10 Classic And Beautiful Saltbox House Designs

large saltbox house design

Made popular in New England during the 1600s, the saltbox house has become a big part of the area’s history. According to Wikipedia, the saltbox”style of house with a long, pitched roof that slopes down to the back, generally a wooden frame house. A saltbox has just one story in the back and two stories in the front. The flat front and central chimney are recognizable features, but the asymmetry of the unequal sides and the long, low rear roof line are the most distinctive features of a saltbox.” Although this design may seem dated to many, and is certainly not as common as it once was, there are many saltbox houses still standing, and many modern homes that borrow pieces of the design. If you love beautiful architecture, then you’ll definitely be able to appreciate these lovely historic homes. Take a look at 10 classic and beautiful saltbox house designs.

blue colonial saltbox house

Boasting a traditional design, this saltbox house is simple yet beautiful.

image via plan.jackandparker.com

large gray saltbox home

Saltbox houses tend to be spacious, but they certainly aren’t known for being glamorous. However, they’re proof that it’s still possible for a home to be attractive without being lavish.

image via earlnewenglandhomes.com

beautiful house with stone fence

A bit of a modern touch has given this saltbox house a nice two-car garage.

image via oldhouseonline.com

modern salt box with traditional exterior

The traditional saltbox design may look a little too old school for some people, but this modern home borrows many of the saltbox’s design elements while giving them a modern touch.

image via houzz.com

exterior of beautiful home

Like many saltbox houses, this one features a nice wooden design that is sturdy and striking.

image via countryliving.com

beautiful salt box home in the spring

From the side, it’s easy to see the how the saltbox has just one level in the back as opposed to two in the front.

image via homebizbootcamp.biz

side view of nice saltbox home

If you’ve ever taken a trip to New England, you probably noticed lots of saltbox houses just like this one.

image via cchonline.com

modern saltbox home design

One of the best things about architecture is that it can inspire all sorts of new ideas just like this lovely contemporary saltbox home.

image via http://www.mpelectricltda.com/

beautiful modern home with swimming pool

At one time, this home was a traditional saltbox. However, complete renovations have given it a completely updated look.

image via proremodeler.com

beautiful salt box house with chimney

Although contemporary architecture is great, there’s nothing wrong with a classic design and this saltbox house proves just how timeless these homes really are.

image via zillow.com
lead image via cchonline.com

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10 Classic And Beautiful Saltbox House Designs
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