15 Genius Ways to Reuse Empty Paper Towel Rolls

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Think those empty paper towel rolls are just trash? Think again! These unassuming cardboard tubes are a goldmine for the crafty and inventive, offering endless possibilities to upcycle them into both beautiful and practical items. Dive into these 15 brilliant ideas and uncover the hidden potential of these everyday objects, turning them from mundane to magnificent in no time!

Cord Organizers


Instead of tossing those empty rolls into the trash, use them as cord drop boxes. Thread tangled cords through the rolls and label each one for easy cable identification, keeping your workspace neat and clutter-free.

Seed Starters

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Repurpose paper towel rolls as biodegradable seed starters for your garden. Fill them with soil, plant your desired seeds, and watch your seedlings thrive before transplanting them into the ground or larger containers once they’ve sprouted and grown stronger.

Wrapping Paper Holders

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Looking to keep wrapping paper neat and accessible? Slide rolls through empty paper towel tubes for smart storage that ensures smooth dispensing and organized wrapping.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts


Spark creativity with kids! Repurpose paper towel rolls into fun characters, decorative pieces, or endless possibilities for playroom decorations. These simple crafting projects nurture imagination and artistic skills.

Napkin Rings

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Add a personal touch to your table setting. Craft unique napkin rings from paper towel rolls and decorate them with paint, ribbons, or fabric to complement your dinnerware and elevate your dining experience.

Drawer Caddies

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Tame cluttered drawers with paper towel rolls as dividers. These sturdy organizers neatly separate small items like rubber bands and paper clips, bringing order to your desk essentials.

Fireplace Logs

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Create sustainable fire starters! Stuff paper towel rolls with dryer lint, sawdust, or other combustible materials for an eco-friendly way to ignite fireplaces, campfires, or outdoor fire pits.

Paint Brush Casings

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Keep paint brushes upright and ready for use. Store them in repurposed paper towel roll holders. It’s a simple method that prevents bristles from bending or drying out, ensuring optimal painting results.

Baking Supplies Organizers

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Simplify your baking routine. Labeled paper towel rolls become efficient organizers for storing sprinkles, chocolate chips, and nuts in your pantry. This system lets you have quick access to ingredients during baking sessions.

Compost Bins

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Considering a breezier composting process? Use paper towel rolls as miniature bins to collect kitchen scraps like vegetable peels, eggshells, and coffee grounds before transferring them to your central compost pile.

Desk Caddy

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Create a clutter-free workspace. Stand paper towel rolls upright in a decorative container. The makeshift compartments provide designated storage for pens, pencils, and other desk essentials, promoting organization and productivity.

Toy Binoculars

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Delight your little ones! Transform paper towel rolls into homemade binoculars for backyard adventures, bird watching, or imaginative play that encourages exploration and creativity.

Confetti Poppers

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Fill paper towel rolls with confetti, biodegradable streamers, or other celebratory materials to make colorful poppers. These add a festive touch to celebrations, gender reveal parties, or New Year’s Eve.

Bird Feeders

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Attract birds to your backyard with charming feeders crafted from paper towel rolls. Fill them with bird seed or suet to provide nourishment for your feathered friends while adding beauty to your outdoor space.

Potpourri Casings

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Infuse your home with fragrance. Fill paper towel rolls with dried flowers or herbs and place them in drawers or closets to enjoy a subtle aroma that enhances your living environment.


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