15 Animals That Leave The Fastest Cars in the Dust

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60 mph—that’s the speed limit on many highways, but for some animals, it’s a leisurely Sunday stroll. Believe it or not, the natural world is teeming with creatures that could leave even the fastest car in the dust. Nature’s athletes come in all shapes and sizes, pushing the boundaries of velocity across land, air, and sea. Prepare to be amazed by land dwellers that blur the lines between running and flight, aerial masters ruling the skies with unmatched speed, and underwater rockets torpedoing through the ocean depths. 



Renowned for its speed, the cheetah is a marvel of nature. With the ability to sprint at 75 mph, this feline can outpace many vehicles. The cheetah is built for speed with its long, sleek body and sturdy muscles.

Peregrine Falcon


This bird is the fastest animal on the planet when it dives to catch prey. It can reach over 240 mph, making it much faster than most cars on the road.


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As one of the quickest fish in the ocean, the sailfish can swim 68 mph. Its streamlined body and long, pointed bill allow it to move quickly through the water, easily outpacing many vehicles.



The greyhound is a dog renowned for its speed. It can do 45 mph in short sprints. With their tall legs and streamlined bodies, these dogs are built for racing and well-equipped for high-speed chases.

Black Marlin

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This fish is one of the swiftest in the ocean, and it can swim at 50 mph and is able to click 68 mph. Its brawny body and rigid fins help it move rapidly through the water.


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Known for their powerful hind limbs, kangaroos are adept at high-speed movement. With up to 44 mph, these marsupials can easily outpace some vehicles. Their lengthy, muscular shank and strong tails help them achieve impressive speeds.



Swordfish are known for their speed and agility in the water. They can swim at up to 60 mph, earning them a place among the fastest fish in the ocean. Because of their streamlined physique and brawny tails, they can move quickly in their habitat.



They may not look like it but don’t underrate their speed and agility. With up to 50 mph, these animals are formidable competitors in any race. Long legs and muscular bodies help their speed.



As one of the swiftest antelopes, springboks can brag of speed and agility. They can achieve 55 mph. Their graceful movements may deceive you, but their strong limbs make them competitive.

Pronghorn Antelope

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The pronghorn antelope is an actual speed demon. Clocking in at 60 mph, it’s one of the quickest land animals in the world—actually, the second fastest. The pronghorn’s incredible acceleration and endurance make it a force to be reckoned with in any race.

Quarter Horse


The quarter horse is a breed that can reach 55 mph; no horse can beat it in the quarter mile. Their powerful hindquarters and muscular build make them formidable racers.



Despite their large size, ostriches are surprisingly fast. With up to 43 mph, they outpace other running birds. Their lengthy legs and strong thighs allow them to cover distance quickly.



While not as swift as several animals on this list, lions are still impressive runners. Reaching 50 mph in short bursts, these big cats are capable of surprising speed. Their powerful muscles and agile physique make them efficient hunters on the savannah.



Gazelles can reach 60 mph, making them among the swiftest animals in the animal kingdom. Their lengthy limbs and lightweight bodies make them well-suited for speed.


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Elk have a reputation for their size and strength, but they are also surprisingly fast. They can hit 45 mph, and, thanks to this, they can outrun many predators. Their brawny muscles and agile physique contribute to this feat.


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