Why Portable Storage and Moving is a Smart Financial Decision for You


When looking for storage and moving one of the first questions people ask is, “how much is this going to cost me?” It’s an inevitable question that every customer will have throughout their experience. Since it is a new way to store, it is natural to think that a portable storage unit would be more expensive than traditional units. But, in fact, they can be quite affordable. Plus, if you rent a portable storage unit, you won’t have to rent a moving truck twice – once to move in to the unit and once to move into your new home. Of course, we want things to be easy and less complicated, which is exactly what portable storage provides.

Portable storage has become popular recently because it can provide a cheaper alternative to traditional storage. Rather than renting a moving truck and hiring movers, mobile storage firms bring the portable storage container to you for packing. When you’re ready to go, the provider stores the container in a facility or ships it to a specified location. It allows people to truly take their time during a time that is extremely hectic. You don’t have to be consumed with worrying whether your items are safe either, portable storage companies pride themselves on security which ensures your items are not handled multiple times as they may be with a traditional moving company.

For example, a recent customer, Anna, was moving cross country and wanted to avoid a moving disaster like the last time she moved with a traditional moving company. Being a millennial, she was very interested in the portable storage concept and wanted to find a company that could do both moving and storage seamlessly. She came across a service called Zippy Shell and realized that they had the option to pack yourself or movers to take care of everything for you. Plus, they offered 30 days of free storage with each long distance move. This was perfect for her situation since she was looking for a company that was affordable, flexible, and secure.

Portable storage is typically used by customers who want to have the flexibility to build a custom move that fits their budget and schedule. This personalization inevitably saves the consumer time and money by letting them make the decisions that are right for them. Portable storage is a new and revolutionary way to get your belongings safely from point A to point B.

When it comes to deciding whether to move forward with traditional or portable storage, you have to think of what works for you. Every move is different and every customer has different needs. Portable storage is usually best for smaller loads which makes it perfect for millennials who may be moving/storing for a new job or simply for a life change. That is why it fits the demographic so nicely, it is meant for those who are looking to move and store, but in a customizable way.

When choosing portable storage, you end up saving money and increasing your security as well. This is something that as a millennial, is extremely valuable to me. I want a portable storage company that not only is a fiscally responsible choice but also one that keeps my items secure along the way. Portable storage gives us the ability to know how our items are being transported while traditional storage and moving handles items more often than customers think.

Moving and storage can be a fairly stressful experience, which is why the portable storage offer is on the rise. It is an affordable, convenient, and reliable alternative to traditional moving. Honestly, who doesn’t want to use an alternative that is both cost effective and secure. That’s all you can ask for when it comes to making a move!

Article written by Caroline Smith

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