15 Home Security Oversights That Burglars Exploit Every Day


Your home should be your fortress, but even the savviest homeowners make simple security slip-ups that leave them vulnerable. Avoid these 15 common mistakes, and feel at ease knowing your family and belongings are protected from potential intruders.

Reusing Old Security Codes


Whether it’s your home alarm or smart locks, using the same codes repeatedly makes it easy for burglars to crack your security. Change your passwords regularly and avoid apparent combinations like birthdays or address numbers.

Posting Vacation Plans on Social Media   

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Sure, you’re excited about your tropical getaway, but broadcasting your empty home’s status is asking for trouble. Keep those vacation pics off social media until you’re safely back. Better yet, quit oversharing online.

Forgetting to Lock Windows and Doors 


It takes seconds for a burglar to slip through an unlocked door or window. Make locking up part of your daily routine – it’s the easiest way to prevent forgetting and deter would-be intruders.

Leaving Ladders and Tools Outside


That ladder you left by the garage is a welcome mat for hoodlums looking to access second-story entry points. To remove easy access points, stash away tools and other outdoor items after use.

Failing to Secure the Garage

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Many homeowners focus on their front door but overlook the garage—a prime intruder target. Keep that entry point locked and the automatic opener hidden, and consider installing a smart garage door system lest intruders consider it an open invitation.

Skimping on Exterior Lighting


Darkness Draws Danger: A dark home is an easy target. Motion sensor lights, pathway lighting, and illuminating entryways make it challenging for burglars to lurk unnoticed. Invest in quality outdoor lighting for maximum security.

Allowing Landscaping to Hide Entrances

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Tall shrubs, trees, and other greenery around your home’s perimeter may look lovely, but they also provide cover for intruders. Trim landscaping to eliminate hiding spots and ensure clear sightlines around entry points.

Forgetting to Arm the Alarm 


What’s the point of having a home security system if you don’t use it? Arming your alarm is a non-negotiable habit, especially when you’re away from home. An unarmed system is useless against intruders.

Not Securing Sliding Glass Doors

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Burglars love sliding glass doors —they’re easy to jimmy open. To counter this, invest in reinforcement tools like Charlie bars or install a secondary lock to add an extra layer of protection.

Neglecting to Screen Service Workers


Whether it’s a contractor, delivery driver, or other service worker, anyone you let into your home is a potential security risk. Always ask for identification, check references, and consider installing security cameras to monitor who enters.

Hiding a Spare Key on the Property

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Stashing a spare key under the flower pot or in the garage may seem clever, but it’s a tactic burglars are all too familiar with. Find a more creative, off-site hiding spot or upgrade to a keyless entry system.

Camera-Shy Security

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Security cameras are a powerful deterrent, but many homeowners still avoid installing them due to privacy concerns. The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks; visible cameras can scare off burglars and provide valuable evidence if a break-in occurs.

Leaving Valuables in Plain Sight

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If expensive electronics, jewelry, or cash are visible through your windows, you’re practically inviting burglars in. Don’t display valuable items in plain sight; use curtains or blinds to obstruct prying eyes.

Disabling the Home Security


Disabling your security system puts your home at serious risk, be it for convenience or to avoid alarms when you have guests. Treat your alarm like a non-negotiable part of your daily routine—don’t ignore or bypass it.

Overlooking Smart Home Integration

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Modern smart home tech offers many home security upgrades, from video doorbells to remote access. Don’t let your home security strategy fall behind—integrate your systems for a truly connected, protected space.

Failing to Invest in a Safe


A home safe is a simple way to protect your most precious possessions, from jewelry to essential documents. Don’t rely on hiding spots; instead, invest in a quality safe bolted to your home’s structure for proper security.


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