The Five Best Phoenix Neighborhoods for Retirees

There are quite a few very good reasons for retiring in Phoenix, Arizona. It has become a haven for people who have retired from their professional careers and are seeking an area that is designed to accommodate their needs at this stage of life. Some spend time in the region for health reasons and a dryer climate while others enjoy the neighborhoods that are set up to accommodate their tastes and preferences in lifestyle. For many retirees, this time in life signals new beginnings with more freedom to do the things that they want to do, when they want to do them.

With families raised it is their time to enjoy life to the fullest. When choosing the best neighborhood some things to keep in mind are health facilities, livability with regard to climate, crime rate, affordable housing/cost of living, amenities, transportation, and social opportunities. Here are the five very best Phoenix neighborhoods for retirees based on these criteria.

Sun City

The Sun City neighborhood is located to the north of Phoenix. It is a community that has centered itself around the fifty five plus group. It has the feel of a resort, but there are no gates. The streets are built with total accessibility and are wide to accommodate large RVs. Homes are affordable in the area with the average selling price of $165,000. The size of most housing is in the range of fifteen hundred square feet to accommodate the needs of retirees who are not likely to be raising a second family at this stage of life. It is complete with a decent array of restaurants, pools, clubs for recreation and entertainment, shopping venues, financial institutions and a golf course for those who enjoy playing a few rounds.


Mesa is a community that is well known for catering to retirees. There is a lot of variety in the city and opportunities for sports including numerous golf courses, walking trails and tennis courts for active seniors. Housing opportunities range from modest to high scale in the various developments in the neighborhood. The price range is between $270,000 to less than $150,000 so practically anyone can afford to live in the area. Residents enjoy the copious amounts of sunshine that the area receives. This is a town filled with amenities that are geared specifically for people in their retirement years.

Fountain Hills

This lovely neighborhood the Phoenix area lies just Northeast in the valley. The reason for its name is that the world’s largest fountain once existed there. Retirees enjoy the location because it offers peace and quiet that is away from the hustle and bustle of the greater metropolitan area, but is still within driving distance. There is a park and a lake in the downtown area of Fountain Hills. The views are amazing with mountains surrounding the town and the large fountain is set to put on a festive display hourly as the town’s major attraction. The community itself is made up of seniors and some families so there is a healthy balance of people of all ages. The median home price is $429,000, which is a bit on the spendy side, but the reason for this is because of the beautiful setting, the amenities and the safety of the location. It is filled with beautiful homes, many of which offer some of the most breathtaking views in the state.


Scottsdale is close to the McDowell Mountains foothills. The landscape of the neighborhood offers a good mix of flat lands and hilly areas to give potential residents options for view property. The area is known for its excellent retirement living amenities. It features golf courses with their attached country clubs hosting a variety of social events. It also has a good array of night time entertainment opportunities for retirees who enjoy the club scene. The average price of housing in Scottsdale is around $300,000 for a home that is fourteen hundred square feet. The climate is sunny and warm with cool evenings making it perfect to enjoy evenings on the terrace. it is surrounded by lakes for those who enjoy boating, fishing and other water sports. It offers affordable living for those who are on a fixed income and lots of amenities.


The Goodyear neighborhood is located in the West part of the valley. The city itself is made to accommodate those who are enjoying the retirement lifestyle. It is located at the base of the Estrella Mountains with excellent hiking trails and lots of new housing developments recently completed. The average home price is between $299,000 for a home of twenty four hundred square feet and $189,000 for homes which are a little smaller than that. Because not all retirees have the same preferences, builders have taken into consideration the need for variety in the home designs. This community offers everything that retirees could want whether it is outdoor fun in the sun or a more laid back existence with occasional social events.

Final thoughts

These are five of the best neighborhoods in the Phoenix area that are made for accommodating the needs and preferences of people who are in their retirement years. Each has good access to health and medical services as well as to the entertainment and social opportunities that people in the golden years may enjoy. Retirement for many is the time in their lives when their children are grown and off making families of their own. It is a time when they finally have the freedom to live life on their own terms and come and go as they please. Without heavy responsibilities to slow them down, this is often a very time for healthy retirees who are ready to start enjoying all of the fun and excitement that life has to offer.

Whether the preference is for an active night life and tons of social opportunities or a more laid back lifestyle, these neighborhoods each offer a little something for everyone. Phoenix has become the retirement capital of the nation and for good reason. It offers the climate, livability and options for enjoying life that is not always offered in other cities in the nation. We hope that you enjoyed our mini tour of the best neighborhoods in the Phoenix area for retirees.


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