15 Best Condiments Across Continents

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One of the most delightful aspects of food exploration is discovering the myriad of tastes that condiments from around the world bring to the table. From zesty and spicy to sweet and savory, seasonings enhance the taste of dishes and offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of global gastronomy. Let’s uncover 15 best sauces from around the world, each offering a unique twist to tantalize the taste buds and ignite culinary creativity.

Sriracha (Thailand): $4

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Originating from Thailand, Sriracha relish is a fiery blend of chili peppers, garlic, vinegar, sugar, and salt. Known for its vibrant red hue and intense heat, it adds a kick to everything from noodles to burgers.

Harissa (Tunisia): $5

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Hailing from Tunisia, Harissa is a bold and aromatic chili gravy made from roasted red peppers, garlic, olive oil, cumin, and coriander. Smoky and tangy, it is perfect for marinades and dips.

Chimichurri (Argentina): $6

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Argentinian Chimichurri is a vibrant green relish made from parsley, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, and red pepper flakes. Bursting with freshness and herbaceous notes, chimichurri is the ideal accompaniment for grilled meats and vegetables.

Miso Paste (Japan): $8

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A staple in Japanese cuisine, Miso paste is a fermented mixture of soybeans, salt, and koji (a type of fungus). Miso comes in various colors and intensities, ranging from sweet white miso to robust red miso.

Pesto (Italy): $7

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Widely considered among the most popular pastes from Italy, Pesto is a fragrant condiment made from fresh basil, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, garlic, and olive oil. Its vibrant green color and nutty taste elevate pasta, sandwiches, and pizzas.

Kimchi (South Korea): $10

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Kimchi is a delicious Korean food that’s made by fermenting cabbage with spices like chili peppers, garlic, and ginger. The result is a tangy and flavorful dish that can be used in many different ways. Plus, it’s really good for your gut health!

Salsa Verde (Mexico): $4

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Did you know that Salsa Verde comes from Mexico? It’s a tangy green gravy that’s made from tomatillos, cilantro, jalapeños, onions, and lime juice. It’s perfect for tacos, grilled meats, and enchiladas. And the best thing is, it has a bright and savory taste!

Tzatziki (Greece): $5

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Tzatziki is a Greek dressing that’s super creamy and made with yogurt. It’s got cucumber, garlic, lemon juice, and dill mixed in, so it’s refreshing and perfect for when you’re grilling up some meat or chowing down on a gyro. You can also use it as a dip for some pita bread.

Fish Sauce (Vietnam): $3

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A fundamental ingredient in Vietnamese cuisine, fish sauce is a tangy marinade made from fermented fish and salt. Because it adds depth and umami to dishes like pho, stir-fries, and dipping gravies, it’s become a staple among chefs worldwide.

Sambal (Indonesia): $5


Sambal, the spicy chili paste from Indonesia, is a game-changer in the world of food. It’s made by blending fresh red chilies, vinegar, garlic, and salt. Its pungent taste and bold tang make it a go-to condiment for stir-fries and noodle dishes.

Romesco Sauce (Spain): $8

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Romesco sauce is a rich and nutty blend of roasted red peppers, tomatoes, almonds, garlic, and olive oil. With its smoky taste and creamy texture, it’s perfect to use on grilled seafood, vegetables, and sandwiches.

Hoisin Sauce (China): $4

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Chinese Hoisin sauce is a sweet and savory condiment made from soybeans, garlic, vinegar, sugar, and spices. Known for its thick consistency and complex flavor, the marinade is ideal for glazing meats, stir-fries, and spring rolls.

Chutney (India): $5

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Chutney, originally made in India, is a delicious relish made from fruits or vegetables, spices, vinegar, and sugar. Whether it’s tangy mango chutney or peppery tomato chutney, these versatile garnishes add a burst of flavor to curries, sandwiches, and cheese platters.

Tahini (Middle East): $7


Tahini is a creamy paste that’s made from toasted sesame seeds. It’s popular in Middle Eastern cuisine and has a nutty tang that’s great for making hummus, salad dressings, and grilled meats.

Wasabi (Japan): $10

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No sushi platter is complete without the fiery kick of Wasabi. Made from the grated root of the Wasabi plant, this zesty paste clears the sinuses with its intense savor.


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