15 Dogs with the Most Forceful Bite

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Over the centuries, dog breeds have developed different jaw strengths that match their unique roles. Knowing which breeds have the most potent bites can help us understand their natural abilities and remind us to be responsible owners who train our furry friends correctly.


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A native of Turkey, the Kangal boasts a grip that commands respect. Renowned for their protective instincts, these stunning canines possess a gnaw of about 743 pounds per square inch. While they are peaceful beasts, it’s recommended that they are trained early.

American Bandogge

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Standing tall between 25 and 29 inches and weighing 85 to 140 pounds, the American Bandogge commands attention. With a formidable jawline, they’re trusty yet require a firm hand to curb potential aggression, thriving in homes with early socialization.

Dogue de Bordeaux

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The Dogue de Bordeaux, with its imposing frame and distinctive wrinkled face, possesses a bite that mirrors its fearless nature.

Tosa Inu

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Emerging from the land of the rising sun, the Tosa Inu makes it on the list with a nip that resonates with its tough heritage. Bred for battle, this Japanese mastiff oozes strength with each Herculean jaw gnaw, and typifies raw power and resilience.

Cane Corso

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With their towering build, the Cane Corso looks like a bear from afar and packs a hardy jaw snap. The hound is famous for its blockhead, and is faithful to its owners. There’s a caveat, though: the Corso doesn’t get along with other pets.

American Bulldog

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The pup boasts a strong jaw grip that reflects its historical roles as a working dog and guardian, and it needs a lot of activity because it loves to play.


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The Rottweiler commands attention with its physique and unwavering loyalty, and despite its clingy disposition, it was once considered one of the most dangerous dogs in the world. They have a massive snap power and are known to be very protective of children.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

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Hailing from the rugged mountains of Caucasus, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog packs a formidable nibble that displays  its bold temperament. While they’re mainly bred to protect livestock, this breed fiercely guards its owners and is also soft and kind.

Pit Bull Terrier

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Renowned for its athleticism and loyalty, this mutt has had some bad rep due to misinformation about dog bite statistics. What is accurate, though, is the canine’s hefty jawbone  and it can be devastating when they sink their teeth into something

Alaskan Malamute


With its wolf-like appearance and intense instincts, the Alaskan Malamute is not an aggressive animal, but don’t be fooled. It has a vigorous jaw with a force of about 400 pounds per square inch. The puppy needs proper, consistent training and early socialization to reduce the chances of biting anyone.

Siberian Husky


From its striking appearance to the highly independent spirit, the Siberian Husky possesses a powerful mandible. This mutt is a bit smaller and lighter than its cousin, the Alaskan Malamute, and they’re quick and very friendly.

German Shepherd

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Apart from being extremely intelligent, faithful, and obedient, the German Shepherd exhibits a bite that reflects its role in law enforcement. The pooch is bred mostly as a working dog, and it’s suitable for the military as well as for home guarding.

Argentine Dogos

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Argentine Dogos, reared for big-game hunting, have an impressive jaw force that comes in handy during outdoor excursions. Despite their hunting prowess, they demonstrate remarkable fidelity and affection towards their families and need constant exercise.

Doberman Pinscher

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Mainly known for their fierce look, sleek physique, and unwavering loyalty, the Doberman Pinscher is perfect as a protector. The mutt is among the easy-to-maintain breeds, with a life span of 10 to 13 years.



The Leonberger looks like a cute, fluffy teddy bear, but underneath that elegant build is a menacing, potent gnaw. The hound is quite versatile, and because of their playful nature, they make great family pets.


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