The Top Five Real Estate Technology Tools of 2016


The tech revolution has ushered in an era in which service providers are able to automate processes and tasks, organize and analyze data more quickly and strengthen their web presence, but the most emphatic impact that the rapid advancement of technology has had on the real estate industry is to create a smart consumer that demands an exceptional customer experience. With this in mind, real estate technology, while it may very well improve the workflow and work processes of the real estate agent, must ultimately lead to a superior experience for the customer.

When many real estate agents hear that there is new real estate technology, they automatically get the idea that this new technology will somehow magically increase the leads that come into the business. While this may be true in some instances, it is not always the case. Some technology will help increase efficiency, which may help the agent close a higher ratio of the current leads they are receiving. No matter how you look at it, technology is changing how real estate agents engage their clients.

Following are five of the top new real estate technologies for 2016. These technologies may service different immediate purposes, but the ultimate goal is to improve the client experience.


While every consideration is given to the ability to manage contact data, having this capacity is of immense importance in creating an efficient workflow. Circleback is one of the top new apps that will allow agents to clean up their contact list by cleaning, merging and completing duplicate contacts, which can not only be confusing, but they take up extra space on your devices. Circleback makes sure that all contacts are always up to date with the latest and most accurate information.

Not having access to the people you need when you need them is one of the core problems with efficiency in the world of real estate, and this new piece of technology addresses this core issue holistically. The company was founded in 2012, by Manoj Rumnani, as a means to create a more efficient method for logging information from business cards.


Not every app is about converting the sale. Remember, customers have life cycles, and these cycles do not end after the sale. While in most cases, the customer life cycle for real estate is relatively short, at least as far as activity is concerned, it extends beyond the closing of the deal. In fact, how well agents are able to engage their clients after the sale will heavily impact their overall customer satisfaction rate.

Homekeepr is an application that is agent-branded — sending the agents past clients maintenance reminders, so that they are able to stay on schedule with their maintenance. The app also allows the agent to set up a list of preferred vendors that they would recommend to their clients to carry out the maintenance services.

The company was founded in 2014, by Rob Morelli, Saro Cutri and Dave Weinstein, and is listed as one of the top tech tools for real estate for 2016.


Virtual reality has become a technological mechanism that is trending with a great deal of momentum. As more and more people begin to experience time crunches, being able to schedule a time to view homes, properties and schools can be a difficult endeavor, but tech tools like Hyperlapse can help agents create time-lapse videos that are highly polished. These videos can be used to create short, impactful neighborhood and property tours that clients can take straight from their smart phone.

These videos can be used as an introduction to a property or a recap to a previous tour. Hyperlapse is a technology that was created by Geoff Tompkinson, and this technology will be highly impactful for 2016 and beyond.


One thing that is immensely important for any business, and especially important for real estate agents, is reputation. With the expanse of the internet and mobile app technology, it is becoming increasingly easier to build an online reputation. Most clients will conduct an internet search before accepting a contract with a service provider. With VocalReferences, agents are able to record the testimonials, ratings and reviews of past clients, upload them to their website or landing page, and then share them across a broad spectrum of platforms.

Whether the agent is looking to record video or audio testimonials, this app is more than up for the job. While launched in 2008 by Local Hits Media, LLC, it is still growing in reach, and it is expected to make a major impact in the area of marketing over the next several years.


The ability to streamline workflow in order to be more efficient and productive is absolutely necessary in this new fast-paced world. The inability to manage time can literally sink a business, and agents have to be exceptionally good at it if they want to effectively meet the needs of their clients. Wrike is an app that will allow agents to effectively set, monitor and track their tasks and workflow.

Through this app, agents will be able to share tasks and documents on the go. For agents that work with a team, the app provides the capacity for real time streaming, which means that they will be able to ensure that everyone is always in sync. This way, nothing will fall through the cracks.

Project management software is an essential tool to increase productivity and quality of service. Founded in 2008, and headquartered in Mountain View, CA, Wrike has had more than one million users try the app, and over 8,000 organizations. It is not only expected to be a major influence in 2016, but its impact will be felt for years.

The five technical tools that are listed here will play a significant role in how real estate agents will engage their clients moving forward. It is also important to note that the technology revolution is creating ways to ensure that the consumer has the best seat in the house. The customer experience is now front and center on the stage of global enterprise. How technology is used will determine how well any particular business or service provider will do in the long run.

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