15 Old-School Ice Cream Shops with Classic Offerings

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There’s something special—almost magical—about ice creams. Children adore them for their color and taste, and adults love them for the creativity they represent. Though Ice cream flavors continue to evolve through advancements in food science, several shops remain committed to classic services and flavors. Join us as we look at 15 shops that offer ice creams the old-school way.

Creole Creamery, New Orleans, Louisiana

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Creole Creamery, located in New Orleans, Louisiana, is an ice cream shop that has become a local institution since its opening in 2004. Its devotion to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients has helped it maintain a loyal following among locals and tourists. Patrons can indulge in special options such as Lavender Honey, Creole Cream Cheese, and Black and Gold Crunch, which reflect the rich culinary heritage of New Orleans.

Doumar’s, Norfolk, Virginia

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Founded by Abe Doumar, the inventor of the waffle cone, Doumar’s began as a modest ice cream stand in 1904 at the St. Louis World’s Fair. Abe’s innovation was an instant success, and by 1907, he had established a permanent location in Norfolk. Doumar’s menu is celebrated for its different classic American flavors, with a particular emphasis on its homemade ice cream and legendary waffle cones.

Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlour, Dania Beach, Florida

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With a rich history dating back to 1956, Jackson’s has become a staple in the community, celebrated for its extensive menu of homemade ice cream and commitment to quality and tradition. The parlor is praised for its massive sundaes, classic American diner fare, and an atmosphere that welcomes patrons from all walks of life. An impressive selection of traditional ice cream flavors, like vanilla and chocolate, are available.

La King’s Confectionery, Galveston, Texas

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Visitors to La King’s Confectionery can watch candy makers craft handmade chocolates, saltwater taffy, and other sweets. They use traditional recipes and methods to preserve the authentic taste and experience of a bygone era. The confectionery offers delightful flavors that cater to every palate. Their signature treats include creamy fudges, buttery caramels, and a variety of truffles, each crafted with high-grade condiments.

Leopold’s Ice Cream, Savannah, Georgia


Leopold’s Ice Cream quickly became a local favorite after its founding in 1919, thanks to its high-quality, hand-crafted ice cream made from secret family recipes. After decades of success, the original location closed in 1969, but in 2004, Stratton Leopold, son of one of the founders and a film producer, revived the business. Leopold’s provides several classic and inventive flavors, including the signature tutti-frutti, lemon custard, and butter pecan.

Trowbridge’s, Florence, Alabama

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The original counter service setup, complete with old-fashioned decor, offers a delightful trip back in time for visitors and locals alike. Trowbridge’s rich history dates back to its founding in 1918 by Paul Trowbridge. Initially known for its ice cream made from Trowbridge’s secret family recipes, the business has maintained its reputation over the decades by serving various traditional and unique flavors, such as the signature orange pineapple.

Loblolly Creamery, Little Rock, Arkansas

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What started as a farmers’ market favorite quickly grew into a local establishment known for its creative and seasonal flavors. Founder Sally Mengel and her team have focused on sustainability with products that support the local community and environment. The menu features excellent flavors, ranging from classics like Salted Caramel and Double Vanilla to distinct creations such as Honey Lavender and Little Rocky Road.

Woodside Farm Creamery, Hockessin, Delaware

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Originally a dairy farm, Woodside Farm Creamery transitioned into an ice cream creamery to adapt to changing times and continue the agricultural legacy. This decision has paid off, making Woodside Farm Creamery a beloved destination for locals and visitors seeking fresh, farm-made ice cream. The creamery prides itself on using milk from its own Jersey cows for the highest grade and freshest flavors.

Annapolis Ice Cream Company, Annapolis, Maryland

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Classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry sit alongside unique creations such as Toasted Coconut, Maple Walnut, and the locally inspired Maryland Mud in this shop. Founded in 2004 by Walter Gutschow, this family-owned shop immediately became a staple in the community, drawing residents and tourists with its artisanal ice cream-making approach. It uses high-quality ingredients, crafting each batch in-house for a fresh and authentic taste.

The Local Scoop, Charlotte, North Carolina

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Since its establishment over two decades ago, this ice cream parlor has found its way into the hearts of Charlotte’s residents and visitors. Its journey began with the mission to craft premium ice cream using locally sourced condiments, fostering a connection between patrons and the region’s agricultural heritage. The shop is adventurous regarding flavors with classics like creamy vanilla bean and concoctions like lavender honey.

Off Track Ice Cream, Charleston, South Carolina

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From classics like vanilla bean to more adventurous offerings like bourbon bacon brittle and lavender honey, Off Track Ice Cream tantalizes taste buds with its diverse selection. Visitors can enjoy ice cream flights or choose customized sandwiches with freshly baked cookies.

Austin’s Homemade Ice Cream, Ceredo, West Virginia

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The cozy atmosphere and friendly service at Austin’s Homemade Ice Cream bring nostalgia. Their menu contains classic favorites like vanilla bean and chocolate fudge, as well as more adventurous creations like black raspberry chip and caramel sea salt. With many mouthwatering flavors crafted from the finest ingredients, Austin’s Homemade Ice Cream has something for everyone.

Area 51 Ice Cream, Hernando, Mississippi

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The name pays homage to the nearby military base, sparking intrigue and curiosity among patrons. Area 51 Ice Cream offers different flavors, including vanilla bean, chocolate fudge, alien green apple, and cosmic cotton candy. The menu constantly changes to accommodate seasonal specialties, and limited-time creations to keep customers returning for more. Beyond its delicious offerings, the parlor provides unforgettable experiences with themed events.

Mike’s Ice Cream and Coffee Bar, Nashville, Tennessee

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Mike Johnson, a passionate ice cream fan with a knack for crafting unique flavors, founded the bar in 1998. In no time, it gained a reputation for its delicious homemade treats and welcoming atmosphere. Customers can enjoy diverse ice cream flavors like chocolate fudge, bourbon caramel crunch, and lavender honey. Mike’s also offers a cozy coffee bar serving expertly brewed espresso and specialty drinks.

Roxy’s Ice Cream Social, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Roxy’s Ice Cream Social began in 2010 as a vintage ice cream truck and has evolved into a beloved local institution. Each scoop draws inspiration from Oklahoma’s diverse culinary history and the owner’s passion for standard ingredients. Roxy’s Ice Cream Social distinguishes itself with personalized service where visitors can enjoy their scoops in the cozy shop or an ice cream social at special gatherings.


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