15 Foods to Steer Clear of On Your Cruise Trip

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Cruise vacations offer a delightful range of gourmet experiences that satisfy any taste bud. Yet, with so many options available, it’s easy to get carried away and splurge on dishes that may not sit well with your stomach. Here are 15 foods that you might consider adding to your No-Eat list.

Ditch the Pre-Packaged Snacks

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Despite their convenience, these junk foods often lack any nutritional value. Instead, try freshly prepared alternatives, such as fruit platters or made-to-order sandwiches, to savor the authentic flavors and guarantee you get the best sustenance.

Deep-Fried Fanfare

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The aroma of deep-fried treats may be enticing, yet excessive consumption can leave you lethargic. Embrace healthier picks like grilled seafood or crisp salads to preserve energy levels. Non-greasy meals will revitalize you as you explore exciting destinations.

No Unfamiliar Seafood

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Tread lightly with uncommon types of seafood when traveling. Stick to trusted favorites such as shrimp or salmon to dodge potential discomfort. Though tempting, prioritize safety over novelty when exploring onboard culinary delights.

Highly Spiced Dishes

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Spices add zest to meals; overly spicy viands may not suit everyone’s palate. A milder option would be better so everyone at the table can devour their full plate comfortably. Keep in mind that overwhelming yourself or risking any unpleasant reactions during your voyage is a bad idea.

Be Wary of Exotic Meats

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Adventure may beckon, but be on the safer side when faced with unusual food. Exotic meats may sound appealing, but opting for regular proteins ensures you can eat your meals minus any worries about a painful tummy as you hop on your cruise.

Overly Sugary Desserts are a No-Go

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Consuming high amounts of sugar can make anyone feel sluggish and ruin the whole cruise experience. However, there’s no need to give up sweets altogether. You can still enjoy the trip of your lifetime by selecting smaller portions or desserts that come with natural sweetness.

Skip the Heavy Cream-Based Platter

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Creamy eats are a decadent delight but can make the fittest person in the room feel lethargic. Choose lighter substitutes like broth-based soups or vegetable items to finish a satisfying meal. Being weighed down after eating won’t allow you to stay energized and ready for your next pit stop!

Street Vendor Smart


While exploring port cities, exercise caution when trying street food. Keep an eye out for reputable vendors recommended by locals or your cruise staff to establish clean food prep practices, reduce the chances of any possible stomach issues, and enable you to maximize your time ashore fully.

Look Out for Unpasteurized Dairy Products

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Local dairy products may initially seem appetizing until you realize that unpasteurized options can pose a risk of foodborne illness. Eat pasteurized dairy onboard to partake in milky desserts safely. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about your health during your cruise.

Not the Raw Shellfish

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Raw shellfish may be a tasty treat, but they should be handled carefully, even by the best chefs. Choosing cooked shellfish is safer, with all the ocean flavors still intact. It’s also a wise choice when the dish is assembled fresh on the spot.

Avoiding Alcohol Overindulgence

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Cruise parties can be a blast, but they often have a downside: terrible hangovers. Overindulging in alcohol can lead to discomfort and undesired side effects. So, drink in moderation and have fun the right way.

Don’t Use Too Much Salt


Salt enhances the taste, yet excessively salted foods may cause bloating and thirst. Select those with moderate salt content to avoid stomachaches and maintain your hydration levels. It will help you feel refreshed and ready for your next destination.

Check Unnamed Buffet Items

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Buffets offer a variety of grub but always be cautious of unlabeled dishes. To be safe, inquire about ingredients to steer clear of unwanted surprises like an allergic reaction or a trip to the toilet.

Rinse That Grimy Produce

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Fresh fruits and vegetables are required for a balanced diet, but unwashed produce can harbor contaminants from dangerous pesticides. Before biting into that apple, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned and free from bugs!

Think Before You Drink Water


Ice-cold drinks and chilled beverages will kick off the Happy Hour, but be wary of ice made from questionable water sources. It’s best to purchase bottled or purified water to prevent any potential gastrointestinal troubles.


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