10 of the Most Stunning French Interior Designs


Celebrating beauty is a way of life in France. With great attention to the smallest of details, French interiors often reflect the inner thoughts, desires and great passions of those who abide there. Styling their homes and workplaces with both new and old furnishings, and incorporating artwork and unique yet complementary pieces is distinctly French.

Whether the space is filled with expensive antiques and lush furnishings, or sleek and modern, the classic elements of French architecture are often present. Intricate and decorative ceiling molding, massive double doors between rooms, ceiling high windows, natural wood or marble flooring, and fireplaces with spectacular mantles, and elegant chandeliers are often present. Some French homes echo the designs of the past, and include antiques or reproductions, emulating that period.

Furnishings such has heavy curtains, antique tables and chairs, and vertical spaces filled with artwork and books for reading are part of living in history and the present day. Blending colors, letting the sunlight shine in, including plants and flowers, and embracing the past are all characteristic of French homes. The atmosphere of welcome, and awe in the face of grandeur, are popular expressions of the culture. These ten interior designs represent various chapters of the story of France.

Classic French Luxury


This exquisite living area is a refined blend of the classic elements of French architecture, antiques and modern sensibility. The gorgeous ceiling moldings coupled with the crown moldings are painted in white. Only selected sections of the wall moldings have been accentuated with gold paint. Modern pot lights add extra light while the wall sconces and chandelier in the adjoining dining area have been kept. The green upholstery on the chairs grounds the room with comfort, but nothing detracts from stunning artwork, which is a main focal point in this understated, classic interior.

Traditional French Dining Room


Here is a very pretty example of a traditional dining room in French style. The distinctive crown moldings paired with the coffered ceiling, all painted in creamy white, and the high doorway enclosed in coordinated decorative molding bring hints of French architectural elements. The floral upholstery and wall paper add the sense of bringing nature indoors. The blues and greens are muted to add a feeling of welcome, while the crystal chandeliers glimmer with formal elegance.

Contemporary French Kitchen


Not all French people prefer antiques and formal rooms. Many adore the clean and sophisticated lines of the contemporary kitchen. While it is geometric in nature, with austere cabinets and minimal drawer and cabinet pulls, there are some classic elements here. The contemporary chandelier adds shimmer. The natural wood cabinetry brings warmth to the metallic and stone surfaces. The heavy drapes at the window in the adjacent room are reminiscent of those in more formal rooms. The muted white and beige color palette is soothing and light. It is a pleasing modern space typical of many city dwellers.

Parisian Style Dining Room


Paris has a style all its own. Many who live there enjoy the tall ceilings, tall French doors, and balconies with decorative wrought iron. Black furnishings are very popular. So, it is with this interior, which features all those design elements. The floor to ceiling book cases hold many books for reading pleasure. The chevron pattern wood floor is classic French, the fireplace has a magnificent mantle, and artwork in black and white coordinates with the color theme. The heavy drapes add a touch royalty to the windows.

Texas Chateau


This entryway includes echoes of Parisian style, but in grand Texas style. The stair railings are intricate, delicate metal; similar to the wrought iron railings of Paris apartment balconies. There is decorative crown molding, French doors with rounded tops, delicate floral-patterned rugs, and wall sconces with filigree brightening the area. The pale green and beige colors unify this dramatic space. The grand staircase spills into the lower floor, which has plenty of space to welcome guests as the grand piano stands ready to entertain.

Modern French Loft


This masculine space features pewter and gray railings, walls and furnishings. Contemporary in style, the sectional sofas are perfectly situated across from the fireplace. There are leaded windows bringing in daylight to both first and second floors of this open area. Hints of tradition are seen in the chevron pattern flooring; perfectly installed and kept clear to view without area rugs. The photography in black, sepia and white tones adds brightness to the fireplace wall. Typical of contemporary French homes, this is a fine example of perfect, stylish décor.

French Country Study


Tucked in the upper floor of a country home, this study has lovely white and serene walls which display the ancient wood beams magnificently. The wrought iron chairs, simple unmatched lamps, hardwood floors stained to coordinate with the open-beam ceiling, high arched window overlooking the green trees, and desk, books and occasional table are perfectly set for contemplative work.

French Country Formal Dining Area


Contemporary art and sculpture define the character of this room. It is elegant, but uncluttered. It has the plastered walls of a chateau, wide double doors leading to other areas, and a well-organized tile floor. The cane seat chairs are finished in popular black stain, and black is also highlighted in the sideboard and artwork frames. It is modern in expression, with elements of country comfort. It is a lovely representation of the eclectic rooms found in many homes in France.

Master Bedroom Suite


For many, this master bedroom includes the desirable elements of French Rococo period styling, but on a smaller scale. With its ornate ceiling and wall papers, beautiful art framed in museum quality frames, a lovely crystal chandelier, rich textured, patterned rugs and upholstery, and the curving lines of all the furniture pieces, it fills the senses. The purples, plums and gold are expressions of royal colors. The room is filled with treasured objects such as the vases lining the fireplace mantle, yet it is somehow composed and serene.

Old World Family Room


With its rich red, brown and green tones, this room welcomes readers, music lovers, writers and guests. It features classic crown moldings, high-arched windows, beautiful artwork and furnishings, and heavy royal drapes framing the view outside. There is much to like about this room, as it seamlessly blends hints of historical décor with a modern glass coffee table and ebony finish grand piano. The wood floors are polished to mirror quality shine, and though filled with books and other pieces, it retains an uncluttered demeanor, and seems perfect for Parisian pastimes of chatting about the arts and sciences.

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