15 Cities That Will Make You Fall in Love with France

Eiffel Tower – Paris, France/Facebook

If you plan to move to France, you might wonder where to live in this beautiful and diverse country. France has something for everyone, from charming villages to bustling metropolises, from sunny beaches to snowy mountains. To help you find your ideal destination, we’ve compiled a list of 15 cities that showcase the best of France and its culture.


Paris France/Facebook

The City of Lights needs no introduction. With some of the world’s best schools and institutions, it will be perfect for a family with children. It has countless recreational opportunities, from places to visit to restaurants to enjoy French food. Add its welcoming business climate, and it is perfect for first-timers.


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France’s third-largest city has something for everyone, irrespective of age. Its monuments, museums, restaurants, and parks serve countless recreational activities. Compared to other parts of France, the weather is milder here in winter, and living here is cheaper than in many European cities.


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Bordeaux’s plenty of parks, museums, concert halls, and galleries mean one thing—countless opportunities for fun! Its wineries, restaurants, and beaches make it a popular French tourist destination. Bordeaux is home to the University of Bordeaux, over 15 engineering schools, and many others.


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Many fun cultural activities, including excellent bars and restaurants, have made Nice popular among tourists, especially in the summer. The weather is fantastic, boasting 300 days of sunshine annually. And if you take the word of countless residents and visitors, the locals are friendly.


Ville de Biarritz/Facebook

Naturally beautiful, Biarritz has lovely beaches and a vibrant culture. It also has several museums. Located on the sea, you just found the perfect home if you love to surf.

La Rochelle

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A city that touches the Bay of Biscay will have countless recreational opportunities, and La Rochelle isn’t missing out. With a market that is easy to access if you live in its center, great options for eating out, and a relaxed pace of life, what more could you want?


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Countless activities, from year-round festivals to winter sports, await you in Annecy, as do its medieval architecture and canals. Mountains surround it, so there are many biking, hiking, and skiing opportunities. The crime rate here is low.



Firstly, you should know that living in Avignon is cheaper than in Paris. There is a good network of buses and trains and a bridge from the 12th century. Avignon was once home to the pope.


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Consider living here if you dream of living in a place with lovely architecture and a rich history. With several beautiful places to explore, you can always have an excuse to make your friends visit your new city. It’s easy to access from all districts of the city.


Oxbridge by WorldStrides/Facebook

Even with over 40% of its population under 30, it’s popularly considered an excellent place for retirement. This southern city’s summers are clear and warm, boasting longer sunny days than many parts of France. People love it because it’s not overcrowded, and the cost of living is less than that of Paris.


Ouest-France Rennes/Facebook

This festive city is home to 400,000 people. It offers residents a lot—from great places to eat and lovely sights to many gardens and parks for relaxation and recreation. Even though some of France’s best universities are here, it’s one of the most affordable places in the country to study.


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There are many parks, gardens, and museums here. You should love it if you’re looking to start a business because it’s considered one of France’s most attractive business places. It has excellent schools and universities for families with children and a low crime rate.


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Grenoble, the flattest city in France, offers its residents a variety of attractions and opportunities for its residents. The city hosts a large street art festival yearly and boasts prestigious educational institutions.


Commune de Saint-Etienne de Crossey/Facebook

This city, home to over 11,000 businesses, is one hour away from Lyon. It has its fair share of nature, providing opportunities for mountain climbing and other outdoor activities. Hikers and paragliders can also enjoy their activities here.

Le Havre

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This city has lovely beaches, exciting museums, various restaurants, and eating options for everyone. It also has many schools and a wide range of events. You can ferry to the UK and Ireland from here at any time of the year.


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