintage Toys You Probably Had As A Kid


Some of the most interesting things ever created were banned vintage toys that made little to no sense to anyone. It might have sounded like a good idea, but reality kicked people in the head sooner or later.

Lawn Darts

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It doesn’t appear to matter how many families played with these and DIDN’T cause harm. A few immature individuals who used others for target practice managed to ruin it for a lot of people.

Skydancers Flying Dolls


It’s kind of amazing how quickly a toy can get banned when people are irresponsible. It’s even more amazing that kids and others injured themselves with such an easy-to-use toy.

Snacktime Cabbage Patch Dolls


One would think that sticking your fingers into the mouth of a working motor would stand out as a hazard. But then again, kids do strange things like sticking their fingers into things.

Fire-eater Training Kit


Does it need to be said how dangerous this is? Toys sold back in the day did come with fewer restrictions, but that wasn’t necessarily a good thing.



The reason for banning these furry little things sounds like paranoia. In all honesty though, seeing the Furby exit stage left wasn’t a saddening moment in history.



Magnets are wonderful things, aren’t they? Unfortunately, they’re not so great when a kid eats more than one. Too many children were taken to the ER after ingesting these toys.

Aqua Dots


It’s not something one would typically hear, that a children’s toy could classify as GHB. But it does sound as though this toy was used for a very heinous purpose by several individuals who were seriously lacking in moral fiber.

Atomic Energy Lab


A real lab with real chemicals…what could go wrong? That kind of question leads a lot of people to believe that toymakers aren’t always aware of how young children work.

Easy-Bake Oven


When used responsibly, most toys aren’t an issue. But even with the proper use, this toy oven could cause a problem since it was designed to get insanely hot. Unfortunately, kids don’t always understand what that means.

Sonic Ear


Just imagine, this toy allowed a person to hear conversations and speech from a short distance away. But then think about this; amplifying the sounds that reach your ears is devastating when someone so much as claps too loud in front of such a device. Ruptured eardrums, anyone?

Rollerskate Barbie


Barbie has enjoyed the type of longevity that a lot of toys don’t have. But strapping a pair of skates to her plastic soles and allowing them to create sparks was a sure way to get on the banned toys list.

CSI Fingerprint Kit


Outwardly there was nothing wrong with this toy since it was fun and educational for kids who loved to solve mysteries. But when it was discovered that there was asbestos in the powder that was used, well, you can guess it was pulled rather quickly.

Slip n’ Slides


It’s hot out, you’re trying to cool down, and there’s a plastic sheet with water running down it just waiting for you to slip all the way down. But then people started getting inventive, getting hurt, and that was all it took.



Out of all the banned vintage toys on this list, this had to stand out as one of the worst. It’s as close to a weapon as a toy could get. Two hardened balls, sometimes steel, sometimes plastic, which were meant to clack against each other with a great amount of force. What could happen, right?

Fidget Spinners

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These are still great little devices to sit and spin when one is trying to relax or just needs to, y’know, fidget. But then someone had the great idea of creating an online challenge and poof, fidget spinners are no longer acceptable.

Toy Crossbows


This one should stand out as one of the most obvious blunders. It is technically a weapon, even if it’s tiny. Those who knew how to juice this weapon up helped create the problem, and banning it was the only solution.

Pregnant Barbie


It’s interesting to think of when it’s okay to teach kids about anatomy and the wonders of childbirth. But is Barbie the right doll to do this with? Is any doll the right one, outside of health class?


Jibba Jabber

These toys were kind of funny since they could count as stress relief…for adults. But with kids, the idea that any other throat they could throttle is just as fun was kind of a problem and earned it a rightful spot as one of many banned vintage toys.

Rubber Band Guns


Toys aren’t usually a problem on their own. It’s when someone misuses a toy that it’s a problem. And the temptation with any type of toy gun is horrible.

Moon Shoes


They looked cool, they were cool, and yeah, a lot of kids wanted them. What kids didn’t want or ask for were the broken bones and bruises that came from falling after reaching heights of several feet in the air.


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