15 Reasons Why Cats Make Better Companions

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There is no surprise that cats outshine dogs, but some adore kitties while others swear by canines. We believe both animals are great companions. However, if you’re firmly on Team Dog, keep reading this compilation of 15 reasons why felines are better pets, and it might change your opinion.

Self Sufficiency

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Our furry friends are the epitome of independence. Unlike their canine counterparts, they mostly don’t require constant attention or supervision. With their innate knack for self-care, they gracefully steer through life on their terms, making them ideal pets for busy individuals.

Low Maintenance

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Grooming sessions with a feline are a breeze compared to the uphill task of bathing a hound. These creatures keep themselves impeccably clean with their meticulous grooming habits, sparing pet parents from the hassle of regular grooming appointments.

Small Size

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Whether in a cozy apartment or a spacious house, kitties adapt to any living environment, finding their favorite nooks and crannies to explore. Also, given their small size, they are easier to lift.

Elegant and Graceful

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There’s no denying that each step a cat takes radiates elegance. Their graceful movements and regal demeanor possess an undeniable charm that captivates all who have the privilege of a feline’s company.

Quieter Companions

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For those who cherish peace and tranquillity, kittens are the perfect companions. Unlike their bark-prone counterparts, felines communicate with subtle purrs and meows, creating a serene atmosphere that soothes the soul.

Natural Pest Control

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With their innate hunting instincts, these animals serve as effective pest control, keeping unwanted critters at bay without the help of harmful chemicals or traps. From pesky mice to elusive insects, cats are guardians of the home.

Form Affectionate Bonds

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Contrary to popular belief, kitties are incredibly affectionate creatures who form deep bonds with their human companions. Whether it’s a gentle head bump or a cozy cuddle session, they express their love in subtle yet heartwarming ways.

Health Benefits

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Experts suggest that pet ownership can lower stress levels and even extend lifespan, and cats offer specific health advantages to their owners. Take purring, for instance, which is said to possess therapeutic properties for human muscles and bones.

Low Allergy Risk

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Their minimal shedding and meticulous grooming habits will be less likely to trigger allergic reactions, allowing immunocompromised individuals to enjoy their company without worry.

Easy to Litter Train

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Thanks to their instincts, felines adapt to litter box training, eliminating the need for frequent outdoor excursions. Teaching them to use litter trays helps them establish a sense of security and familiarity in their new environment and promotes cleanliness.

Quickly Finds Their Way Back Home

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A cat’s ability to find their way back home is unmatchable. Unlike dogs, who might wander when lost, kitties have extraordinary scent-tracking skills that aid them in locating their homes.

Cats Live Longer

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Most domestic cats can live anywhere from 12 to 14 years if properly cared for. Some reports even suggest they may live up to 20-23 years. On the other hand, our canine companions typically have a lifespan of 10 to 13 years, though this varies among different breeds.

No Need For Everyday Walks

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Regardless of the time, day, or weather forecast, dogs need to be taken for their daily walks as it is vital for their well-being. In contrast, cats usually prefer solitary walks, whether they’re engaging in play or exploring new territory.

They Can Be Left Alone

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Cats are independent creatures who value their solitude as much as you do yours. You can easily step out for a few hours, and your feline won’t bat an eye. Make sure to leave behind food, water, and some toys.

Breed Doesn’t Matter


When considering the adoption of a dog, whether from a rescue or breeder, conducting thorough research on their breed is essential as it significantly influences their requirements. However, most cats tend to exhibit a more consistent set of traits.


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