15 Exercises to Keep Your Cat Fit and Active

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Although cats are agile and playful in their homes, they may not get the physical activity and stimulation they require to stay fit. Let them run outdoors whenever possible, but if that’s impossible, here are some fun and engaging exercises to keep your cat happy, healthy, and entertained while strengthening your bond.

Pouncing Practice

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Encourage your cat’s natural hunting instincts with pouncing practice. Use a feather wand or a toy mouse to simulate prey, and watch as your cat hones their agility and coordination with each playful leap and swat.

Chase the Laser

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An excellent substitution for pouncing practice is chasing the laser. Cats find these devices entertaining, and pointing them at random locations within the house is enough to keep them entertained. Just be aware of your surroundings lest accidents happen.

Catnip Playtime

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Sprinkle some catnip on a toy or scratching post to entice your cat to play. As they roll around and bat at the toy, they’ll get a good stretch and burn off excess energy.

Climbing Challenge


Invest in a cat tree or climbing post if you want your cat to stay in shape. It would benefit them to burn fat as they climb and test their jumping abilities. Additionally, they might find secret sleeping spots, tucking them away from annoyances.

Tunnel Time

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A collapsible tunnel is a must-have for all feline lovers. They’ll enjoy darting in and out of the tunnel, getting physical and mental stimulation as they navigate the twists and turns.

Obstacle Course

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DIY obstacle courses are a great option if you’re on a tight budget. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on this, as everyday household items like pillows and cardboard boxes can create the perfect courses for your cat. Throw in a treat with every success for extra motivation.

Interactive Feeder Toys

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Make mealtime more engaging by using interactive feeder toys that require your pet to work for their food. This provides mental stimulation and encourages physical activity as they bat and paw at the toy to access their meal.


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Yes, cats can play fetch, too! Start by tossing a small toy for your cat to chase and retrieve. Positive reinforcement and patience will motivate your cat to bring the toy back to you.

Staircase Sprints

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If you have stairs in your home, encourage your cat to run up and down them for a fun and challenging workout. Just be sure to supervise to prevent any tumbles!

Balancing Acts

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Place a narrow board or plank on the floor for your cat to walk along. Balancing helps improve their coordination and core strength, and they’ll enjoy the challenge of staying steady on their feet.

Hunting Games


Hide treats around the house for your feline to find. This is a fun version of cat hide and seek that allows them to tap into their natural hunting instincts by using their senses to track their prey.

Rolling Toy

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Invest in toys your cat can bat around and chase, such as lightweight balls or mice. Rolling toys engage their prey drive and provide a fun way to get moving.

Scratching Posts


Scratching is not only used for sharpening claws but also for stretching and exercising a cat’s muscles. Provide sturdy scratching posts or pads throughout your home to give your cat an outlet for their scratching instincts.

Jumping Practice


Set obstacles for your cat to jump over, such as cushions or low hurdles. Jumping helps build leg muscles and improves agility, and your cat will love the challenge of clearing obstacles in their path.

Dance Party


Turn on some upbeat music and invite your cat to join you in a dance party. Wiggle and sway to the rhythm, and watch as your cat mimics your movements with their feline flair.


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