15 College Majors Facing Employment Challenges


Choosing a college major is a big decision. While passion is essential, it’s wise to consider future employment opportunities. This article explores some majors with historically lower employment rates and alternative paths graduates might consider.

Art History

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Imagine wandering through the hallowed halls of the world’s greatest museums, dissecting the deeper meanings behind each brushstroke and sculpture’s curve. For Art History grads, this is the dream—but with an 8.0% unemployment rate, the reality often requires a resilient and adaptable approach to turn their passion into a paycheck.

Fine Arts


Unleashing their creativity onto canvases, stages, and beyond, Fine Arts graduates live to inspire. But inspiration doesn’t pay the bills, at least not easily, with a 7.9% jobless rate. Those daring enough to brave this path must be prepared to hustle, network, and find unconventional ways to monetize their art.

Liberal Arts

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Liberal Arts majors today are Renaissance thinkers who can analyze literature one minute and ponder philosophical quandaries the next. This mental mastery is invaluable, but employers only sometimes see it, resulting in a 7.9% unemployment rate. Graduates who creatively market their unique skill sets will prosper.

Aerospace Engineering


Designing aircraft and spacecraft that powerfully defy gravity is the Aerospace Engineer’s domain. But even for these technical wizards, achieving liftoff career-wise isn’t guaranteed with 7.8% unemployment. In this innovative field, grads must relentlessly hone their expertise and diversify their skills to gain a competitive advantage.



They’re the story-keepers, uncovering the warmly fascinating narratives woven through human events. However, finding a stage for their tales is challenging for history majors with a 7.5% unemployment rate. Creativity’s key—these scholars must get inventive about sharing their knowledge, from museums to historical literature.

English Language


The English Language clan is today’s linguistic detectives, deconstructing words and phrases and communicating effortlessly. However, with a 6.6% joblessness rate, extracting career opportunities from this skill set takes some serious sleuthing. Luckily, grads can lean into skills like writing, editing, and teaching to forge fulfilling professional paths.

Miscellaneous Technologies

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In this tech-savvy jackpot of diverse expertise areas, grads become specialists without any one defining specialty. But that versatility faces a 6.4% unemployment hazing. Those who can market their multifaceted skills as invaluable utility players will prove most employable in this amorphous arena.

Performing Arts

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The world’s a stage for these dramatic talents—and they’re its poised, passionate storytellers. But with a 5.5% unemployment rate, making performance a full-time gig is a courageous act. Side hustles, teaching, and creative entrepreneurship are often necessary to sustain this dream career.

Mass Media


They’re the narrators shaping how the world receives news, entertainment, and cultural narratives. But for Mass Media grads facing 6.3% joblessness, breaking into these fast-evolving industries is the real drama. Uniquely combining traditional skills with digital agility is the insider edition for career success.


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Physics majors are nothing if not ambitious. Exploring the very laws governing the universe itself, they are nothing if not ambitious. But even for these big thinkers, a 6.2% unemployment riddle remains unsolved. By combining problem-solving prowess with adaptive thinking, these grads can master career quandaries as deftly as scientific theories.


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Sociology scholars crack the codes of human behavior and social systems to study the forces shaping our interactions and institutions. However, with a 5.5% unemployment rate, these analysts of society must sharpen their own survival skills. It can be wise to go into a niche with their expertise or find innovative ways to apply it.



The mind’s detectives, Psychology grads, devote their lives to plumbing the depths of thought and behavior. However, with 5.4% joblessness, analyzing career options is part of their journey. Leveraging counseling skills, understanding workplace dynamics, or pursuing advanced degrees are all potential paths to gainful casework.  

Commercial Art  & Graphic Design


In our visually inundated age, grads from this major are the front-line designers, art directors, and aesthetic gurus breathing life into brand visuals. Yet with 6.0% joblessness, looking business-casual on the outside doesn’t mean opportunity is a given underneath. Versatile creativity and self-marketing hustle are essential. 

International Affairs

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They’re the diplomats, analysts, and fixers safeguarding a hyper-connected world. But even for these globetrotting experts, the 5.1% unemployment plight is borderless. Looking beyond the prominent channels like government and NGOs by seeking out intersections with areas like business or cybersecurity could be their passport to success.

Political Science


Exploring power structures and giving voices to civic causes, Political Science grads are passionate advocates for change. However, with a reality of 4.8% joblessness, separating governmental gigs from private sector potential can make all the difference. Those who transfer their policy skills to arenas like communications or data analytics may discover new political openings.


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