10 of the Weirdest Looking Buildings in India


India is host to a wealth of cultural treasures, and the country also has an amazing variety of natural features, wildlife, and exotic plants. One of the most unusual things is that amidst all of this beauty, historical sites, and iconic places India has a lot of really weird looking buildings. It’s totally unexpected, but definitely interesting and a big part of what makes the country unlike any other. Here are ten of the oddest looking buildings in India.

1. Motisons Tower


This building looks like a huge sparkling jewel, and that’s no coincidence. It was built by Motisons Jewelers and hosts an office space for the company — what better way to promote your wares than a building clad in vibrant colors and a glittering facade? It’s not just the color of this building, but the shape that’s strange as well. It looks sort of like tulip petals, and at night the entire building is illuminated by color changing LED lights.

2. Lotus Temple


New Delhi, India’s Lotus Temple looks just like its name implies: a giant lotus flower. The religious house of worship was first opened in 1986, and since its unveiling it has won a slew of architectural design awards and accolades. The building is open to the public and has a total of 27 wings that look like petals, all covered in marble and arranged in a cluster. Some call it the most visited building on the face of the planet, and it very well may be — it has a huge capacity and can host thousands of visitors at a time. There are also beautiful gardens and ponds around the 26 acres of land that Lotus Temple sits on.

3. National Fisheries Development Board


If you’ve ever seen those goldfish shaped crackers that kids love, picture one blown up to be huge and then painted silver — that’s exactly what this building looks like. While most office buildings are nondescript the National Fisheries Development Board’s offices is shaped like a big fish, and a friendly one at that. The four story building got its design inspiration from a piece of artwork in Spain, Frank Gehry’s Fish sculpture that was installed in 1992. The National Fisheries Development Board’s fish-shaped building first opened in 2012.

4. Orange County Clubhouse in Ghaziabad


This structure is simply mind boggling and raises so many questions. How does one get in? Is the furniture inside also upside down? Who thought to turn a clubhouse onto its roof? Those questions have been asked by many and largely remain unanswered, but Ghaziabad’s Orange County Clubhouse still stands. Not only is the building literally titled to the side and sitting on its roof, it’s an odd orange color.

5. Kingdom of Dreams


“Kingdom of Dreams” sounds like some sort of video game, but this is an actual place in India that’s a highly acclaimed entertainment complex. Located near Leisure Valley Park, it has a magnificent appearance that’s very regal, opulent, and like something out of a storybook. Huge dramatic statues flank the front of it, and its stairs seem to go on forever.

Inside Kingdom of Dreams is a number of stages that host live entertainment acts and two theaters. There’s also a cultural area and a place where foodies can go to enjoy Indian cuisine called Culture Gully. The building even has its own Bollywood ambassador.

6. Bombay Art Society


It’s not so unusual for buildings that house art displays to look like works of art. However, the Bombay Art Society, which was designed by architect Sanjay Suri, takes things to another level. The building displays a heavy dose of expressionist style architecture and almost looks like a huge code scanner made of clay — the trapezoid of glass panels at the top of it is to thank for that. The towering building gets even more interesting inside, and much of the work on display is truly fascinating.

7. National Cooperative Development Corporation Building in Delhi


This building is mind bending, from its shape to its size and positioning. It’s brutalist in some ways, and depending on where you stand it looks like an optical illusion. What’s certain is that this is one of the most distinctive offices in Delhi, India. The country definitely has a thing for making their government offices stand out, and they do an excellent job of it by commissioning avant-garde designs such as this one.

8. The Infosys Building


Such a high tech company in India should rightly look like this so it’s not outdone by the municipal offices in the country. If you were ever told to go to the building’s address there’s no chance you could get lost — it’s imposing and makes itself known from far away. Not only does the Infosys Building resemble an enormous blue egg stuffed in a hole-riddled sock, it’s the first building in India to use radiant cooling. The office has been studied by many due to its innovative cooling systems, and it serves as a model for green office spaces.

9. Bagh-e-Bahu Aquarium


Incredibly, India has more than one fish shaped building. Bagh-e-Bahu is an aquarium, but it’s a sure thing that as many people visit to see its crazy exterior as they do to see the exhibits. The entrance looks like you’re going into the mouth of a glittering fish, scales, fins, and all. Aside from looking weird, Bagh-e-Bahu Aquarium is noted as being the largest underground aquarium in India.

10. Matrimandir


Matrimandir, also known as the Temple of the Mother, is a religious site that’s a beautiful piece of architecture. It looks like a huge ball cupped on a stand and covered in golden discs. The entire building took 37 years to build, which isn’t hard to believe once you see how elaborate its exterior and foundation are.

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