20 Bathrooms With Japanese Soaking Tubs

bathroom with round freestanding tub

In many bathrooms, it seems like people are more concerned with the shower than they are with the tub. In fact, many people even opt to remove the tub in favor of a large walk in shower. While showers are known for their convenience, there’s nothing better than relaxing in the tub after a long and stressful day. Although they aren’t something that most of us see every day, Japanese soaking tubs are becoming more and more popular in homes everywhere.

First popularized centuries ago, this basin style tubs can be a great choice for people who enjoy taking long baths. Built with a freestanding design, these soaking tubs can come with many advantages for you and your bathroom. While these tubs tend to take up a bit more space, they can easily make your bathroom look more lavish and relaxing. If you’ve got some extra space in your bathroom, and you’re a huge fan of tubs, you may want to consider taking a look at a Japanese soaking tub. Although the concept isn’t anything new, these tubs can come in a variety of modern designs that can blend in well with the overall design of your space.

Here are 20 bathrooms with Japanese soaking tubs.

square wooden bath tub

image via dwell.com

beautiful bronze tub for modern bathroom

image via http://www.signaturehardware.com

freestanding round wooden tub

image via Minimalisti.com

asian bathroom with wooden design

image via houzz.com

deep wooden square tub with glass enclosure

image via homesfeed.com

tall silver soaking tub

image via chicagonow.com

modern rustic bathroom with three mirrors

image via wearefound.com

large beautiful bronze tub

image via wsj.com

black and white bathroom with wood floor

image via bluestar88.com

modern bathroom with tile flooring

image via doorwaysmagazine.com

rectangular soaking tub

image via OregonLive.com

square soaking tub near window

image via Themonumentview.net

cool contemporary bathroom with wood design

image via http://www.erinscreativecreations.com

Soaking Tub Kaiser Residence

image via howwewokeup.com

cozy bathroom with flagtone floors

image via wearefound.com

large relaxing soaking tub

image via Homemydesign.com

asian style soaking tub with modern design

image via cybball.com

bright bronze freestanding soaking tub

image via https://www.ericshealthfood.com

large white freestanding tub

image via Tubstore.us

traditional large round wooden tub

image via http://www.bathroomgallery.net

lead image via diamondspas.com

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